05.23 pm

Well, ’tis Sunday evening, and Xãnthe and Jemimah have had a rip-roarin’ day prancing around Pandaria! We did die a couple of times (I only died twice, but Julian/Jemimah died three times) and at least two of those deaths were due to “Player Stupidity”, like when we were trundling along in Julian/Jemimah’s very cute little motorbike, and I thought we were getting just a bit too close to the edge of a very, very high cliff! I half turned to Julian as I said with some small amount of alarm: “Careful not to get too close to the… Aaaarrrggghhh!!”, as we executed a lazily graceful swallow dive over the rocks – and plummeted to our doom! And there was silly me, thinking that surely he must have out-grown his propensity for doing “Demelzas*” by now! 😉 😀

However, we did go up two levels, we’re level 89 now, and only one more level away from flying! Well, actually, half a level, in my case, coz I’m just this much <-> away from half way through the level! 🙂 Once again, we’d just settled in for a good long slog through Pandaria, when we leveled the second time this afternoon, and got our little “exclamation mark” down on our Action Bar, “notifying” us that we were “needed elsewhere” – so what else could we do? (apologetic shrug to the Pandarians who were relying on us to save their collective bacons!) Remind me to Abandon all those old quests please, Julian! While we were dusting down this afternoon, I realised that (a) Xãnthe has picked up quite a lot of rather nice “Bind on Equip” cloth or leather gear that she can’t use (she wears Mail gear now) and which she’d like to see if she can sell on the Auction House, however, (b) Now that they’re Hearthed in Pandaria, it means two trips each way to get to, and back from, the Auction House, which because of the Portals in Pandaria (doesn’t that have a nice ring to it! 🙂 “Portals in Pandaria” – It almost sounds good enough to be a movie or a song title, or the title of a Best Selling novel!) …isn’t all that hard… but it is a hassle, especially when you’re in the middle of a complicated quest chain, so you can’t really spend the time to go back to Orgrimmar, but your bags are getting full, and your bank is full! It’s much more easier to just mail it all to a specialist “Banker” character, whom you’ve created expressly for such a purpose, right? Which brings me to (c) I have three other Horde characters on Quel’Dorei that I could use as a specialist Banker – two Blood Elves and a Goblin. One of the two Blood Elves is sort-of a “name place holder” for a Gnome Hunter, on August 30th, when the new Expansion goes live (i.e. I’ve created a temporary character, “holding” the name I want to use for my little Gnome Hunter – so that no-one else can sneak in ahead of me and grab the name – and no, I can’t tell you what that name is – yet! 😉 ) I’m debating with myself whether or not to keep the Goblin character, and all three of them are only about level 4 or 5 – so I guess I have some tough decisions ahead of me! I either compel Xãnthe to go all the way back to Orgrimmar to sell stuff on the Auction House all the time, even when it’s totally inconvenient, or use one of the three remaining Horde characters as a Banker, in which case whoever I choose will have to be all set up for it, with a lot of very big and expen$ive bags, money… and a nice, comfortable place to call home! *sigh* Decisions, decisions… :/ Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be all right on the night, or whatever! 😉

Anyway, that was about all we did today – we slept in maybe even a bit later than we usually do on a Sunday, thanks to the fuddled state our brains were in last night with this miserable lurgi. This morning, Julian couldn’t find his mobile, and in the end he had to ring it, to find out where it was! And guess what! Somehow, in his lurgi-induced befuddlement, he’d managed to “swap” it for my phone! My phone was shivering on his desk, and his phone was happily keeping warm in my handbag! So anyway, I guess it’s now time for me to get to the good bits!

Food stuff. Last night we had the last of the left-over Lamb and Harissa Lasagne that we had in the freezer – and once again, it was absolutely delicious! Every time we’ve had that (and the three extra “left-over” meals that it gives us!) I find myself swallowing the last mouthful and wondering how long I should wait before asking Julian to make it again! For dessert I had one of my Corella pears, but I couldn’t have my usual, delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding, because there wasn’t any left – I had to rough it was a small tub of low-fat strawberry yoghurt! :/ At lunch time today Julian discovered that he didn’t have anything suitable for my lunch! He could have smoked salmon, but I’m allergic to anything that lives and breathes in either fresh or salt water – so he had to go up the street early, and not only did he bring home things for lunch, but he also brought home some more of my very, very favourite Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding, so that I’d have some for tonight! He’s very thoughtful like that… 🙂 Anyway, for lunch we had wraps, with the lovely basil-pesto hummus butter substitute, corned beef, cucumber, Halloumi cheese, and a nice little green capsicum that had been picked, brought in and washed, mere seconds before it went into the wrap! Now, you can’t get much fresher than that! 🙂 Dinner tonight of course will be an omelet – I’m not sure what’ll be in it – but at a guess, Halloumi cheese, capsicum, leeks or spring onion from the garden, and I believe, some of the diced up corned beef! I don’t think I’ve ever had corned beef in an omelet before, but it was very tasty in the wrap, so I expect that it’ll be just as nice in the omelet! I’ll let you know… And of course I’ll have one of my Corella pears and a small bowl of my delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding for dessert! 🙂 Oh, here’s a “P.S.” regarding the omelet for dinner tonight, with the corned beef in it… All I can say is – people should use corned beef in omelets much more often! It was terrific! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t the best, but it’s hardly surprising, I suppose – (Winter puts on a posh voice with a plummy accent) “We shall hope for better things on the morrow!” (and exits stage left with her nose in the air) The scales must have decided that they’d got it right the first time, yesterday, and then erred on the side of caution and got it wrong, because this morning they went very quickly and deliberately up a point, from 64.7kg to 64.8kg. Oh, the shame of it all! 😳 I hope it’ll start going down again soon :/

So there it is – “our Sunday” – and a good day it was too! Auric and Dapple are doing well (so far so good, regarding Auric’s floaties!) Flipper seems to be teaching herself new tricks all the time – she’s now experimenting with walking across the new lounge suite – up onto the first armchair, then across a small table to the first two-seater couch where Julian usually sits, then across a narrow gap to my arm-chair… but she hasn’t quite got the hang of getting from my arm-chair to the second two-seater couch, because the gap’s just a bit too wide for her old bones to make the jump – or so she thinks at the moment. Eventually she’ll work out that if she can jump up onto our bed, she can jump from my arm-chair to the couch. 🙂 Who knows what she’ll be doing tomorrow! 😉 And that, I’m afraid, is about it from me for this evening! Do call in again tomorrow night though, and find out if Flipper has worked out how to get from my chair to the two-seater couch, what my weight shot up to in the morning (oh pretty please! Don’t let it be more than half a kilo – in fact, please don’t let it be more than two points!) and what other excitement and adventures we had during the course of the day. But until then, please try extra hard to bee good, remember that time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep warm and dry, no matter how cold and wet it is, and to look after yourselves… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

 *“doing a Demelza” – generally means inexplicably falling from a great height – usually fatally – Julian does it a lot…

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