Winter’s log, earthdate 201605.19

04.23 pm

Here I am – another day, another blog – once again, there’s not all that much to tell you all – it’s been very quiet here… again. Auric and Dapple seem to have settled into their new Fish House extremely well, and had their first meal there last night. The first time I fed them, after we’d brought them in from their little mud puddle under the fountain outside, I don’t think they knew what goldfish food pellets were! They swam around fairly listlessly until the food scent must have permeated the water and all of a sudden, they perked up and looked … well, I suppose, amazed, and very quickly darted up and started gobbling like mad! At one stage, Auric was trying to eat, and push Dapple away with his head, all at the same time! Poor little Dapple – I don’t think he got much dinner that night! But they very quickly got into a routine – we were feeding them three times a day, but we cut that back to twice a day – breakfast and dinner – and they seemed happy enough with that. They learned to recognise me – or rather, to recognise the food that I represented – and they’d come darting over to the side, sticking their little heads up, waiting for their dinner! And then we moved them into their new FH*, and we didn’t feed them at all for 24 hours. For a while we watched them swimming slowly around, looking slightly dazed (well, there was a lot more oxygen in the water, as we had an aerator-thingy as well as the filter going!) At one point, Auric appeared to have got himself stuck, between the side of the tank and the gun-barrel shaped arm of the filter – or at least that’s where he was, and he seemed to be listless, or stuck, or both – but the mere sight of Julian’s finger entering the water in an effort to dislodge him, scant inches away from where he was “resting”, got him moving again, and as far as we know, he hasn’t been back in that location since! They were very, very cautious and timid that first night, and didn’t seem to know what they should be doing, but as I said above, they’ve settled in remarkably well, and spend some of their time playing a slow sort of “fish chasey”, or “follow the fishy leader”, where one swims around in lazy loops, with the other following about a centimeter behind, following the “leader” very closely. The rest of the time, each of them just does his (or her!) own “thing”, and having fun in their new home. Julian feeds them in the morning, while I’m treadmilling, and I feed them in the evening, while Julian’s getting our dinner ready 🙂

This morning I played WoW, and actually got Sylvänas not only up to level 98, but half way through level 99 as well, so it won’t be long now, until we need some newbies in Quel’Dorei! We discussed that this morning, actually, and we’ve come to the decision that both Coppertop and Jemima will move over from Azuremyst, bringing most of their Guild Bank with them, because the Horde Guild Bank on Quel’Dorei is so horribly empty, and their Guild Bank on Azuremyst is so full! Full of mostly junk, admittedly, but even junk sells on the Auction House (if you’re extremely lucky!) or is at least Vendorable, in WoW! With both on them over on Quel’Dorei, they’ll be able to go up that last ten levels together, and will also give us a Horde presence over there. Arisnoë was originally Horde, but we couldn’t fly in Draenor at that stage, and getting around – especially in the grotty and shitty area that Horde have to start off in – was often – quite literally – “to die for” (and which all too often, we did!) So I changed Arisnoë over to Alliance, with the somewhat vague and nebulous idea of changing her back again “later on”, but now I might not need to, with both Coppertop and Jemima coming over – and getting around in the Draenor “starting area” shouldn’t be a problem either, now that we can all fly! I’m looking forward to getting all of that underway! 🙂

I finally got my Warfarin blood test results back this morning, at around nine o’clock. I have no idea why they took so long this time – it wasn’t even as though we’d gone in really late to have the test done. either! Oh well, better late than never – and maybe they weren’t overly concerned anyway, with my Warfarin dose staying the same. My INR has hit the sweet spot – 2.5 – which is good, for a change, and they want me to have another blood test next Wednesday, so they’ve still got me on the weekly testing, which is both good – and bad. Good, because it means that I’m being closely monitored, so I’m not likely to drop dead in the next five minutes with more pulmonary embolisms, and it’s bad, because it’s a damn hassle having to go up and have vampiresnurses sticking ruddy needles in your arms every few days!

And now for the interesting and important bits!

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had beef sausages. We’d thought that they were either the King Island or the Three Island ones, but they were neither! We can’t remember which sort they were, but we do know that they weren’t either of the two mentioned, because these ones shrank! No, not in the wash, in the frying pan! So instead of having one sausage each, we had to have one and a half sausages each (not that I minded! They were lovely tasting sausages!) With them we had chips, “not-home-grown” green beans, and of course, our usual half a tomato. For dessert I had a Corella pear, which I really should have left to ripen a bit more, a Dark Cacao Chia Pod, and one of my very favourite youngest daughter’s home-made cookies! (yum!) Today for lunch, I had something completely different and unusual! Julian decided that he had to go off and do some shopping before lunch, as we had nothing left in the cupboard to make anything! Guess what he brought back! 🙂 I had a Baker’s Delight roll – one of the ones all studded with itty pieces of ham and cheese on the top? Well, that was cut in half, and was “buttered” with the basil-pesto hummus. It was totally delicious! I haven’t eaten anything like that for almost two years! Then there was another surprise! An absolutely fantastic Baker’s Delight “Fruit and Lemon” scone! This one, Julian did put a bit of butter on, and Oh! It was so very, very, nice, sticky, and yummy! I really enjoyed both of them, though I also felt very guilty! I asked Julian which meal would have had the highest calories, what I had today, or the BLT I usually have when we go out for lunch… and I was quite taken aback by his reply! He said that the BLT was higher in calories! If that’s the case, then I could probably afford (diet-wise) to repeat today’s lunch, maybe every two to three weeks? I do hope so – that scone was just heavenly! Tonight for dinner were having a small bowl of pasta with straight tomato sauce and a sprinkling of parmesan. For dessert, I think I’ll let my Corella pears ripen up for another day, so I’ll have some of the delicious Coles-brand, very low-calorie Rice Pudding (if we have any left!) and one of Kate’s delicious home-made Mother’s Day cookies. If there’s no Rice Pudding, I shall have to have either a fruit yoghurt or another Chia Pod.

Weigh-in this morning. Was not good! See, I told you all I’d go up again (sooner or later, anyway!) I went from 63.1kg to 63.6kg – half a ruddy kilo, overnight! I reckon, and I don’t think that it’s just “wishful thinking” – that it’s largely fluid retention – let’s see what the scales say tomorrow, after my two carbs-laden meals today! :/ (but boy, was that lunch worth it! 😉 )

And that brings me to tomorrow! Tomorrow, my very favourite eldest daughter will be coming over, and no doubt we’ll be sitting in the lounge room watching out favourite TV shows. I’ll let you know tomorrow what we got to see – I’d like to be able to catch up on some “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, too – I haven’t seen any of those for yonks! But anyway, that’s about it from me again for this evening – stay tuned for the next exciting episode of “What Winter Did Next”! Did her weight go up even more, after she made such a little fat piggy of herself today at lunchtime, or will the ghods of E.Coli take pity on her soul and allow her to shed a few liters of fluid? What will Sylvänas be up to – will she have hit the level 100 mark yet or not? And I’m sure you’ll all want to find out how Auric, Dapple, and Flipper are getting on, too, so remember… same time, same place… and all the answers will be yours! Until tomorrow night though, do try very hard to bee good, remember that some days are simply meant for playing, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep warm and dry in this mercurial autumn weather… but please – above all – don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

*FH = Fish House

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