Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.22

05.31 pm

Well, I’m late again – but this time I have a really good excuse! I’ve been working on Phaédra pretty much all day – and I’ve managed to get her to level 20, which means that she can ride now! Woo-hoo! It’s so much more betterer than having to run everywhere! Poor little Phaédra! She has such short little legs, and to run along behind her (from my perspective of her, anyway) with her little legs working so hard – I get tired, just watching her! But she can ride now, so I have her mounted on our “Imperial Quilen” (the Imperial Quilen Mount can fly you around too, as soon as you get old enough to fly!) She looks so cute – she’s so small, and the Quilen is fairly big, so she almost looks as though she’s riding on an overstuffed, mobile armchair! Anyway, I spent all day with her, except for a very short time this afternoon, while I was trying to work on some graphics for a new Bookmarks Wallpapery thingy (totally unsuccessfully, as it turned out, which annoyed me no end because I ended up wasting a perfectly good three-quarters of an hour on it that I could have spent writing!)

Now that I’ve set Cynthìa up as a level 100 character, I’m sort-of leaving her on her own for a bit, to get used to sending off her Followers to earn her some Garrison Resources, which she needs to change the dynamics of her Garrison. I’ve now changed over most of the unwanted “businesses” and Buildings that I’d been given when Cynthìa first “moved in” – a sort-of “default” Garrison lay-out, I suppose you could call it – to the types of Buildings I wanted her to have there, but I still need to upgrade them all to Tier 3, which means… lots and lots and lots of Garrison Resources! It’s a damn shame that Garrison Resources are “Soulbound” to the individual character – I reckon that Garrison Resources should be “Account Bound”, not “Soulbound”! Wynterthyme has Garrison Resources coming out of her ears, and about all she can do with them is sell them to one of the Traders for a mere pittance! (50 Garrison Resources will net you between 13 and 18 gold, plus the odd bit of silver and copper coinage!) while newer characters, like Cynthìa, have to send Followers out to (maybe, if they’re lucky!) pull in 90 or so Resources per day! S’not fair! :/

So anyway, that’s been my day today! I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – but if the weather is fairly clear, Julian intends to do a bit of planting, and organising the tarps so that if the weather report after the news says there might be frosts, he can quickly dart outside, pull the tarps up over the veggie beds, and somehow manage to anchor them down so that they don’t blow away. I’ll probably work on getting Phaédra first up to level 40, then to level 60, where you can get your “Flying Licence” – I think! You know, I’ve just gone and wasted another fifteen minutes of what’s left of my day, trying to Google what level you have to be before you can fly in World of Warcraft! A simple enough query, you might think! But no! I was given all sorts of unwanted information about what expansions of WoW you needed to get which Mount, what types of flying Mounts were introduced with each expansion, etc., etc., and just about all the information you could possibly want on flying – except what level you had to be, because some sources said level 60, some said level 40, others said level 70 – no two web sites seemed to say the same thing! So, I dunno – it’s probably level 60, so that’s what I shall aim for!

Anyway, having had my grizzle for the hour (!!) I can now get on to the good bits!

Last night we had some of the extremely nice Three Island Beef sausages, with chips, half a tomato, and peas this time, instead of our usual steamed green beans! It was a lovely meal, and it was good to have peas for a change! 🙂 For dessert I had one of my “bald-brown-kiwi-fruit-skin” Nashi pears – they really are nice you know – very crisp and crunchy, juicy, but not too juicy, and very tasty! I also had a small bowl of my very favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie, delicious Rice Pudding. Today’s lunch was a sandwich, made from that lovely whole-meal bread with all the sesame-seeds in the crust, this time with our favourite butter alternative, basil-pesto hummus, sandwich-sliced turkey, a little of the Beerenberg Tomato Chutney… and all the flavours just seemed to sing together! It almost seemed as though the ingredients could have been created especially to be combined in a sandwich! (secret! I think it’s the basil-pesto hummus that works the magic! If you haven’t tried any yet, you don’t know what you’re missing! 😉 ) Tonight we’re having pork fillets, pan-fried with a little home-grown rosemary, mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. I’ll be having one of the Jazz apples for dessert tonight, but I’m not sure what else I’ll have – I have a horrible feeling we’re completely out of my delicious, Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding – I might have to have some yoghurt instead! 😥

Weigh-in this morning. Was utterly demoralising and terrible! I knew as soon as I got up that I wouldn’t have gone down, but I didn’t reckon on going from 64.9 kg to 65.2 kg! Up another three points! I’m distressed, even though I know it’s all fluid, and that it’ll all go, as soon as my stupid body decides that it doesn’t really need to store all that extra fluid, after all! I think it’s just the ignominy of seeing ones weight go up like that, for no discernible reason – and it’s humiliating, too! I are not happy! 😦

So here I am once more, sighing dejectedly over my recalcitrant weight, frowning with annoyment over a problem I’m having with one particular Photoshop filter – because the older version, which alas no longer works, was much, much more betterer than this newer version, and beaming with pleasure over the further advancement of my Blog Project, and my heroic progress with both Cynthìa and Phaédra! Who knows what will transpire tomorrow! Maybe my weight will be down, my Photoshop filter working correctly, and my Blog Project ready for its “Grand Unveiling”! Of course, pigs may fly, too, but as they always say in all the great classics, “always expect the unexpected!” 😉 And that, gentle readers, is about “it” from me for this evening! Make sure you call in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest at chez nous! Has my weight gone up again? the text will be tear-stained if it has! Have I finally managed to get “the” perfect drop shadow on my graphic? And is Phaédra flying solo yet! Well, you can find out the answers to these, and all your other questions, this time tomorrow night – but until then, do try extra hard to bee good, remember that you can do anything, but not everything, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry during this latest cold spell, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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