Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.23

04.34 pm

For once I’m not late in starting to write this! Strange, too, because we’ve been out for most of the afternoon – Julian decided to drag me off to The Glen, because I hadn’t been out of the house for almost two weeks, so I was able to do a little shopping 😉 I got a new dressing gown, with pockets in it, and a cardigan, again with pockets in it, seeing that slacks and jeans aren’t allowed to have pockets any more – I mean, you can’t go putting lumpy things like a tissue, in pockets near your hips now, can you!? It’d spoil the nice, slender, sleek line! Apparently fashion designers have decreed that even if you have a really bad head cold, it is by far much more betterer for you to wipe your badly running nose on the back of your hand (and which you then surreptitiously transfer to the material of your jeans (or slacks)) because you have nowhere to keep a ruddy tissue! At the moment I still have the remnants of a bad head cold (and my damn ear is still blocked up!) and I’m sick to death of never having a tissue on me when I need one! Of course not having any pockets in my jeans means that I have nowhere to put said tissue, which in turn means that I have to go around continuously sniffing and sniffling, which drives me, and everyone else around me, completely batty! Gahh! So anyway, as I said earlier, I bought myself a cardigan which has pockets in it! Hallelujah, I can now carry around a humble tissue, with which to wipe my nose if it needs it! Ditto with the dressing gown in the morning, while I’m scurrying around pulling up the outside blind, and freezing to death, while I wake up Auric and Dapple by turning their Fish House light back on again. I really do wish clothing manufacturers would get on with “standardising” their sizes though! I got the dressing gown at David Jones – I told them “I need a size 14, please” and they gave me a size “S” (Small!) which fits beautifully! I bought the cardigan at Suzanne Grae, where I helpfully told them “I wear a size 14”, and they gave me a size “M” (Medium!) and it too fits perfectly! Perhaps from now on I should say that I’m a size S&M?! 😮

This morning though, I played WoW, and got Phaédra up to level 22 before we left for The Glen. Blizzard have done some fairly horrendous things to some of the character Classes – Julian’s Mouselet, who is a Shaman, was one of the best, strongest, and most versatile characters in our Guild (albeit that the Guild only consists of Julian’s characters, my characters, and a few of my very favourite eldest daughter’s characters!) and Mouselet has been rendered totally unplayable! Julian’s had to park him in “a safe place”, strip him, and pretty much abandon him! On the other hand, Schpadöinkle, Julian’s Mage, is turning out to be extremely formidable! I say this with some surprise, because generally speaking, Mages are very fragile “Clothies” – they wear cloth armor, which doesn’t give them the same sort of protection as Leather, Mail, or Plate Armor, so they tend to…. die a lot more often. However Schpadöinkle, newly boosted up to level 100 by Julian, is holding up remarkably well, and from what he tells me, turning into a very powerful character! According to the Grape Vine of Gamer Gossip, a lot of gamers have been raising their voices in protest at what Blizzard have done to the Classes in general, and some Classes in particular! It’s also one of the reasons that I decided to create Phaédra, and bring her up “the old fashioned way”, from level 1 to level 100, with no boosts other than the use of Heirloom gear. As I said, she’s now level 22, and so far, so good. Beast Master Hunters have lost a few of their abilities, or “shots”, but so far, I haven’t noticed anything particularly nasty or “unplayable” about those changes. Time will tell, no doubt! 😐

Well, this is going to be late! I got half way through the previous paragraph before dinner, when the phone rang. It was my very favourite youngest daughter, who wanted a chat, so I talked with her until dinner time, so I’m now continuing AD&T (After Dinner & Television) and it’s now 10.00 pm! However, before going on to the good bits, I’ll tell you that something really, really terrible happened to me at The Glen today! As you all know by now, I always take my dear little Kindle with me, wherever I go – it’s truly a “Don’t leave home without it” item, and it rides around with me in my handbag. Well, we went to the Shingle Inn for lunch, and while Julian was off ordering our lunch, out came my Kindle and I started reading. Julian came back and sat down, and shortly after, I closed my Kindle and – I thought! – put it back in my handbag, and zipped it up! We had lunch, and went off to do our shopping. I got my dressing gown, and my cardigan, both of which have quite capacious pockets in them, and then we went to Coles to get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner, and some more of my very favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie, delicious Rice Pudding. That done, we went back to the car and came home via Vermont South Shopping Centre to check our PO Box. Once more waiting for Julian, I went to pull out my trusty Kindle, and… It wasn’t there! The compartment in my handbag where it lives when I go out was empty! I sat there quietly panicking until Julian got back to the car, and I told him. We felt that it must be back at the Shingle Inn, that when I’d thought I was slipping it into the compartment in my handbag, I must have inadvertently slipped it down between the handbag and the seat instead! We turned around and went back, and once again, I sat in the car, almost – but not quite – biting my nails in distress, while Julian went in to see if it was still there. After a bit of confusion between two staff members at the Shingle Inn, it was found, safe and sound, and I was finally reunited with “my preciousssss”, my little Kindle! (actually, it’s not a Kindle at all, it’s a Samsung Galaxy something-or-other Tablet, a sort-of an up-market Kindle Fire, but “Kindle” is easier to say, and at least everyone knows what you mean!) And after the stress of almost losing it today, you can bet your sweet bippy that I’ll be a lot more careful with it next time! 🙂

And now on to the good bits!

Food stuffs. Last night we had some really delicious pork fillets pan-fried with some home-grown rosemary, with mashed potato, half a tomato, and not steamed green beans – it turned out that we didn’t have any left, so we had peas again instead! Then I had a “bald-kiwi fruit” brown Nashi pear – lovely and crispy, and a small bowl of my very favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie, delicious Rice Pudding, and alas, that was our last tub of that delicious dessert! We were going to get some more today… only… Coles didn’t have any either! 😥 I hope they’re not going to discontinue it, because… Yoplait seem to have reconsidered their decision to stop producing the extremely popular low-calorie dessert, “Le Rice“, which was Julian’s favourite dessert while I was still Optifasting and having diet jellies for dessert, because this afternoon, there it was on their dairy shelves again! So we got extra Le Rice, because I couldn’t get my usual Rice Pudding fix! Oh dear… 😦 Anyway, getting back on track, we had lunch at the Shingle Inn today, and I had my usual BLT on sourdough bread, my usual long black (coffee) with a small jug of skinny milk on the side, and my rapidly becoming usual “chocolate caramel slice” – a gorgeous, gooey, slice of compacted crumb base, topped with a good inch of thick, creamy, yummy caramel, with thick chocolate icing on top of that! A really, truly, “slimming biscuit” dessert! (“slimming biscuit” = because it doesn’t! 😉 ) Tonight for dinner Julian made one of the recipes I found online, called “Shepherd’s pie with Cauliflower mash“, and guess what! It’s turned out to be a “keeper” too! It sounded nice, and it was! Most delicious, and unless you were told, you’d never guess that the cauliflower mash wasn’t potato! There’s tons left over too, which is an extra bonus! And for dessert , I had one of my Corella pears, and a small tub of Vanilla Le Rice… which was nice enough, but very bland compared to my Rice Pudding. Maybe one of the other Le Rice flavours will be better…

Weigh-in this morning. I have to admit, I wasn’t terribly hopeful when I went to clamber onto the scales this morning… still… I went from 65.2 kg to 65.0 kg, so at least I didn’t go up again this morning – that’s happening tomorrow morning instead! :/ You know I’ve mentioned fluid retention, and swollen feet on this blog, many times – probably about as many times as I’ve brought it up to our doctor, but she doesn’t seem terribly concerned about it because the rest of me is very healthy! *sigh* well, she might not be terribly concerned, but or a while there this afternoon I didn’t think I was going to be able to get my shoe on! So, fluid retention it is, and I suppose I’m just going to have to wait until the tide goes out before my weight subsides… :/

And here we are, almost up to Sunday again, and our little jaunt in Draenor with Xãnthe and Jemimah! I wonder how they’ll take to all the changes, especially as Jemimah is a Shaman, like Mouselet! Well, we’ll see what happens, won’t we! I was going to say “maybe Schpadöinkle could swap with Jemimah”, but Schpadöinkle is Alliance and Xãnthe is Horde, and “in game” they don’t even speak the same language! I’ll let you all know what happens tomorrow night, but until then, that’s about “it” from me this evening! Drop in again tomorrow night though, and find out what happened with my weight – my bet is that it’ll be up again – how we fared in Draenor, and to get all the latest newz about the Fur-Fins. Until then though, do try to bee good, don’t forget that the future starts today, not tomorrow, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in Melbourne’s “dynamic” weather patterns… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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