Winter’s log, earthdate 201606.02

04.55 pm

Goodness, I’m totally exhausted! We left home around a quarter to 12 this morning – yes, we did go out shopping – and we’ve only been home long enough this afternoon to drain a much-needed cup of coffee dry! We went to The Glen – it’s the closest shopping centre that has a David Jones, and a Lincraft – where I was hoping to find towels… well, I didn’t find my towels at Lincraft, but I did find lots of other interesting things there! However, I digress! Let me go back to the beginning… We got to The Glen around lunch time, so the first place we went to was the good ol’ Shingle Inn, which seems to have become almost our “default” favourite place to have lunch when we’re out shopping. Before we left home this morning, I’d made quite a comprehensive list as to what I was after today, so as soon as we’d finished our lunch, off we trotted. The first place we went to was Lincraft, where unfortunately they didn’t have anything suitable in the way of towels – I wanted something that would tone in with my almost all white bathroom, rather plain-ish (as in not stripey or patternednot “thick and fluffy”, and definitely something that didn’t have wide fabric “inserts” between sections of toweling, because no matter how carefully you wash them, they always shrink, making the towel go all wonky and crooked! So, we didn’t have any luck there, but I saw lots and lots of things that did interest me! I really wish I could still knit, because they have some absolutely gorgeous wool available these days! 😐 They also have tons and tons of the most intriguing and interesting looking crafting materials, too, which I’d love to “have a go at”, but have no idea as to how to go about it, and once again, I’m let down by the arthritis in my hands – alas, an artist who works with real or digital paints I am, but I’ve never been terribly good at constructing three dimensional items from raw materials! What we did get there at Lincraft, however, was from their crafting section! I’ve been after some sort of a receptacle to attach to my treadmill, for tissues and things – there’s nothing worse than trundling along at 4 kph, and your nose starts to run! So I’ve been sort-of looking for some sort of “basket-y” thing that I could dangle over the handle bars of the treadmill, and I found the very thing! It’s a “basket-y” thing, made out of a sort of tough cardboard – I think you’re supposed to paint it, or decorate it, and maybe turn it into some sort of decoupage flower arrangement, or something – but I think I’ll just leave it as it is (for now, anyway) and dangle it over the treadmill’s handles, and see how it goes. I was quite pleased with that purchase, actually! 🙂

Next we went on to Target to look for towels – and if anything, they had less than Lincraft did! Next! (trundle, trundle, trundle) There was a Bed, Bath and Table place just across from Target, so we went in there… They had lots of towels, and other nice “House-y” sorts of things, but I still couldn’t find anything that I thought was really suitable – but then I saw some rather nice towels on a “Sale” table, and after some discussion and excellent help from a very nice sales lady, I got the towels and matching hand towels that I wanted – what’s more, while she was organising the towels, I spotted a stand of scented candles, soaps, and liquid hand soap! Now, I’m a real sucker for those sorts of things, and I got to sniffing this one, and that one… because my lovely red Christmas-y Frankincense and Allspice scented one that I have in the bathroom is on the verge of running out (well, I’ve been using it since Christmas morning – it was a stocking-filler! 🙂 ) so I’ve been on the lookout for a nice smelling replacement liquid hand soap, and this one seemed to fit the bill – so I got that, too! 🙂

Then we went on to David Jones, to look for some jumpers for Julian, and some brown waterproof mascara for me. I’d done some research on the mascara, but evidently not enough! There is no Yves Saint Laurent section at The Glen’s David Jones, and the Cover Girl brown waterproof mascara is apparently only available in the US, or online! So I tripped the light fantastic and hobbled around (I was beginning to flag a little by this time!) asking the very nice cosmetic peoples – who were a damn sight more helpful than the ones at the Doncaster David Jones ever were, I can tell you! Eventually a nice young lady told me that Clinique made a brown (black-brown, actually – but what the heck – it wasn’t black black!) and she actually took me over to the Clinique stand, introduced me to the nice lady who was working there and who found the right one for me, then nice young lady #1 took the sale, as she was the one who told me about it, etcetera. So I now have a nice black-brown waterproof mascara, at long last! Let’s hope it does what it’s supposed to do! Yanno, 99 and ¾% of all mascara seems to be black! “Extreme” Black! “Ultra” Black! “Blackest” Black! “Very” Black! there’s even a (can you believe it!) “Leather” Black! Why?! I mean, I know that the majority of men and women who buy mascara are the young and fabulous, dahrling! but we (ahem!) “more mature” females also like to look our absolutely fabulous best too! And can you imagine a woman of my mature years wearing those heavy, black Goth mascaras? We’d look ridiculous – or should I say even more ridiculous that we already do! “Mutton dressed up as lamb” is one thing, but “mutton dressed up as Goth lamb”?! I shudder to think!

Then we moved on to the Men’s section, and the nice, woolly, warm jumpers for Julian. The nice warm jumper that I gave him years ago and that he likes so much was a David Jones jumper with a “Vee” neck – well, they still have the same sort of jumpers – warm and woolly – but they didn’t have any with “Vee” necks – only the round crew necks, and they didn’t have the “cream-of-tomato-soup” red ones, either… but he’s got a nice, new charcoal one, and a nice, new dark blue one, as well as a nice, new zipper-fronted woolen jacket with pockets, for when he goes on his morning walks! He picked up a nice pair of black woolen gloves at the little cap and scarf kiosk just outside David Jones, too!

Then we came downstairs again, and went first to the Reject Shop to buy some more incense, and then on to Aussie Disposals, where we got a pair of bamboo socks each… then we limped back to the car and went to the local Vet’s to get some more of Flipper’s favourite pussy biscuits (kibble!) which she was almost out of, then we made a quick trip to Bunny’s to get some more “black sand” for a second incense bowl for my bathroom, and finally back to Vermont South Shopping Centre, to pick up some prescriptions, get some pasta sauce for dinner tonight, and check the PO Box… after which we gratefully came home! I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to write anything tonight – I was totally exhausted! However, a cup of coffee refreshed me enough to start writing, and now a second cup of coffee is giving me the incentive to keep going! 😉

And that was our shopping day today! So now on to the good bits!

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had Three Island Beef sausages, with chips, half a Kumato, and steamed green beans, and for dessert I had one of my new Corella pears, which were actually ripe enough to eat, which I “washed down” with a slice of the cake that Julian had just made! It was scrumptious! 🙂 Today for lunch I had my usual Shingle Inn lunch of a BLT on Sourdough Bread, a long black with a little jug of skinny milk, and one and a half tiny éclairs (Julian always eats half of one of them!) Tonight for dinner we’re having a small bowl of pasta each, because Julian is too knackered to stand there cooking meat and vegetables (and I don’t blame him either, because he’s also been shifting one half of the lounge suite out into the treadmillery, in preparation for the arrival of our new lounge suite tomorrow!) We’ll have the pasta with plain old tomato sauce, and a little sprinkle of grated parmesan, and for dessert I’ll probably have the same as last night – one of my Corella pears, and a slice of cake! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good! I’m see-sawing again, up and down, up and down… I went from 64.2kg to 64.5kg (it must have been that slice of cake I had last night! 😉 ) up three points! (*doom* 😦 *gloom*) Oh well, hopefully all the walking I did today will help a bit… 😮

 08.44 pm

Here I am again – back from dinner – and only one television show tonight, because there’s nothing terribly comfortable to sit on at the moment! Where was I? Oh yes, my weight 😦 Oh well, as I said before – let’s hope that all the walking I did today will make a difference tomorrow morning when I get on the scales! I haven’t even logged into WoW once today – I’m hoping to get a bit of a look-in after I finish this though – even if I only get to check my Auctions! Julian got a phone call this evening from the furniture people – they said – very helpfully – that the new lounge suite will be delivered “sometime between 2 and 5 pm”, so I sort-of expect that the truck will pull up outside at about 04.58 pm! 😕 And once again, gentle readers, that’s about it from me for this evening! You’ve been given a fairly accurate blow-by-blow description of our day today, and I think I’ve caught all of you up on whatever you needed to be caught up on, so it only remains for me now to admonish you all to drop in again tomorrow night, to find out “What KatyWinter Did Next”, whether or not all my walking today had any effect on my weight overnight, if the new lounge suite got delivered on time, and what it’s like and if it’s as comfortable as it was in the shop when we bought it… but until then, please try to bee good, remember that the difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry on these cold and frosty winter days… but most of all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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