Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.13

04.09 pm

Oh well, at least it’s not a Friday! 🙂 I decided to try using different colours today – what do you all think? Is it too bright, or not bright enough? It looks good from this end, but everyone’s monitors seem to display colours differently – I wonder why? Surely it can’t be that hard to develop, or work out, a colour display standard that everyone (including monitor manufacturers!) can stick to! *growl* Ruddy programmers! Why can’t they produce some intelligent and badly needed software for a change, instead of producing silly new bells and whistles that nobody really wants – except for maybe one person in their own office, who – once upon a time – thought that maybe it might be a fun thing to try out! I dunno…

Anyway, we took the opportunity to get the bulk of our Dailies out of the way this morning – the usual oil quests and so forth that we usually do in the evening, because Julian was going to be hard at work in the Office for the rest of the morning. I, on the other hand, was very happy to have the chance to get Arisnoë a little closer to the elusive level 96! Unfortunately the Mount Training Dailies don’t become available until late afternoon, so I’ll have to wait until tonight to see if I can get all my trainee Mounts ready to take human passengers (plus, of course, the Achievement that goes with that accomplishment!) Actually, Arisnoë’s getting pretty close to that ghastly section where I have to face Commander Vorka, where I’m going to have to get Julian in to do that for me – I suffer from “fluster lock” too badly and just end up dying, multiple times. It would be much easier if we could do it as a group, but Mouselet’s already done that quest so he can’t pick it up again – and as the quest is “instanced” – that is, it goes into a sort-of “closed circuit” routine, where only one player can participate at a time – I’m sure you can imagine the chaos if fifty or more players wanted to do that particular quest at the same time! It’d be totally impossible to complete – whereas forcing each player into a little “fenced off” corner of the game of their own to complete the quest, means that quite literally, hundreds of players can do the same quest at the same time, without getting in eachother’s way. So the only way that I can get Julian to help me is to get up and vacate my seat, and let him take over my character, while I go off somewhere and nervously chew my nails down to the quick! 😉 No, I go and stand behind him, peering over his shoulder – gasping in shock, horror, or awe – and sometimes all three together – at all the carnage and mayhem! There actually aren’t very many places where I have to call of Julian’s services like that – maybe about three, in the entire game, I suppose – and I don’t really look on it as “cheating”, because I’d probably manage to get through it on my own – in about seven or eight months of dying continuously and denuding the Guild Bank to pay for all my armor repairs – and if I still couldn’t finish it on my own, I’d give up, and call Blizzard a lot of very rude names for forcing me try to get through such a ghastly quest on my own (the Forums also have a lot to say about this quest, along exactly those lines!) then cancel my account, and Blizzard would lose my valuable contributions to the running of BlizzCon next year! 😛

Food stuffz: Last night for dinner we had herbed and marinated chicken breasts, pan-fried, and served on a bed of steamed rice into which had been mixed some finely chopped spring onions, and half a tomato – a store-bought one this time, because unfortunately, all of our tomatoes are finished for the season, and Julian plans to pull them out tomorrow 😦 However, on the bright side, our capsicums are starting to come on very well indeed! We’ll even be having one of them chopped up in our sandwich tomorrow! 🙂 But going back to dinner last night, I had the last of my Corella pears – which was really, really delicious – very juicy, but also very firm! I also had a slice of cake – without cream, this time, and it’s just as nice, with or without cream! For lunch today I had a sandwich made of the extremely nice Baker’s Delight whole-meal bread, with some basil-pesto hummus, some of the left over chicken breast from last night, and sliced low-fat Halloumi cheese. Very yummy! 🙂 Dinner tonight will be chicken sausages (no, I don’t know what brand they are) with chips, half a store-bought tomato (*cry*) and snow peas. And seeing that I have no more fresh fruit available, I’ll have a slice of cake – probably without cream again – and either a Chia Pod, or a low-fat yoghurt. I was actually reading in The Age today (unbelievable, I know, that the newly “Tabloid” Age does still have the occasional article worth reading!) that we should be starting to move away from the low-fat products, and back into the full fats, but steering clear of any and all artificial sweeteners and processed foods. You can find it here, if The Age hasn’t pulled it by order of the so-called “diet food” producers, and the low-fat Food Manufacturers. I’d like to start having the non-low-fat dairy products for a couple of months, anyway – and just see if it does make any difference to my weight and my health! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. It seems I’m bobbing around like a cork in a tub of water at the moment! I mean it’s interesting that – at the moment, anyway – I’m bobbing up and down around the same weight – give or take a couple of points here and there. It’s gone like this: [Thu] 63.3kg [Fri] 63.0kg [Sat] 63.1kg [Sun] 63.3kg [Mon] 63.3kg [Tue] 63.2kg [Today] 63.3kg. All up and down around the same weight, and if it’s the same, or close to it, it’ll have been for a full week! It’s quite… strange, for me – I usually fluctuate much more than just one or two points… not that I’m complaining! I’m quite pleased that my body seems to be happy, bobbing around at this weight! Let’s see what happens tomorrow morning! 🙂

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – more of the same, I expect, as Julian still has a bit more office work to do. I think, that if I really get stuck into it, and try very hard, I can possibly get Arisnoë up to level 96 by the end of the weekend, even taking into consideration that Julian and I spend nearly all of Sunday with Wynterthyme and Mouselet. But who knows? We have a kumquat bush to put in a nice big new pot, and we have to decide what to plant for autumn… it’s a real shame that I’m on Warfarin, because I’m supposed to steer clear of “leafy greens” – which I love, and which are so good for you – it’s just that they do funny things to your INR when you’re on Warfarin. Oh well, we can plant onions, and garlic… and broad beans, I suppose… so roll on winter and spring! 🙂 And once again, that’s about it from me for this evening – but do drop in again tomorrow night and find out if my weight is still just “bobbin’ along”, or if it’s decided to make a bigger move – if it does, hopefully it’ll be downwards! 🙂 There’ll be heaps to tell you all tomorrow night, so make sure you don’t miss out on all the hot goss and interesting trivia! Until then though, please try to bee good, remember that a positive mind finds a way it can be done; a negative mind looks for all the ways it can’t be done, and don’t forget to keep cool – or warm – depending on how you feel, to always drive carefully, and to look after yourselves – but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂