Winter’s log, earthdate 201607.14

04.34 pm

Well, here I am – though it may be a bit of a rushed and intermittent episode this evening – Julian’s not well, and has spent most of the day either at the doctor’s, or having blood tests and an ultrasound, so I’m just a trifle “distracted”, you might say. He’s been having stomach pains since about Tuesday afternoon, but last night they were bad enough to wake him up, and by the time he got back from taking Flipper up to the Vet for her six monthly checkup and jabs early this morning, he was a right mess! Luckily he managed to get an “emergency” appointment at the doctor’s (not our usual Doctor – whom we’d only seen yesterday about his sore foot and my blocked up ear – unfortunately!) Anyway, this Doctor thought it was only a very bad case of indigestion, but sent him off for blood tests and an ultrasound, anyway! (this is the first time I’ve ever heard of someone being sent off for an ultrasound because of indigestion! Still, better to be safe than sorry, I guess!) And now he’s doing something that I don’t think he’s ever done before (except for maybe once, when he’d sprained his ankle so badly that he couldn’t walk, even if he’d been allowed to!) he’s out in the lounge room, lying down on the couch in the dark! 😦

in the meantime, I was able to get quite a lot of WoW-ing in, and have managed to get Phoenìx up to level 74! Oh, but it’s a long, slow crawl up the ladder! :/ I also managed to get in quite a lot of work on my new Blog Project, and I’m more-or-less happy to say that it’s coming along quite well – so far, anyway. The opening page, or ‘Introductory” page, is very short(so far, anyway) and it looked kind-of weird with the short intro, going straight into the Widget area, so I thought “If I can put an empty table in there, maybe that’ll pad it out a bit!”, so I tried that, and it didn’t. WordPress is nothing if not thrifty, I’ll give’em that! You see, if it’s a run-on line, like text, it’ll wrap around, and you get continuous lines like these… and if you hit <enter> at the end of a line, it puts in a blank line, or line break, and you can start a new paragraph. However, if you hit <enter><enter><enter><enter> in Edit mode, it looks as though you’re making a space of four blank lines… but unless you actually put something on those lines, WordPress saves all that “wasted” space by ignoring three of those four blank lines, and just giving you a new paragraph line-break! So I thought… “in my web pages, I stretch tables both downwards and sideways by inserting a transparent image, which I can adjust to whatever size I need! I’ll try putting one of those in the table!” It took a lot of mucking around – Julian gets most annoyed with me because – like most men and road maps 😉 – I won’t ask, or look it up – oh-no, I have to “fiddle” around trying to do something myself.. until I usually break something, and then it’s “Oh, Joooolien! Could you come and (fix whatever it is that I’ve managed to break) please?!” Anyway, I finally figured out that the term “Media” means images, as well as music and video and photos, so I uploaded my nice, newly stretched transparent image to the “Media Library” – unfortunately, I still haven’t figured out how to move the image from the Library into the blank table in the middle of this particular page (no, I won’t tell you where and what it is yet – I haven’t got enough done yet!) So there I was, with a very short Intro page, looking silly with the Widget sitting “under its chin”, metaphorically speaking, and a skinny blank table acting as a chin strap. Hmm! Not a good look! I couldn’t even find a way of inserting the transparent image directly onto the page, like a pretty photo of the Dandenongs, or something! So… look for the lowest common denominator, which is, of course… Text! The full stop is a very handy little beastie 🙂 Not only does it tell you where the end of a sentence is, it also acts as a handy-dandy “Hey! This line has something on it! Better not ignore it then!” marker! Therefore I put one full stop at the beginning of the next five or six lines… and made my “padded space” between the text and the Widgets! Cool! But wait! Wouldn’t six lines of just one black full stop at the start of it, and nothing else, look kinda silly? Of course they would, but because I can change text colour like this, and the text container is white, I simply changed the full stops’ colour to white, and all of a sudden, they… disappeared! 😛 You’ll see what I mean when I go Public with this Blog Project of mine 😉

So that’s what I did today, while fretting and worrying about Julian. I think we’re having toast for dinner…

Anyway, on with the good bits!

Food stuffs. Last night we had the little pork roast, and it was really great! It took a long time to cook (but then, roast pork usually does take a while) but it was truly delicious! Moist, as tender as butter, well cooked, with only one tiny little sliver of fat on one side of it – beautifully cooked! With it we had mashed potatoes, steamed green beans, and our usual half a tomato. For dessert I had one of the two “Eve” apples I’d bought, and I think I should have left it in the fruit bowl for a few more days, as it wasn’t really ripe enough to enjoy. I also had a small bowl of the delightful, Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding. Today for lunch I had a Baker’s delight cheese roll and one of their yummy fruit and white chocolate scones, which Julian picked up on his way home from his ultrasound, as he didn’t feel much like standing around preparing food 😦 Tonight as I said before, we’ll probably end up having a couple of slices of toast – but I don’t mind – to tell you all the honest truth, I really don’t feel all that crash hot myself (my ear is still blocked too, but I don’t think it’s as bad as it was!) I might just have one of my Corella pears for dessert, or maybe a few dates and a dried fig, or something…

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t good – I seem to be on another “upward spiral” 😦 I went from 64.6 kg to 64.7 kg – up a whole point! :/ Oh well, today’s lunch won’t have helped, though I must admit, I didn’t get my morning walk at all yesterday, because we had to leave too early to go to the Doctor’s – and at least this morning my ruddy blistered toes did let me walk for 25 minutes, so that was good – maybe tomorrow’s weigh-in won’t be too bad after all… Cross fingers, and touch wood! 🙂

Which brings me to tomorrow. Julian has another appointment at the Doctor’s (I fergit what time he said it was, and I’m not going to go out to the lounge room to disturb him again!) to get the results of his blood tests and ultrasound, but apart from that, I think we’re both going to be hunkering down and taking it fairly easy… Flipper seems to have forgiven Julian for taking her up to the Vet this morning to have her fingernails cut, a whopping great horse pill (worming tablet) shoved down her throat, and generally poked, prodded, and injected! This afternoon Auric apparently has had another mild dose of the floaties, and last night Dapple had a mild bout of them too (are anyone else’s stomachs playing up too?!) And really, that’s about all that’s been happening in this neck (or maybe “stomach”?) of the woods… so once again, that’s about “it” from me for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night, and find out the latest on Julian’s health, if my bunged up ear has become “un-bunged”, what my weight did to me this time, how the little Fur-Fins are, and whether I’ve done anymore work on this mysterious Blog Project of mine! 😉 Until then however, please do try to bee good, remember that we are continually faced by great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep cosy and warm and dry in this inclement weather, and to always drive carefully – but most importantly, please, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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