Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.24

05.32 pm

Well, I am starting a little later than I had planned – not only was my very favourite eldest daughter over today, but I also decided to try Firefox again (I’ve been using Chrome for some time, you see!) Why am I drifting back to Firefox? Well, I dunno, exactly – I just thought I’d have a look-see if it was any better, worse, or exactly the same, I guess… and so far, it looks pretty much the same… Anyway, I’ll try it out again for a couple of days – the thing is, the text on the tabs and the toolbars is teeny-teeny, making it very hard to read – and I can’t find where or how to make it larger. I wonder if it’s because I’m using Windowblinds? Every time anything goes wrong with my computer, Julian’s first reaction is always “It’s that bloody Windowblinds that you keep insisting on using!” – only sometimes, it’s not! (well, not very often admittedly, but sometimes) Uno momento – I’ll just change it to a different one, and see if it makes any difference! Hmm… interesting! Some of them (the windowblinds) didn’t make any difference, one made it even worse – which is a shame, because it was a nice one that I’d used quite often as it was one of the only ones that worked properly with Chrome! I’ve changed it to yet another skin that worked pretty well with Chrome – and it seems to be working OK with Firefox, too – and at least I can read the text on my Tabs without having to squint too much!

I’m afraid you didn’t get an update last night because by the time my hair was done an’ all, it was a bit too close to dinner time to start writing, and I really, really hate having to sit down and write after our dinner and evening television break – so I didn’t! I sat down and got Liaselena to clean out the Guild Bank, which is now all done, there’s still some room left in it for new things, and her own personal bank is all neat and tidy (for now, anyway! 😉 ) It was really a horrible job, and it just goes to show you how much World of Warcraft has changed over the years that we went off to play Rift! There was one Guild Bank Vault that was chock-a-block with weapons, most of them now totally unusable! Do bear in mind that I almost always played a Beastmaster Hunter in WoW, and as I had the most characters in the Guild, about 95% of everything in the Guild Bank was geared towards Beastmaster Hunters, with loads of lovely Agility attributes on them, with the very occasional pieces of equipment here and there for Mages and Shamans, who really don’t do any mêlée fighting – so it came as a bit of a shock to the system to find that almost all the weapons in there were mêlée weapons! As a Beastmaster Hunter, your prime attribute is Agility (I mean, ya gotta be agile and quick on your feet to be a Beastmaster Hunter! Gotta be able to keep out of the way of those mêlée attacks! 😉 ) and your main role is to stand back and shoot arrows or bullets at your enemy, while letting your Pet do all the up-close-and-personal Tanking – and yet here was a Bank Vault filled to the brim with mêlée weapons, loaded up with extra Agility points! Oh! The pain of it all! I Vendored the lot of them, keeping the odd bow or two that were still in there, and the guns – but axes, swords, daggers, polearms – even some with +21 to Agility – were sold off as just so much scrap iron! *sob* Because… back in those days, Hunters did do most of their fighting with mêlée weapons, with bows and guns a very much secondary “for emergency use only” weapon, so to speak! And now, my very favourite eldest daughter, who’s been playing the Beta version of “Legion”, the new Expansion to be released in August, tells me that there are to be even more, and much bigger changes, coming to all Hunters – Marksmen, Survivalists, and Beastmasters! Oh, I can hardly wait! (not!) :/

Auric and Dapple are still swimming around – still floating up to the top of the tank like little corks, when they stop swimming – but at least they can maneuver themselves down to the bottom with a lot less difficulty than they had the other night. After doing some super-sleuthing around the ‘Net, Julian has learned that (a) we were probably feeding them a bit much, and (b) Goldfish are greedy little beasties, and we shouldn’t have been giving them the dry little round pellets of fish food without soaking them for about ten minutes first! Goldfish always eat anything that they can get into their little mouths (including fake water plants!) and of course those little dry pellets that they gobble up as though they were absolutely starving, swell up in their little tummies, and, er… cause them to become a trifle “constipated”, shall we say! :/ So anyway, we’ve been giving them a lot less to eat, and soaking their little round pellets of fish food for ten minutes or so before giving them their meals. It does seem to be helping a bit, so let’s all cross our fingers and toes and hope for the best! 🙂

And now for the good bits!

Food stuffz: yesterday for lunch I had a very delicious sandwich, made with somewhat different bread – this time it was whole-grain bread (not whole-meal!) with both a sesame seed and a poppy-seed covered crust – I think it might have been one of the Coles-brand, “fresh-baked” loaves that we’ve had before… Anyway, it was very nice! the filling of the sandwich was more of that yummy basil-pesto hummus, with sandwich chicken chunks – one of the nicest combinations you can have, in my opinion! For dinner we had pork fillet steaks, with some sort of herbed butter – which was absolutely fantastic – I was going to ask for some low-fat Greek-style plain yoghurt to have with our plain boiled potatoes, but with the herbed butter from the pork, we didn’t need the yoghurt! We also had steamed store-bought green beans, and a half of a Kumato each. For dessert, I had one of my Corella pears, a small tub of low-fat fruit yoghurt, and one of my extra special Mother’s Day cookies. Today I had a wrap for lunch – with basil-pesto hummus, ham, low-fat Halloumi cheese, and fresh-from-our-garden spring onions and capsicum batons – very, very delicious! 🙂 For dinner tonight we’re having some more of those Three Island sausages, with chips, steamed store-bought green beans, and half an ordinary red tomato each. For dessert I’ll probably have the last of my Corella pears, a small bowl of Coles-brand, very low-calorie, very delicious Rice Pudding, and another of my yummy Mother’s Day cookies.

Weigh-in yesterday morning. Was a bit better – I went from 64.5kg to 64.3kg – down two points, so I was fairly happy with that…

Weigh-in this morning. Was even betterer! I went from 64.3kg to 63.9kg – down four points! So – here I go – bobbing cork-like, up and down, in the good-old weight and sea, like little Auric in his little Fish House – but there the similarities end! 🙂

And I’ve just come back from dinner and television, with some upsetting news about Auric and Dapple… they’ve been doing so very well all day – they’d both improved almost 100% from what they were last night – until about twenty minutes ago, when they both started bobbing up to the surface, frantically wriggling and swimming down again, then floating back up – Auric, I think, got so tired that when he’d get to the top of the water, he was actually lying on his side! We don’t really know what to do next – as I said to Julian – we can’t very well take them out of the water and drive them up to the Vet! We can only do our best with the information we’ve been given, and hope that they come good again – but at the moment, it’s not looking too good for either of them, I’m afraid, especially for the bigger one, Auric! 😦

And so that brings me to tomorrow – and when I have to have my next Warfarin blood test (bore-ing!) plus get the doctor to check my blood pressure, now that I’ve been off my blood pressure medication for a whole week – with no apparent problems so far. Here’s hoping I’m off them for good! 🙂 Today my favourite eldest daughter and I watched two episodes of “The 100”, one episode of “Orphan Black”, and two episodes of “Person of Interest”, which Julian also watched… and that was about all we had time for! Unfortunately we got a bit of a late start this morning, because the Electrician who came out briefly last week came back again this morning, to put in a few new power-points, and a spotlight over the mirror in the hall, so the power was off for a while – and all we could do – horror of horrors – was sit and actually talk to eachother, instead of staring vacantly at a television screen, or banging mindlessly away on a keyboard! 😉 But a good time was had by all, and I must say that the hall looks a lot much more betterer, with that new light in! It’s exactly what was needed there, and what I’ve been wanting since we moved in last August! Work is once again afoot to work out what autumn-type produce to plant in our veggie garden, possibly this weekend, and I really must, must! remember to Google fig trees, and when’s the best time to plant them! I want a fig tree of my own, instead of having to clandestinely pick a few figs off next door’s overhanging branches! And on that note, that’s about it from me for this evening! Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night, to find out whether my weight is still on a downward trend, whether little Auric survived the night, and what the doctor had to say about my blood pressure, and how my Warfarin blood test went. Until then, please try very hard to bee good, remember that if you run after luck, you will spoil many pairs of shoes, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this rather pleasant cold snap – but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.24

  1. Hunters have always been primarily ranged characters. The mêlée weapons were there because there used to be a time when ranged weapons had a minimum range in WoW, which left hunters all but defenseless if a mob got in close in personal (because they couldn’t attack with their ranged weapon, and lets not mention the dead zone which was just inside the minimum range of the ranged weapon, but just outside the maximum range of the mêlée weapon – something no other class had to deal with). Usually pets would hold aggro well enough, but not always. In the event a mob got into the dead zone, a hunter would have to use wing clip (a mêlée attack) to snare (slow down) the mob, enough to get enough distance to use their ranged weapons again. So no, hunters were NEVER primarily mêlée characters. When they eventually took mêlée weapons away from the hunter, they compensated for the loss of agility from the mêlée weapons by putting more on the rest of hunter gear.

    However, in Legion, the survivalist specialisation for Hunters is now a purely mêlée spec. Though it seems they use only spears/harpoons/pole-arms, I’ll have to see how it works from level 1 (which I will, because my gnome hunter will be a survivalist when Legion comes out.)


  2. Thanks for that kiddo 🙂 Yeah, I’d forgotten about that wretched “Dead Zone”! Not exactly brilliant thinking on Blizzard’s part, that one! When Legion comes out, I think I shall continue with my Beast Mastery – or maybe even try Marksman, for a change. Mêlée fighting has never been my forte, though I did try it a bit in Rift, and yes, I did manage to get my Warrior up to the level cap, because (a) I had a Pet, and (b) Julian (as always 🙂 ) gave me a hand with the harder quests. I’ve always been unhappy with the inability to “mix -n- match” Marksman and Beast Hunting, as both have some very powerful attacks – but I suppose that would have made the character too strong! In fact, I reckon that a mixed “Beast Marksman” would probably be the strongest possible “build” of all the Classes! 🙂


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