Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.07


Well, this will either have to be cut short, to be finished tomorrow, or split in half, and finished after dinner (which I really hate doing!) Yes, I’m still experimenting through all the ruddy Templates – what do you think of this one? If I hadn’t been so ruddy-well annoyed with Word Press for causing all this wretched Template shuffling, I might have remembered that it’d probably be a good idea to write down the names of the Templates that I did like, and which did work properly! Oh well, at least I can remember what the last two looked like – I think! So later on I’ll go and find out what they were called, so that I can keep a record of them… just in case, like! *sigh*

As I think I told you all last night, my very favourite eldest daughter came over today (is this font too small for you all, by the way? Please let me know if it is – I don’t want you getting eyestrain from trying to read writing that’s too small!) We ended up watching two episodes of “Orphan Black”, which is such a good show! It’s getting a trifle scary again though – I can’t wait to see what happens next week! After that it was lunch time, and the three of us sat and watched two episodes of “Person of Interest”. I’m not sure how the writers and producers of the show are going to tie up all the loose ends, because this is to be its last season, and it’s a short season, too! I have a feeling that our “good” Machine is going to see that it’s going to end up with a “fight to the death” between herself and the evil Machine, “Samaritan” – and that our “good” Machine will nobly sacrifice herself in order to bring Samaritan down, and the world will be left with no super-intelligent Machine to either help us poor, weak humans – or to enslave us, as Samaritan wanted to do. As far as I can see, it’s the only way out for a “happy” ending, anyway. My very favourite eldest daughter though, is of a different mind! She thinks that the only way to sensibly end the series is to kill of one of the major characters, though how that’s going to end things, goodness knows! If they kill off Finch, the guy who built our “good” Machine, “she” (our good Machine) will become distraught at losing her friend, mentor, and in a way, “father” – she won’t, however, wreak vengeance on Samaritan, because Finch taught her that that was not the right way – killing, whether another human being or another AI machine, was wrong and to be avoided at all costs – and Samaritan, who is totally ruthless and just plain evil, will have won… and the human race will end up enslaved. To kill off any other major character would be a great shame, and fans of the show will all howl in outrage, but it really won’t do anything much to prevent Samaritan’s final victory! So, I think there’s only another two or three episodes to go. I do know that I’ll be very, very cross, if they end up killing off John, Root, Shaw or Fusco – because what possible effect could that have? If it drove Finch to try to teach the Machine to become a killer, after teaching it to “find a better way” from the moment it became self-aware – sorry, I just don’t think it would work. So – I guess we’ll just have to start biting our nails down to the quick, and wait and see what happens – but we’ll find out in the next couple of weeks, won’t we! 😉

After lunch and “Person of Interest”, we watched a couple of “The Flash”/”Arrow” crossovers – in which Oliver Queen, AKA Arrow, and Barry Allen, AKA The Flash, work together to thwart two nasty would-be villains (“would-be” villains, because they’re not terribly good or successful at being evil and wicked! 😀 ) and then it was time for my very favourite eldest daughter to go home, and I came in here for yet another attempt at finding the “perfect” Theme/Template! And if you don’t particularly like this one, don’t worry, there’s a few more for me to work my way through yet – like maybe about another 300 or so… 😉

The fishies.. as I said last night, after Julian had tested the water in the Fish House in the mid-afternoon, and declared it a bit better than it had been two nights ago, Auric had a mild return of his “floaties” for a short while… so once again Julian swapped out another 30% of the water for a fresh lot, and almost within minutes Auric was back to his usual self again… Hmm… it almost makes me wonder if it’s some sort goldfish attention-seeking behaviour! Well, whether it was or not, it worked! 🙂 I think that perhaps them-thar goldfishies be smarter than the average minnow! 😉

And now on to the good bits!

Food stuffs: Last night for dinner we had some extremely nice chicken breasts pan-fried with pepper, and a little of the lemon-infused olive oil, served on steamed rice which had been mixed with some finely chopped home-grown spring onions – a most tasty and delicious meal! For dessert I had another of my Corella pears, a small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie, yummy Rice Pudding, and the very last slice of cake 😥 We’ll have to make another one soon! Well, I told you all last night that whilst I’d sworn off Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones for ever and ever, I’d also had my fingers very firmly crossed behind my back – so guess what I had for lunch today! Yes… a reprise of the “naughty” lunch I had the other day! But on the other hand, I didn’t have my slice of cake tonight (because there wasn’t any!) so I think that in this particular case, we could just call the scone a “slice of cake”, and say that I’d had it at lunch time instead of after dinner. Yeah… That works for me – how about all of you, hmm? (*winning smile*) Tonight for dinner Julian made the Lamb & Harissa Lasagne with Feta and Oregano again – and although it’s a bit of a fiddle to make, it really is most delicious and well worth the effort, believe me! You’ll find the recipe up on my “Recipes…” page, if you feel like trying it out. And for dessert I had another of my Corella pears, and a small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie, yummy Rice Pudding… and that was it for dinner tonight, as I’d already had my slice of cake scone at lunch time! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was much more betterer! I went from 5.0kg to 64.6kg – down four points! Don’t ask me why – I’ve totally given up trying to work out why my weight fluctuates so much, and the reason behind some of the more puzzling up-surges and sudden drops in my weight that my body seems to take such a thorough delight in inflicting on me! Who knows what lies in store – it’s adventure for me, tomorrow morning! 🙂

Which once again brings me to tomorrow! In the morning I have another Warfarin blood test, and if we start out early enough, and if we do a little bit of research tonight, and if the weather permits (hmm… lots of “if’s” there!) we might go looking for side tables for our new lounge suite – the teeny-tiny, or perhaps I should say “minuscule”, table I’m currently using is barely big enough for a box of tissues, and only one of our two TV remote controls! Actually, before we go table shopping, I think we need to measure the available space, and maybe try rearranging the chairs and couches… so maybe we won’t go table shopping until Thursday or Friday… Oh well, I don’t mind – it’ll give me all the more time to try out some more Themes/Templates! 😉 And I fear that once again it’s time for me to tell you all – “that’s about it from me for this evening!” – and so it is! But never fear – I’ll be back again tomorrow night with more tall tales and true from this side of the Black Stump! So do call in again tomorrow night, to find out if my weight went back up again (highly likely! er… sorry about the unintentional pun!) how Auric and Dapple are getting on, whether I have yet another Template up or not, and whether we did get to go table shopping after all… but until then, please at least try to bee good, remember that “forever” is composed of “nows”, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry, especially in this wild and woolly weather we’ve been having… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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