Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.25

04.24 pm

Oh well, I’m not quite as early as I was yesterday, but never mind, I should still get this finished before dinner time (I hope! It all depends on how many things that I have to research (to make sure that I haven’t got me facts muddled!and how many words I need to look up in the Dictionary, if I don’t know how to spell them!) So then – what transpired today at chez nous? I can almost hear you all wondering… well, a fair bit actually – though at the same time, not terribly much! Confused? Well, this is a confusing time we’re all living in, and me, well I’m both confusing and confused at the best of times, so I guess it’s only to be expected! 😉 Hey, fancy Britain actually going ahead and exiting the EU! Frankly, I never thought it would happen! I was very surprised – I really thought that the “Stay’s” would win the vote! But as I said to Julian in the car yesterday, Britain has been “invaded” by various peoples, tribes, and conquerors since pre-history, and they’ve always fought – and died – fiercely for their island and their independence. It’s a bit complicated, so bear with me for a bit… In view of the “strife” (read: “war”) in the Middle East, and the absolute floods of refugees pouring into Europe (not to mention the thousands of people who just wanted to get themselves and their families away from the fighting) and the fact that Britain are – or rather were – a part of a large conglomerate, the EU, with certain agreements and conditions that they were obliged to abide by – I think that a great many British people were starting to get a bit jittery about the fact that they might have to accede to EU demands, and take on more than they felt their country could cope with, both financially and emotionally. In fact, I think that such a body as the European Union is a very good idea – and hopefully, at some time in the future, it won’t be just a “European” Union, but some kind of “World Federation”, or “Universal Union”! …but I don’t think humanity is ready for that just yet… But maybe, just maybe, when we all grow up, in another century or so, if the Middle East has calmed down, if certain countries recognise that some gun control is way better than no gun control, if people can be truly free for both men and women to receive the same wages for the same work, to be able to marry whoever they wish, to worship whichever god they please without being persecuted in some way for it, if drugs were solely for the treatment of illnesses, if people cared as much for their neighbours as they did for their pets and their gardens, and jihadi terrorism merely a horror story that children told eachother around campfires at Halloween – then we might be ready for a “World Federation”, or a “Universal Union”… maybe! 😉

So, apart from being surprised by “Brexit” this morning, what else was newsworthy? Well, I got the results of my Warfarin blood test back last night – everything is pretty hunky-dory, and pretty much the same – my INR is 2.6, I’m to stay on the same dose as I’m currently on, 4.5mg of Warfarin, and they want me to have another blood test in two weeks – on July 8th. Julian changed out 30% of the Fish House water this afternoon, even though he didn’t really have to – the Ammonia is still present, but it’s so much less than it was – little Auric hasn’t had a case of the “floaties” for almost a week now (and having said that, wanna bet that he’ll probably work very hard at swallowing air all afternoon, in order to make a liar out of me tonight?! …wretched little rabbit! 😆 ) We also received confirmation last night that the new “stuff” for the Fish House has been “dispatched” (it’s coming from Queensland) so we should get it sometime reasonably early next week – a new and much quieter pump (I think!) an “air stone” that will sit at the back of the Fish House under the gravel and send up a gentle “curtain of air bubbles”, and from memory, he’s also getting a little magnetic cleaning pad for the glass walls. One half sits inside the tank, against the wall, and the other half sits on the outside of the tank – the two halves are held together with a reasonably strong magnet – the glass gets cleaned by moving the outside half around! What’s more, if the two halves do get pulled apart, the inside bit is designed to float, so it’s easy to get it out and re-attach it.

This morning I started working on Phoenìx again where she’s gallivanting around Terokkar Forrest, trying to get quests done – “trying” being the operative word! Honestly, there are so many other people playing, sometimes it really is a matter of standing in a queue, and waiting (impatiently!) for your turn to kill the whatever-it-is-that-you’re-supposed-to-kill to re-spawn after the last player [censored] killed it! At the moment she’s about six bubbles away from level 64 – not good enough, if I’m going to get her to level 90 before the new Expansion! Oh well… I stuck with her all this morning, then after lunch I went and changed my Bookmarks Wallpaper-y thingy! It’s pretty much the same as the blog’s current Template – I liked the paisley background I used here so much I thought I’d like to see it on my desktop too! So I did! 🙂 And I must say, it looks very impressive, even if I did make it myself! 🙂 Surprisingly, it worked first pop! I didn’t have to go fiddling with anything, or move things around much – so I went back and worked with Phoenìx a bit more! And that’s pretty much what we’ve been doing all day – so now, on to the good bits, eh?! 😉

Food stuffs: Last night we had a really, really nice little piece of fillet steak for dinner, with Brussels sprouts, chips, and our usual half a tomato – plain and simple fare, maybe, but truly delicious! For dessert I had another of my Corella pears, and a small bowl of the yummy Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding. For lunch today I had another sandwich made with the very tasty whole-meal bread with the sesame seed crust, together with our favourite butter substitute of basil-pesto hummus, as well as sandwich ham, hand-sliced cheddar cheese, and tomato, with plenty of freshly ground pepper – it was most delicious! 🙂 Tonight for dinner we’re doing something completely different! I’ve been reading a lot about “brining” different types of meat, and there was one recipe for chicken, which has to be brined in Feta Cheese brine – and if you can’t get hold of the “brine” that the Feta usually sits in, you can make your own – by dissolving some Feta Cheese in water (yes, they do tell you how!) Then you put the home-made Feta brine and the chicken into a zip-lock bag, massage the chicken about in it for a bit, then shove the still zip-locked bag into the fridge overnight. We’re having it just with plain steamed rice tonight, but as the chicken gets pan-fried, you could just about have any vegetables you wanted with it – I’ll let you know how it goes – and if it was any good I’ll try to get a round tuit, and write it up on my “Recipes…” page, along with all the other recipes I said I’d write up for you all! :/

Weigh-in this morning. Was a bit better, which was a great relief, I can tell you! 🙂 I went from 65.1kg to 64.9kg – down two points – which is a lot much more betterer that being over my “Start Maintenance” weight of 65kg! I really hate going over that – I sort-of feel that I’ve “failed” 😦 Hopefully it’ll be down a bit more tomorrow – but we’ll just have to weight and sea, won’t we! 😉

And that brings us about back to tomorrow, and our traditional “Pandamonium in Pandaria” Day! 🙂 With Xãnthe and Jemimah both sitting half-way through level 89, it won’t be very long at all before we ditch Pandaria and head off, Garrison-bound! The last time I attempted to set up a Horde Garrison, with Arisnoë (before I changed her Faction – she’s now Alliance!) I hated it! It was cold, grubby, miserable, snowing most of the time which made visibility difficult, to say the least – and I was on my own! I just couldn’t get my head around it all – that’s why I changed Factions! This time should be better, I hope! Although Jemimah and I won’t be sharing a Garrison, we will be able to help eachother out with any fighting that has to be done, either in, or outside of the Garrison itself, much like Wynterthyme and Mouselet did 🙂 So I’m really looking forward to tomorrow! I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow night! And that’s once again about “it” from me for this evening! Do drop in again tomorrow night to find out how our “brined” chicken went tonight, and whether it was good enough to be a “keeper”, whether my weight has continued going down – even if terribly slowly, how we fared in “Pandaria, And Beyond”, and how many times we died getting there! 😉 But until then, please try hard to bee very good, and don’t forget that if you can’t MAKE IT BETTER, you can laugh at it… remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry, especially when it’s cold and wet outside… but most of all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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