Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.28

05.08 pm

Seems like I’m starting a bit later than usual tonight – prolly because today’s been so quiet that there’s really not very much to tell you all! I didn’t go out shopping after all – the weather was terrible – the sort of day that makes you look out the window and think to yourself: “Hmm! This looks like the perfect day to stay tucked up at home, warm and cosy, in front of a roaring fire, or the heater, with a rug over your knees, a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee, and a good book!” – and that’s pretty much what I did, if you substitute “computer” and “World of Warcraft” for “good book” (though this afternoon I did the “good book” part too!) So – what’s to tell about today? Well, as I was hoping, I did get Phoenìx up to level 30 just after lunch today, and last night I did go back to the “Blackfathom Deeps” Dungeon with Mouselet, to Tame that “Special” Turtle – which Mouselet managed to accidentally kill a few more times! However it’s not his fault, it’s just that he’s a teeny-weeny bit “over-powered” for a real “beginner’s” Dungeon, like “Blackfathom Deeps” – where just the mere act of accidentally running into him can kill a mob, let alone if the mob actually attacks him! Anyway, third time lucky, and I finally Tamed my Turtle, whom I have called “Spinoso”, which is Italian for “Thorny”, because this Turtle has little thorny, spiky bits all over him, including spiky little horns, and a barbed tail – which unfortunately don’t show up in the picture terribly well (so if you’re all terribly unlucky, I might remember to grab a screenshot of him tonight to put up on Flickr for you all to see! 😉 ) Anyway, my next goal for Phoenìx is level 40, and I may even go back to the Ruins of Mathystra to see if I can score myself a Ghost Saber-Tooth cat for my stable of Pets! After all, all of my other girls have got one! 😉

After lunch this afternoon I decided that it was time I did something different for a change, so I went down to the lounge room and read my book for an hour or so, then came back in here to start writing this! Last night we watched a documentary-type show about Neanderthals that we’d recorded months ago, but hadn’t watched yet because it went for 111 minutes – well, it was very interesting – actually coming up with some new and more advanced ideas and reasons as to why the Neanderthals seemingly died out – and I was reminded of a series of books that I’d read a very long time ago. I think I vaguely remember reading in one of the book cover flaps that the authors were paleo-archaeologists or something, but I could be wrong, or simply mis-remembering, because it was over thirty years ago that I read them, because it doesn’t say anything about that on their website – anyway, the main thing is, the show reminded me of the books, which were called “The People of the [X Y Z, etc.]” (and if you think I’m going to list them all for you here, then I’m afraid that you’re very much mistaken! 🙂 ) and I knew I hadn’t been able to get my hands on all of the books in the series (a very common problem, especially in Australia, back before the advent of e-books!) so I went looking for kindle versions on Amazon… and I actually found them! All seventeen of them! I had to laugh though – how ironic! Yes, I can now get the entire series of sixteen books in kindle format, so that I can read them all from go to whoa… except for book seventeen… which “isn’t available for purchase in your country!” Oh! For the love of everything holy, WHY [the hell] NOT??!! Arrrggghhh! Anyway, I shall buy the lot of them, and if, by the time I finish Book 16, Book 17 still isn’t available for purchase in Australia, I shall write to the ruddy authors themselves and demand to know “why the hell not”! 😈

And now on to the good bits! 😉

Food stuffz: Last night we had the very yummy “Only at Coles” Pork sausages with Kakadu plums and Lemon Aspen – oh, they really are nice! 😀 With them we had chips, half a Kumato, and steamed green beans. I did have one of my Corella pears for dessert – it was ripe enough to eat, though only just – and a small tub of low-fat raspberry yoghurt… but alas! The were no more special Mother’s Day cookies left to eat 😦 Tonight we’re having pan-fried chicken on a bed of steamed rice – probably with finely chopped spring onions mixed through it, and for dessert I’ll have another of my Corella pears, and tonight I’ll have a small bowl of the very delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie, Rice Pudding, with a couple of slices of the “canned-peaches-in-a-jar” on top.

Weigh-in this morning. Was more of the same! I’m still within that boring “margin of error”-“not enough of a change to be worth noticing” area, going from 64.3kg back up to 64.4kg – the same as I was the day before yesterday! Oh well, at least I’m not heading north over the 65kg line! (not yet, anyway!)

And that brings me to tomorrow – Sunday! And another day running around with Jemima and Xãnthe, trying like mad to level them up so that we can get them to Draenor! 🙂 Hopefully we won’t die too many times – but even if we do, death is so transient in World of Warcraft – it just costs you a bit to have your armor repaired! I’m really getting used to having Heirloom armor – you do level up a lot quicker – I’m thinking of trying to get a few more pieces for Phoenìx! 🙂 I’ll see how I go tonight, and let you all know tomorrow night! Let’s see… what else? Flipper is well – she’s decided that she likes to snuggle up against my back in bed at night, and I have to admit, I was quite uncomfortable last night, perched almost on the edge of the mattress, unable to lie on either my back or my side – but she was warm and snug and comfortable, so I guess it’s something that I’m just going to have to get used to! 😕 Auric and Dapple are happily frolicking around in their Fish House – touch wood, but there have been no more signs of their “floaties” that worried us so much the other night – let’s hope it stays that way! 🙂 And that’s about it from me for this evening – as I said – it’s been a very quiet day today! But there’s sure to be heaps to tell you all tomorrow night, so don’t forget to drop in to find out how Jemima and Xãnthe fared in their quest to level 90, if my weight has finally made up its mind which way it’s going to go, plus about all the other adventures, major and minor, that beset us here. Until then though, please try to bee good, remember that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and don’t forget to keep warm and dry in this terrible weather, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully – but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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