Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.29

05.22 pm

Well, I’m late again – so what else is new, hmm? I’ve spent a bit of time on a slightly new design for my Blog Project – why is it, do you suppose, that I just can’t seem to leave well enough alone? It was perfectly alright the way it was – and maybe that was the problem! It was “alright” – not “good”, or “really nice”, or “wow!” – just… “ahh… it’s alright, it’ll do…” – which is not good enough for me! So I fiddle. I actually quite like this latest one – but I’ll wait and see how well it passes the “visual taste” test! 😉

Once again, there’s not all that much to tell you this evening – Julian was supposed to be going to see the Doctor to get the results of his foot and ankle scans and x-rays, but we got a phone call early this morning to let him know that the lovely Dr. B. was not going to be available today, after all, so he’s going to try to get another appointment for Monday instead! The results are really mostly academic – the doctor has probably already forwarded all his test results on to his Physiotherapist – the same one that he saw when he injured his other ankle – and he has his “Referral” – all he really needs to do is make an appointment to see her! So once again, we both stayed home today – Julian did go out to do some shopping this afternoon, and got caught in the rain! He was literally dripping water all over the floor when he came inside! The rest of the time, he’s been doing a lot of washing and “Office-y” things, while I’ve been working hard on Phaédra, who is now level 36 and questing in a lovely (mostly!) “jungle” environment! Honestly, I’m beginning to wonder if I made a mistake, creating her as a Gnome Beast Master Hunter! I’m having a really enormous amount of difficulty seeing where I’m going… because I can’t see over the top of the ruddy grass! (“stop laughing! It’s not funny!” yells Phaédra, tripping over a blade of grass…)

Have I ever mentioned to you all that Julian is a bit of a klutz? Oh, I have… I see… well anyway, he really is a bit of a klutz when he puts his mind to it, and his latest little “mishap” occurred this afternoon, when he spilt a whole fresh cup of tea… over his $20 keyboard! This necessitated him going down to Officeworks and getting another one, and I said “Oh good! You can get me another one too, and you can have this one, if you like…” – Mine kept on “losing” letters when I was typing! Julian said it was because it was a cordless keyboard, and we “discussed” this for a bit, the upshot of which is that I’m now using a fairly klunky-chunky corded keyboard – and I have to say that I haven’t had to go back correcting hundreds of typos where letters had been “missed”, though I have had to go back and correct a few ordinary misspelt words, here and there… So I’ll see how I go with this klunky-chunky, $14 keyboard for a week or so, and if it proves to be “satisfactory”, I might see about getting something a little bit more… elegant? 😉

Auric and Dapple are still being naughty at night, so we’re adopting a different strategy! Instead of feeding them around 6.00 pm-ish, when we’re about to have our dinner, I’m now feeding them about ten minutes before we turn their lights off, so that they can sleep! Hopefully this will mean that they’ll have less time to go up to the surface to swallow chunks of air, which makes them float up to the surface where they swallow even more air, and before you know it, they’re lying listlessly up at the top of the tank with their fins drooping! I really hate seeing them like that… it makes me nervous for them… Anyway, we’ll see if this new feeding regimen makes a difference… “Watch This Space!” 😉

Anyway, that’s about all of the mundane news for the day, so I guess I can now get on to the good bits!

Food stuffs. Last night we had the “Easy Grilled Dijon Chicken” for dinner, and it was (a) very easy to prepare, (b) equally as easy to cook, (c) it kept the chicken extremely juicy and succulent, and (d) incredibly tasty and delicious! So that’s another “tick” for the Mass-Media recipes, and another “Keeper” recipe for us! Actually you know, it’s not really a “recipe” per se. – it’s really more of a “marinade de méthode” (“marinade method”, but it sounds better in French, n’est ce pas? 😉 ) The “recipe” just says to dunk your chicken in the “sauce”, and onto the grill with it. Julian made the sauce “mixture” in a medium-sized zip-lock bag, put the chicken breasts in the bag with it, zipped it up, massaged the chicken around in the “sauce”, then chucked the whole lot into the fridge for a couple of hours before cooking it. I’ll write up the recipe, along with our variations, as soon as possible for you all, as it’s really well worth doing! We had the chicken with plain steamed rice to which had been added some finely chopped spring onion, and it was a dish “fit for a king!” – or even an emperor, for that matter! For dessert I had a “bald-kiwi-fruit-brown” Nashi pear, and another Apple Le Rice. I very much fear that the absolutely scrumptious and delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding, has been discontinued 😥 I mean, who’d buy Le Rice, when they had the Coles Rice Pudding as an alternative! (Julian probably would, though…) Today for lunch we had ham, cheese and tomato toasties, made from that yummy, tasty whole-meal bread with the sesame-seeded crust – they were really nice, but I did burn my mouth a bit – it’s really hard to wait patiently for them to cool down a bit, while something as tasty as those toasties is sitting there staring at you, saying “eat me, eat me!” Tonight we’re having steak, pan-fried in a little lemon infused olive oil, with chips, our usual half a tomato, and steamed green beans. For dessert I’ll be having one of my “Eve” apples, and this afternoon while he was out, Julian bought us both a small tub of “Jalna Cafe Latte” yoghurt for dessert tonight – we’ve had some of their fruit flavours before, and they are really nice! I’ll let you all know what the coffee one was like! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I had that strange feeling of déjà vu this morning when I clambered onto the scales… I had to look twice, because once again, I’d “doubled up”! I went from 63.9 kg to 63.9 kg. To re-cap, on both Sunday and Monday, I was 64,5 kg. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, I was 64.1 kg, and both yesterday (Thursday) and today (Friday) I was 63.9 kg! I think that’s weird! I wonder what I’ll be tomorrow (and the day after!) especially seeing as I didn’t do my usual walk again this morning, as I’m trying to get my foot to recover. Depending on how it goes, I may be able to do a short, 20 minute walk, but I’ll definitely stop if it starts hurting again!

And once again I’m back to tomorrow! I’m not sure what we’re doing, but no doubt I’ll be working with young Phaédra. I’d like to get her up to level 45 by the end of the weekend – which I think should be manageable, so I’ll see how I go! And that really is about “it” from me again for tonight, but do call in again tomorrow night, to find out what my weight did this time, and whether or not Auric and Dapple’s new feeding times are working, and if my new, corded keyboard is still working better than my old one, as well as what sort of adventures we got up to during the day! Until then however, do try really hard to bee good, don’t forget that knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom, and remember to always drive carefully, to keep warm and especially dry in this mercurial weather, and to look after yourselves – but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂