Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.04

04.44 pm

Well, here we go – another day, another bout of feeling totally pissed off with Word Press! Why am I pissed off with them this time?! I’ll tell you why! I just bought this ruddy Theme/Template – whatever they’re calling it this week, and guess what? It doesn’t work! AGAIN! STILL! Do you see that sweet little “Read More” bar underneath these first couple of lines? I’ve turned the bloody things off! Several times! But they’re still there! They have the option of whether I want to “display the full text, or summaries”? “Full text, please sir!”, says me – and what does Word Press give me? Summaries! If I’d known that they couldn’t be turned off, I wouldn’t have bought this [heavily censored!] Theme/Template-thingy! I detest those “continue reading?” prompts! I’ve always gone out of my way to avoid using Themes and Templates that have them, and if I’m surfing the net and come across one, I choof off and go and read something else instead! Yes, I’m that bigoted and stubborn! Please excuse the harsh language before, but really, this is just too much! I’d take my custom elsewhere, but there isn’t an “elsewhere” to take it to! I suppose, at a pinch, I could just put up another website, and write in that, and have a little drop-down form-thingy if anyone ever wants to comment on what I’ve written, or leave me a message… Do I really need a sophisticated word processor-type of set-up, in order to write a blog – which is essentially just an essay, anyway – isn’t it? Once I got the website set up the way I wanted it, it’d be easy just to copy the page lay-out every day, and just upload the new section when I’d finished writing… I’ll talk to Julian about it, because I really am totally and completely done with Word Press – they’ve ripped their last bloody dollars from me under false and/or misleading instructions and information, and I just feel as though I’ve run out of viable options! I have officially had it with them!

So… what other, more interesting and exciting things happened here today! Not all that much, really! Julian didn’t go for his walk this morning because it was raining, and I only did one kilometer today, instead of the 1.5 kilometers I’ve been doing lately (blisters again – remember?) What’s more, for some unknown reason, neither of us is feeling all that crash hot – I hope we’re not coming down with something! We’re lethargic, morose, totally lacking in energy… and now I’m extremely angry as well! I mean, there’s really no fun getting exceedingly angry, but not having enough energy to enjoy it! 👿 Anyway, Julian didn’t go for his walk, and I only did a short one – then we sort-of moped around the place until Julian psyched himself up enough to go off and do a bit of shopping. I played a bit of WoW, but didn’t really achieve anything much. I’m starting to do yet another of my “clean-ups” of Quel’Dorei, and I had a lot of Alts (alternate characters) that needed to be sorted out. We both use an Add-on called “Altoholic”, which allows us to see what our other (alternate) characters have – both on them, and in their banks, as it saves us from having to log one character off, so that we can go and have a look at another character, log them out, and go back to our original character. So.. this Add-on also keeps tabs on whatever mail a character has, and I’d been getting weird messages from Altoholic saying that someone’s mail was overdue for pickup and was about to be deleted. I was pretty sure that there was no such mail, but you all know the old saying – better to be safe than sorry – so that meant that I had to go through each and every character that I had on Quel’Dorei, including those on my secondary account. Altoholic also seemed to be listing quite a few more characters than I actually had – some of them being characters that I remembered having deleted or moving to different Realms, years ago! All I could do was go through and make a list of them all, one by one, get them to check their mailboxes and pick up any mail that was waiting in them, and then go back to Altoholic, and delete any character that wasn’t on my lists! It turns out that I have eleven characters on one account, and nine of the other, and now that Altoholic’s been stripped of its extraneous characters, I’m not getting that silly mail message any more! Not yet, anyway! 😉

I don’t know that I really should have thought of putting my blog on a web site, and just doing it myself – I mean, how hard can it be?! (I can hear Julian groaning in the background from two rooms away! 😀 ) Because of course now I’m thinking of all sorts of different ways I could do it, and different lay-outs and all – and I could use any and all the graphics that I wanted to! I could have different coloured backgrounds for different menu items, too! (Winter is getting visibly excited at the thought of being in charge of her own blog site rather than wriggle futilely under the thumb of Word Pres!) However, it’s getting late, and I’ve asked Julian to help me set up the Foxtel Ap on my Galaxy Tablet to see if it behaves any better than the online Foxtel TV guide, so I’ll go and get on with the “good bits”, shall I? 🙂

So! “And now for all the good bits!”

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had the most delicious little piece of fillet steak that ever came from a cow (or a steer)! It was a piece of steak to swoon for, honestly! With it we had mashed potatoes, steamed green beans (Julian wanted to have peas, but unbeknownst to him, we’d already eaten them so there weren’t any peas and we had to revert to our “default” of steamed green beans!) and half a Kumato. For dessert, once again I had one of my Corella pears, which was followed by a slice of the cake that Julian had made the other day. Today when Julian went off to do the shopping, I put in a request for a rather “naughty” lunch! We don’t have it often enough for it to be really naughty, and anyway, it’s good to indulge yourselves every now and again – especially when you’re feeling a tad poorly! So for lunch today we had half a mushroom and cheese topped roll and half an “Italian” topped roll each, with one of those absolutely wonderfully delicious Baker’s Delight fruit and white chocolate scones (also each!) Tonight we’re having some Heston Blumenthal pork and sage sausages – I’ll let you all know what they’re like tomorrow night – with chips, broccoli (for a change!) and our usual half a tomato – which Julian is just having to go off and get, because he forgot to get any when he was up at the shops earlier! And I suspect that dessert will be a repeat of last night’s – a Corella pear, and a slice of cake! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was as dreary as we both felt! I went from 64.4kg to 64.4kg – I stayed the same! However, as I keep saying, it’s a lot better than going up! I wonder if it’s got anything to do with the weather? Julian’s been having the same problems with his weight, too – either with it going up, or just staying the same! Hmm… interesting!

And that brings me to tomorrow! Sunday! Our WoW-ing day, with Xãnthe and Jemimah! I wonder how much further we’ll get? We only have one more level to ding before we can go to Pandaria (where hopefully Xãnthe will be able to Tame herself a Quilen for a Pet!) I do hope we feel a bit more alert and “with it” than we don’t today! Honestly, all I really want to do is sleep! Anyway, we have a lot on our plate, what with finally getting out from under the Word Press thumb(screws!), coming to grips with the Foxtel Ap, and a full day of riding around slaying monsters and demons in our dash to Pandaria! Last night Julian swapped out about 30% the water in Auric and Dapple’s Fish House, for which I’m sure they were extremely grateful, and – cross fingers and touch wood – we haven’t seen any more signs of the “floaties” that they’d been suffering from! Flipper is still her same old grizzly self (hark! is that a Flipper squawk I hear coming from the kitchen?! Why, yes! I think it is!) I think she’s looking for either her Daddy, or her dinner – as usual! 🙂 And once again, that’s about it from me for tonight! Do drop in again tomorrow night, to hear all the latest in the ongoing Word Press saga, and whether it’s even going to be possible to move all of this (Winter waves her arms around expansively, as if to encompass the entire blog, from go to whoa) to a personal website! Then there’s the business with my weight – probably not helped at all by the ever-so-slightly “naughty” lunch we had today – but c’mon! We only have a lunch like that about every three to four months or so – sometimes even longer, so I don’t think it can be too awful of us! And of course, I’ll fill you all in on how Xãnthe and Jemimah fared in their attempt to get themselves to Pandaria. But until then, please try to bee good, don’t forget to laugh loudly, laugh often, and most importantly, laugh at yourself, and remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm and dry in this very wintry weather, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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