Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.21

03.51 pm

And, here I am again! 🙂 Early, too! Will wonders never cease? 😉 Anyway, both Coppertop and Jemima have successfully made the migration from Azuremyst to Quel’Dorei – except for the fact that as soon as she arrived, Coppertop found that she had a slightly longer name than she’d had when she set out on her journey! She was going by the new name of “CoppertopS37A9” – or something like that, anyway! Obviously someone on Quel’Dorei already had the name “Coppertop” (probably an alt of mine on my second account – I’ll go and have a look later!) so I had to change her name… but what to call her? I had to get it pretty much right the first time – because – unlike Rift – it’s quite expensive to change names and thingz if you decide three days later that you don’t like that name as much as this new one that you’ve just thought of (like “Liaselena” – but I’d already called a new girl that, and I didn’t want to delete her – apart from the fact that “Liaselena” is far too pretty for a Troll, which is what Coppertop is!) In the end, I changed her name to “Xãnthe”, so remember, everyone, Coppertop is now known as Xãnthe – K? And because you could have a “free” Guild Name change if you were moving it to another Realm, I took the opportunity of changing the Guild Name, as well! It had been called “Muddling Along As Usual” – which was really just a bit too much of a mouthful – so I’ve called it “Memento Mori“, which seems reasonable, considering how death is such a fleeting constant in World of Warcraft (but you almost always get better!) Jemima moved over to Quel’Dorei this morning, and she too found her name strangely elongated when she arrived! Still, hers was an easy fix – Julian just added an “h” to the end of her name, making her “Jemimah”now, instead of just plain old “Jemima”. Autumntzun, as I think I mentioned last night (or I might not have – it was quite late when she actually moved!) Autumntzun, her Guild, and her Guild Bank, moved from Quel’Dorei to Azuremyst without mishap – and strangely enough, she didn’t have to change her name! Apparently no-one else had thought of calling a character “Autumntzun” – how very strange! 😉 I wish I’d remembered at the time that I could have had a free Guild Name change when I moved her – the person who originally created the Guild had called it “Only Ninjas Need Apply!”, of all things! *rolls eyes* Silly name – but if I want to change it now that I’ve already moved it, I’ll have to pay US$20 for it, so as it probably won’t get used for a month or two while I’m getting everything set up properly, I’ll leave it as it is, I think! For now, anyway…

So! The stage is set! The die is cast! Tomorrow being Sunday, we can either pick up with Xãnthe and Jemimah, or we can run a few Dungeons with Wynterthyme and Mouselet, or Arisnoë and Mouselet, or even Mouselet and Sylvänas! (and Wynterthyme and Mouselet still have to finish the Ahn’Qiraj Dungeon that they started a few weeks ago, too!) So it’s looking like a real fun Sunday for us, whatever we decide to do! 🙂

You might have noticed, too, that I’ve experimented with the Template Header a bit – and I was both surprised, and enormously pleased when my Header re-sizing attempt actually worked! With no extra tweaking required! Imagine! Someone has been smart enough, and clever enough, to write a Template that doesn’t immediately go pear-shaped, the minute that the person using it tries to alter something! So, that’s another of my boxes ticked, you could say! I’ve also found out that you can click on an individual recipe from the drop-down menu, without having to go to the “Recipes…” Page first – it’s just a matter of dragging the mouse down the menu in a very straight line, instead of slightly sideways, as I always seem to do! I still can’t find my way back to here by clicking on the Header – but there’s always the “back” button in the top left hand corner of the screen! That works, and’ll bring you back here – no wurries! 😉 So yeah – I’m quite pleased with this Template…

And now on to the really important things, like…

Food stuffz: last night we had the slow-cooked Corned Silverside that Julian was preparing yesterday morning, and it was even nicer than I’d though it was going to be! There was virtually no fat on it – just a small amount on the outside in a few places, but the meat itself was clear of even connective tissue running through it – and it was lovely and juicy and quite delicious! We had plain boiled potatoes with it, which had a dollop or two of low-fat Greek yoghurt spooned over them, instead of the customary butter. We also had store-bought fresh green beans, and the usual half a tomato each. For dessert I had one of my Corella pears – which still aren’t really ripe enough to eat – I think I’ll have to give them another cuppla days – a low-fat mixed-berry yoghurt, and one of my special Mother’s Day cookies, which was really “yum!” For lunch today we had sandwiches made with the Baker’s Delight seed-crusted whole-meal bread, with cold Corned Silverside and Beerenberg Tomato and Cracked Pepper Relish – which were extremely delicious – Julian says that there’s enough cold Silverside left for another lot of sandwiches tomorrow! 🙂 Tonight for dinner we’re having something that sounds most unusual! Pork and Bush Lemon sausages! I’ll let you know what they were like tomorrow night! I’d imagine that we’ll probably be having them with chips, more of the store-bought green beans, and the ubiquitous half a tomato, and for dessert, I think I might give the Corella pears a miss tonight, and let them ripen up a bit more, so I’ll have a small bowl of the Coles-brand, very low-calorie, extremely delicious Rice Pudding, and one of my very special Mother’s Day cookies.

Weigh-in this morning. Wasn’t helped by the fact that once again I forgot to take my second anti-fluid tablet until 11.30 last night, or the fact that for the last two days I’ve been stuffing myself full of carbohydrates! I went from 64.0kg to 64.3kg – up three points! See, that’s what happens when you eat to please your taste-buds, and not your bathroom scales! Unfortunately for me, it’s the weekend, and on weekends I only do one kilometer a day on the treadmill, instead of my usual two – so my weight probably won’t start going back down again until Monday – but it will go down again, even if I have to go back on the Optifast!

We had a bit of good news from a friend of ours who lives out Melton way – he thinks he should be able to start coming down for lunch, every couple of Wednesdays or so, soon, which’ll be really good – we haven’t seen him for ever so long! And I know there’s Facebook, and email, and all that – but long gone are the days when I used to be the bane of every Sysop* in Victoria, for writing endlessly long and involved messages on their Bulletin Boards, filling up their hard drives with my drivel – in fact it was a Sysop who begged me to start my own Bulletin Board, just to save his hard drive from getting filled up with all my messages! (yes, I was that bad!) These days, the only writing I really do is this blog – and I’m quite sure that all of you know just how much I can write, when I really get going! So – I’ll be glad to see Steve down here – I’ve been a very lax friend, and I’m sorry for it, and I promise I’ll try to do better!

And so to tomorrow, and another day in either Draenor or Azeroth, with lots of exciting action and a great deal of the buckling of swashes! I’m not sure what we’ll be doing, or who we’ll be playing with, but it’ll be a fun day – let’s just hope we don’t die too many times (only because repairs are so expensive! 😉 ) and that sorta brings me to “that” time again – the time where I say “and… that’s about it from me for this evening!” – so there it is! That is about it from me for this evening, but do call in again tomorrow night, and find out if my weight is still going up, how the fur-fin kids are getting on, and what we got up to in Draenor – or Azeroth – or maybe even both! Until then, however, please do try to bee good, remember to simplify your day… do less… pick just one thing to focus on, but don’t forget to always drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep warm and dry in this almost-winter weather… and above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*Sysop – “System Operator” – the name given to the person running a Bulletin Board (BBS) – they were god incarnate – they could ban you with a mere gesture – everyone lived in fear and awe of the Sysop, and everyone wanted to be the Sysop’s Very Best Friend – need I say more?

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