Winter’s log, earthdate 201608.02

04.30 pm

Yesterday I worked on graphics for most of the day – I wanted to play WoW, but I had a few ideas for Backgrounds and Headers that I wanted to try out, so of course, that’s what I did – and while a lot of them turned out not to be suitable, the ones that were (suitable) turned out pretty well – and the next thing I knew, Josh was here, and then it was dinner time, an’ all, and now it’s today! 🙂 And here it is, my second day into my horrible pills! …Only another eight to go… (thank heavens!) Usually on a Tuesday my very favourite eldest daughter is over here, but not today! 🙂 Her husband is “between jobs”, and they’ve gone to the movies! 🙂 So Julian and I slept in a bit, and had a relatively lazy day! We were going to go out for lunch today, to the RACV Club in the City – but we decided to go to their other venue, the Healesville Country Club instead, because we’ve never been there. Julian was about to ring and book, when we thought “Hnag on, it’s supposed to be raining on Tuesday, and it won’t be much fun driving around on country roads that we’re not familiar with, in the pouring rain!” So we looked up the forecast for the rest of the week, and decided that maybe Thursday would be a better day to make our first visit to the Healesville Country Club Bistro – so we’re booked in for Thursday lunch! Well, today’s been fairly fine, after all, so what’s the bet that it’ll be raining cats and dogs on Thursday?! :/ I hope my hair-do lasts until Thursday night…

Anyway, so I spent most of the morning playing WoW (well, what else would you have expected?!) and Phaédra is now level 43! Still stuffing around in Feralas, which I have now decided is really my most un-favourite zone in the entirety of World of Warcraft, and just before I started writing this I was trying to think of ways and means of getting out of the benighted place! I’d pretty much  already left Feralas for Thousand Needles anyway, where I’d just finished off most of those quests too, and the main quest giver, who didn’t want to know me at this stage, was standing around with a greyed out exclamation mark over his head (a greyed out exclamation mark over a quest giver’s head means that he does have a quest for you, but you’re not a high enough level yet for him to give it to you!) so I suddenly remembered that there were still a couple of quests in Feralas that I hadn’t done yet, and besides, I wanted to visit the Ruins of Mathystra, to see if I could acquire for myself the Ghost Saber Tooth Pet, and I also wanted to see if I could Tame the “Special” Turtle in the Dungeon “Black Fathom Deeps”. Looking on it all as a bit of a “holiday”, I flew all the way back, and went up to The Ruins of Mathystra. I was only level 42 then, but even so, everything else up there was only level 17 – so all I had to do was run around looking for Cat Figurines to tap, to see if they contained the almost mythical Ghost Saber Tooth Cat. Really, the only thing I had to worry about were the handful of other, level 21 Hunters who were also running all over the place, trying to find the right Cat Figurine to tap! Well, I don’t know about all the other Hunters who were out there looking for their GST Pet, but I found, and finally Tamed, my Ghost Saber Tooth on my 14th Cat Figurine (and just so as you all know, Cat Figurines are about as rare as hen’s teeth – only rarer!)

I Hearthed back to Darnassus, where I “Stabled” my brand-new pussy cat Pet, and went back in search of my Turtle. As I hadn’t done any quests over in Darkshore, I didn’t have any of the Flight Points, so I had to gallop all the way down to the Dungeon on my Imperial Quilen, but I stopped along the way and picked myself up a “temporary”, or “sacrificial” Pet, just so I’d have some protection (not that I really needed any!) and that I could “Abandon” as soon as I got to the Turtle. I eventually arrived, and for once actually found the entrance to the Dungeon first pop! In I went… and I’m ashamed to say that when it got to the “jumping” bit, I had to get Julian to “jump me across”, because if there’s one thing I simply can’t do without lots of help, it’s leaping gaily and gazelle-like from rock to rock, or from ledge to ledge. Once across to the other side, I quickly and easily got myself to the Turtle part, and Tamed my Turtle, whom I have named “Bliss” – and please don’t ask me why I called him (or her!) “Bliss” – I think it just seemed like a good idea at the time, I suppose! Back to Darnassus again, where I got myself ready and girded my loins to go and flounder around in Feralas again. The main problem I have with Feralas is that there are only about three or four Alliance Flight Points there, and they’re all pretty much on the western coast. There’s one more Alliance Flight Point, out near the middle of Feralas, but to get there you have to go through so much hostile territory, that by the time you do get to it, you’re almost on the verge of screaming “Stuff it, this isn’t worth it! I’m going home!” There were a few quests there waiting for me, and apart from having to go the ultralong way around to complete these quests – because this is all smack-bang, right in the middle of the Horde’s section of Feralas, and I’m afraid that they don’t take very kindly at all, to having Alliance adventurers traipsing through their territory!

Still, I eventually completed the quests, went up the necessary level, and high-tailed it back to the dreadful “Speed Barge” in the middle of Thousand Needles, where the main quest giver was now only too happy to give me the quest… which was to leave Thousand Needles, and go off to Gadgetzan, in Tanaris! Well, I suppose that as Tanaris is pretty much all flat desert, at the very least I should be able to see where I’m going… 😉

After lunch today, at 02.30 pm, Julian and I moved Lemon and Butter (still temporary names only – er… I think!) in with Auric and Dapple, and what a surprise that turned out to be! I was fully expecting Auric and Dapple to perhaps be a little hostile towards the two new, and quite a bit smaller, fishies! But the little Golden Comets pretty much terrorised Auric and Dapple! Auric was panic-stricken, and poor little Dapple tried to turn himself inside-out to get away from them. They’re quite intelligent fish, you know – Lemon and Butter very quickly worked out that (a) they had no problem at all, herding Auric and Dapple down to one end of the tank and keeping them there, but that was quickly getting a bit “old”, so they (b) split up,! Lemon (or was it Butter?) herded Auric off in one direction, while Butter (or was it Lemon?) kept Dapple cornered down the other end of the tank! I’ve never seen Auric and Dapple behave this way! The poor little boys (or girls!) were actually shaking, they were so upset! My poor little Dapple kept waggling his head, as though he was saying “No, Mummy! No! What have you done!”* Anyway, it’s 06.15 pm now and I’ve just been down to see how they’re all going. So far so good, I guess Butter and Lemon showed Auric and Dapple who was going to be Boss, and now they’re swimming back and forth, and I think they’re all looking forward to dinner! Auric and Dapple, while I don’t think they’re really frantic, or upset anymore, I’m also pretty sure that they’re not entirely happy, either. We haven’t emptied out Butter and Lemon’s smaller tank, so if the worst comes to the worst, and Auric and Dapple don’t settle down, they might have to live in separate Houses.

And now on to the good bits! 😉

Food stuffs. Last night we had the “Easy Grilled Dijon Chicken” for dinner, and although Julian didn’t marinate it for as long as he did the first time he made it, it was long enough (actually, the “recipe” doesn’t even say to marinate it, it just says to dip the chicken in the mixture and grill it – we just like to do things our own way!) and the chicken was superb! So tender and succulent and tasty! Once again we had it with plain steamed rice, to which some finely chopped spring onions had been added. For dessert, I had a “Jazz” apple (the last of the “Jazz” apples, I think! the rest are “Eve” apples…) and another Apple Le Rice. Julian went out around lunch time to get some milk and a few other things, and brought home some rolls and other goodies for our lunch, so for lunch today I had two halves of different types of rolls, and one of Baker’s Delight scrumptious fruit and while chocolate scones – after all, life is for living, not cowering in fear, in case eating something delicious is going to blow you up like a ten ton blimp! 😛 I must say that I’m really looking forwards to dinner tonight – we’re having the very last of the frozen left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagna with Feta and Oregano (see my “Recipes…” page for how to make this delicious and economical dish!) And for dessert tonight I’ll have one of my Corella pears, and another small tub of Le Rice.

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Wasn’t good! What a marvelous way to boost my confidence as I start into my ten days of taking fluid-loving and fluid-retaining medication, NOT! I went from 64.5 kg to 64.9 kg! Terrible! However, I did go for my walk – much good it did me – so I just have to grit my teeth and “suck it up”, as they say in the classics – but I’ll be mightily relieved when August 11th rolls around!

Weigh-in this morning. Hmm… maybe a little bit betterer than yesterday! I went from 64.9 kg to 64.6 kg – just one point off what I’d been the day before yesterday, but at least it was down, and not up again! But… Who knows what it’ll be tomorrow morning! Most likely up again, especially after my somewhat naughty lunch today! 😉

And that brings me to tomorrow! Tomorrow we’re going over to Doncaster to pick up the Dry Cleaning, and to go to Howard’s Storage Shed, which has just opened up over there – it’s a shame they didn’t get there before we moved! :/ Never mind, I have some “storage” ideas for my bathroom (which, even as carefully planned as it was, it’s still lacking adequate storage space!) but I need to go and see exactly what they have there. And really, that’s about “it” from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night, to find out how Auric, Dapple, Butter, and Lemon are all getting on together, or whether we feel that they should be separated. No doubt you’ll be wondering which way my weight went, up or down, and whether or not I found any answers to my bathroom storage woes – but until then, please try hard to bee good, remember, never let inexperience get in the way of ambition, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this sometimes suddenly changeable weather… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*To my very favourite eldest daughter, if you’re reading this – “Yes dear, I’m well aware of the fact that I’m anthropomorphising, but that’s exactly what poor little Dapple looked like he was saying!” 😛

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