Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.09

04.48 pm

Here I am again – later than I wanted to start, but that’s because I was busy getting Arisnoë totally lost in Frostfire Ridge. I hate it. I hate the dingy, dirty colours, I hate the smoke and the flames and the snow – I just told Julian that while I’m not going to totally abandon Arisnoë, but I won’t be playing her in Draenor any more – I’ll bring her back to Pandaria, or wherever – but her ugly Horde Garrison can look after itself, because she won’t be! I spend the majority of my time wandering around the wilderness, trying to get from Point A to Point B – usually the really l-o-n-g way round big chains of mountains; getting lost, getting bored, getting cold, and getting thoroughly frustrated and exasperated! So no more! However, Julian came up with a good idea! I can do a Faction Change! Change Arisnoë from Horde to Alliance, and live and quest in a more civilised environment! Uno momento – I’m gunna have a quick look-see how much it costs to change Factions… right… basically, it’ll cost US$30. There are some restrictions, rules, and limitations – it looks like I won’t be able to choose which Race I want to be – apparently I’ll have to become a Draenei, but that’s OK, because the two “best looking” Races in WoW are the Blood Elves (what she is now) and the Draenei (what she’ll apparently become) there’s a lot more stuff about levels, how much gold you can take with you, what happens to Guild Banks, etc., etc. – all of which is easy enough to do. So! Next time I write to you all, Arisnoë the Blood Elf, will be Arisnoë the Draenei! I hope they’ll let me keep my name! If not, I’ll just change the accent over one of the letters! 😉

So, as you can see, I’ve been playing WoW just about all day (oh come now! Do I ever do anything else?! 😉 ) This morning Mouselet and Wynterthyme went out and did all of their Stable Dailies – taking the Stable mounts out and training them, an’ all that. When you get one of these “Training your Mount” quests, you’re told what you have to kill whilst mounted on the particular creature you’re training, and you’re given a special whistle, to call it to you. These special whistles occupy a whole bag slot, and you get six of the wretched things – one for each type of mount. Well, your Backpack is only a sixteen-slot bag, so by the time you’ve collected all your individual whistles, there ain’t much room left in your bag for such things as loot, gatherables, food, and whatever else you like to carry around with you on a permanent basis, so it makes sense to go and get rid of the Mount Training quests and hand them in, before getting yourself involved in something that’s likely to need a lot of “bag space” – the whistles go back to the quest giver when you hand in the completed quest. Anyway, after Mouselet and Wynterthyme had finished their Training quests, and dealt with their Followers and their Work Orders, Julian went off to finish constructing his small chest of drawers for the Commodore 64 Room, and I went off to work on my new desktop Bookmarks Wallpaper – which is now finished, and in use! However, I’m not all that happy with it… it’s simply too “plain-jane”! It’s nice enough, but it really needs some sort of a pattern or something in the background – I’m not quite sure exactly what yet, but it does need something. In the meantime, it’ll just have to look… empty and unfinished! :/

Once I had that installed properly, I went back to retrieve Arisnoë from the icy cold crevasse where she’d been left last night. After a long, cold, hard slog around a huge mountain chain, I did actually manage to get to the place that I hadn’t been able to find yesterday – and I got that quest done… then I had to do another quest in that terrible tundra, and I got killed! :/ The mob density (the number of hostile creatures that want to kill you as soon as they see you) is phenomenal! There were so many trigger-happy Orcs (where I was) and their blood-thirsty flying creatures milling around that it would have made a newly opened, full can of sardines look like a desert island! Usually, if you’re careful, and give these sorts of mobs a fairly wide berth, you can sneak around the edges of them – but these ones must have had an aggro range of about 200 kilometers or something, because they’d come racing all the way across huge empty caverns, just to attack you! Not nice! :/  I got killed again there, too… Finally I got through those quests, and Garrison Hearthed back home, where I was supposed to meet up with a quest giver – somewhere just outside – the Garrison. I went outside. Nothing! I went out the other Garrison gate. Nothing! I ran all around the damn Garrison! Deserted… I could see the little yellow question mark with denotes a quest turn-in – I just couldn’t find where it was! By this stage I was upset and grumpy. No, actually I wasn’t! I was distraught and almost hysterical, and tears of anger and frustration were shed. All I wanted to do was hand in this stupid quest, quit out, and settle down to write, and I’d been struggling with this wretched quest for two hours and I. Had. Had. Enough! In the end, clever Julian found this particular person – guess where? Not “outside the Garrison”, where the quest had told me to look for him, but inside the ruddy Garrison, right bang-smack in the middle of the central common area! That was when I made the decision not to play Arisnoë in Draenor again, and Julian suggested I change Faction, instead. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do with the Guild Bank though… I think I’m the Guild Mistress at the moment – and while I could bring the whole Guild Bank with me, that would leave all my “junior” Horde girls without a Guild Bank, which would be a very mean thing to do (even though there isn’t much in it at the moment!) If it turns out that I am the Guild Mistress, I’ll hand it all over to one of my other Horde girls – after stripping it bare of anything that might be useful to the Alliance side of things, of course! 😉 But I’ll do all of that this evening, and let you all know what transpired tomorrow night, OK? 🙂

Food stuffz: Last night we had another of those fabulous pieces of fillet steak – the ones that are so tender that you could cut them with a tea spoon! Oh, it was just delicious! With it was had our usual half tomato (home-grown!) green beans, and chips. For dessert I had a low-fat citrus yoghurt, and one of the last two slices of Julian’s cake. I was going to make one myself this afternoon, but I didn’t want to leave Arisnoë in limbo again, so Julian has made the cake today – I will make the next one though, I promise! He says it’s the same as the one he made last time, with the cinnamon sugar in the middle of it – so I’m really looking forward to trying this one out tonight! For lunch today we had a reprise of the sandwich that we had the other day – with Coles-brand multi-grain, seed encrusted bread, sandwich-sliced cold roast beef, shredded lettuce, and sliced Halloumi cheese. Delicious! 🙂 Tonight we’re having beef sausages, green beans, chips, but this time, because our tomatoes nearly all finished, and these ones are very small (not much bigger than a large cherry tomato, really!) we’re having a whole home-grown tomato each! I shall have one of my Corella pears for dessert, as well as a slice of Julian’s new cake (maybe even with a little smidgen of low-fat cream!)

Weigh-in this morning. Well, considering the slightly oily spanakopita, and the rather over-syruped little cake slice that I had for lunch yesterday while we were out, I only went up one point! From 63.0kg to 63.1kg – so that’s not too bad, I guess! It’ll be interesting to see if I go up tomorrow though, after the beef sausages (which have virtually no fat in them, but probably lots of carbohydrates!) and a slice of Julian’s cake (with some low-fat cream 😉 ) Oh well, I guess we’ll just have to weight and see, won’t we! 🙂

And tomorrow we come once more to another Sunday! Traditionally, it’s a Mouselet and Wynterthyme Day for fossicking around Azeroth, or Draenor, but now that we’re both level 100, and each have our own separate Garrisons and Garrison quests, it’s getting quite hard to pair the quests up! Although both our Garrisons occupy the same space and time, they’re uniquely autonomous – his Garrison quests are different from mine – and of course we can’t share them – where would we hand them in? His Garrison “Scout” wouldn’t accept a quest that my Garrison “Scout” had given me – and vice-versa! The other quests, yes, we can share, but not the Garrison-specific ones. It doesn’t mean that we can’t do them both, each of us helping the other to get through the quest quickly, neatly, and efficiently. However, even though it does somewhat mess our Sunday quest scheduling up quite a lot, it’s “annoyment value” only, and we can live with it! So having said that, it’s now time for me to tell you all that it’s “that time” again, where I say “And that’s about it from me for this evening!” – so please do drop in again tomorrow night and find out how my weight reacted to more cake, and how Arisnoë’s Faction change went, whether she kept her name or had to change it. Plus, you’ll find out how we went in our general questing, and whether we died or not! 🙂 Until then though, please try to bee good, remember that life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television, and don’t forget to keep warm – or cool – depending on your preferences, to look after yourselves, and to always drive carefully… but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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