Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.27

05.27 pm

Here I am – I have my computer back again! Not only has my very favourite eldest daughter been over here today, but Julian took the opportunity, whilst we were sitting goggle-eyed in front of the television, watching episodes of “Arrow” and “The Flash”, to “overhaul” my computer, and “fix” a few things that weren’t working as properly as he would have liked. This also involved un-installing World of Warcraft, with all its Add-Ons, then re-downloading everything, including the latest versions of the Add-Ons I used, and setting everything back up again! Anyway, ’tis all done now, and everything – so far – seems to be working correctly, at least as far as World of Warcraft is concerned, anyway – I haven’t had a chance to check anything else out yet.

My very favourite eldest daughter and I spent a very pleasant day out in the lounge room, watching our episodes of “Arrow”, which is getting murkier by the episode, and “The Flash” which is really getting even more heavily into the whole “Time Travel” scenario! Apparently we’re watching the two shows, which occasionally link in with eachother, in chronological order, so we watched one episode of “Arrow”, followed by one episode of “The Flash”, then “Arrow”, “The Flash”, and finally, two episodes of “Arrow”, back to back! She also brought over a printout of the “project” she’s working on for uni, a futuristic fantasy short story set in Melbourne, which, as usual, I thought was very good! She’s written a couple of other stories in the same “universe”, but with a female protagonist, and this one could, I suppose, be considered a “prequel” to those – so I’m impatiently looking forward to reading the next part! 🙂

Not really much else has happened around here since yesterday, so there’s not really much else for me to tell you about! The Fishes are still Fishering, Flipper is still Flippering, Julian is still doing everything from the cooking, the gardening, to the washing, and everything else in between, whilst I just laze around the house and fiddle with unnecessary graphic-y things and with my Blog Project – as the old saying goes, “the more things change, the more they stay the same!” We were supposed to be going to the RACV in the city for lunch tomorrow, but there’s too much to be done around here, and besides, we haven’t booked yet, so we’re going next Monday – or Tuesday – to the RACV in Healesville! It’s supposed to be very nice, and it’s a lot newer than the RACV in the city – we’ve often meant to go and see what it’s like, but being us, we never really got a round tuit before! I’m crossing my fingers for Tuesday, because my hair should still be looking good! 😉 (Vanity, thy name is Winter!)

Anyway, I might as well get on with the good bits, because as I said – there’s not much more to fill you in on! So…

Food stuffs. Last night we had the re-heated left-overs from the “Shepherd’s pie with cauliflower mash” that we had the other night, and it was possibly even more delicious than it was then! As it’s really a meal in and of itself, we didn’t have our usual “three veg” with it, however it’s definitely a keeper, and I promise, I’ll get the recipe posted up for you as soon as possible! For dessert I had another of the “Eve” apples – slightly riper than the last one I had, so it was much more nicer, and just to keep with the “apple theme” (so to speak) I had an “Apple Le Rice”, which was quite a lot nicer than the usual common or garden variety “Vanilla” Le Rice, and while I did enjoy it, it’s still not a patch on my delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding! 😦 Today for lunch we had wraps, with a different sort of butter substitute this time – Sumac and Sesame hummus! It was very nice – I think! – but there were so many flavours going on in the wrap that it was a bit hard to really tell! Apart from the Sumac and Sesame hummus, there was ham, sliced tomato, red capsicum batons, and Halloumi cheese, so as you can see, there was a lot going on in a fairly small wrap! Tonight we’re having “Outback Spirit” Beef and Bush Tomato Sausages, which sound interesting and look very nice – the “Outback Spirit” sausages that we usually have – when we’re not having the Heston Blumenthal sausages – are the Pork with Lemon Aspen and Kakadu Plum ones, so these will be an interesting change – I’ll let you all know if they’re any good! 🙂 For dessert I’ll most likely have one of my Corella pears, and a small tub of (hopefully!) Apple Le Rice… or maybe even a yoghurt tonight – I haven’t made up my mind yet! :/

Weigh-in this morning. Hmm… I seem to be doing “double-takes”, these last few days! This morning I went from 64.1 kg to… 64.1 kg! Once more, I stayed the same! Not that I mind, of course – it’s much more betterer than going “up-scale”! I’m hoping I’ll be able to do my full 25 minute treadmilling tomorrow, but I’m a trifle doubtful! This morning while doing my usual walk, I somehow managed to hurt my left foot! First, I’d just got to about the 15 minute marker when my left “bunion” joint started to feel as though some nasty person was mashing it with a sledge-hammer… it’s “only” arthritis, I know – but it hurts, all the same! And to add to that, the base knuckle of my right index finger was playing up too! Same miserable deal – the finger I can cope with, the foot isn’t quite so easy! While I’ve found out that it is possible to limp on a treadmill, it doesn’t make for a pleasant walk! Then my knees started hurting, and my lower spine – but by then I was at 20 minutes, so I thought “What the heck – it’s only another five minutes!”, and kept going. I shouldn’t have. I can hardly put my left foot down on the floor now, the whole top of my foot feels like I’ve broken something in there… But it’ll probably be better tomorrow! 🙂

And that brings me around to tomorrow again! I’ll spend most of the morning on Phaédra, and hopefully, most of the afternoon on my Blog Project – but as far as today and this evening are concerned, I fear that’s about “it” from me for tonight! Feel free to call in again tomorrow night though, to find out if my weight has started going up again or not, and to catch up on all things fur-ish, fin-ish, wow-ish, and blog-ish, not to mention anything else of moderate interest that we might have been up to! Until then though, do try very hard to bee good, remember that it’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be that matters, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry in this cold, blustery weather, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂