Winter’s log, earthdate 201604.08

05.00 pm

Well, here I am again – I’ve been persevering with Arisnoë since we got home from our shopping expedition, and I’m reasonably pleased with her progress… at least I’ve managed to get her over the terrible quest that I was having so much trouble with yesterday (I really must cut my nails! – they keep snagging on all the wrong keys, and I’m spending more time backspacing and correcting typos, than I am typing! *frown*) Anyway, I finally managed to finish that (muttermutter) quest, and moved on to the next one, which is proving to be just as impossible to navigate to as the last one! I hate Frost Fire Ridge! It always seems to be very dark there – it’s snowing nearly all the time, and the colours are… black…. and a dingy, dirty grey – with the occasional patches of blindingly white snow. Not good colour choices, according to my old eyes! Well, I can’t see where I’m supposed to go, anyway – and just because Julian doesn’t seem to have any problems navigating around the area, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t, either, and that I’m just being silly, or that I should go and “look it up” in the forums! I can look these quests up in the forums until I go purple in the face, but if I can’t see where I’m going in the dark and dingy colours, reading up on the quest in the forums isn’t going to help! (why is it that all young-ish men seem to like dark (read “black”) “things”, colours, and places?!) So once again, Arisnoë is camped out in the snowy wilderness, with no clue as to how to get to where she has to go, while I sit in heated comfort, writing this. Oh! I never got around to telling you all what sort of Quilen Arisnoë managed to Tame, did I! It’s not a red one, unfortunately, it’s a white one – and this is what he (or she) looks like!

We had to go off this morning to have my Warfarin blood test done, and for once, we did manage to leave fairly early this morning! We were also going to do a bit of shopping – I needed a few items for the Babka that I’m going to be making – and we also wanted to look at some lounge suites… Yes, lounge suites. The one we got when we moved is a very nice one – it’s comfortable, too – if you’re just sitting down to have afternoon tea, or something, but sitting for a couple of hours watching television is… I’m not quite sure what the right word is! It’s not that it’s un-comfortable – it’s comfortable enough, but it’s also “very firm” – almost bordering on “hard” – and the leather upholstery is very smooth, and a bit shiny, so that if you sit on the chaise part to relax and watch something on TV with your legs up, your derrière tends to slide down the seat until you’re virtually lying prone, instead of sitting in an upright position in order to see the television properly. The salesman we saw today had a valid point – when you’re going out looking for a lounge suite, of course you’re going to want to try the seating out, so you sit down on the sofa, or one of the chairs, wriggle around a bit to get really comfy, and ask yourself three short questions: “Is this comfortable? [yes] Is the colour you want available? [yes] Is the price acceptable? [yes]” – then you jump up out of the chair or sofa that you’ve sat on for fully 3 minutes, and either say “I think I’ll think about it”, or you go ahead and buy it. The guy today had us both sitting down on the lounge suite as well as the chairs, with our feet up, exactly as we’d be sitting if we were watching television, for a good quarter of an hour or so (well, I probably sat for longer than that because Julian was up and down like a Jack-in-a-Box, measuring, and so forth!) because you really need to be sitting on the chair (the salesman said) for over ten minutes, before you have a reasonably good idea of whether or not that particular lounge suite is going to be what you want. We did have three or four places to go to, and look at lounge suites, but we didn’t bother – the lounge suite that we’d sat on for fifteen minutes ticked all our boxes, and was a very good price! It’s an electronic recliner lounge suite – in other words, the sofa and chairs are all plugged in, and instead of a lever or a little push-pull round button-type thingy, you have two very small, very discrete, buttons. One to raise your legs (and lower the back of your chair, so that you can sleep in it if you have to) and one to lower your legs (and raise the back of your chair again when you wake up) Now, if you planned on having your lounge suite arranged in the middle of a room, you could possibly strike a few problems with people constantly tripping over the wiring for the recliner mechanism, but as ours will be sitting against walls where there are plenty of power points, it won’t pose a problem for us. We’ll end up with six recliners altogether – two x two-seater couches, and two arm chairs. Leather, of course (for some reason cats don’t usually seem terribly interested in clawing leather upholstery to shreds – thank goodness!) in a fairly light and somewhat subdued red wine colour – they should be ready for delivery in about 8 weeks. If anyone out there in Reader Land is interested in buying our current lounge suite at a very reasonable price, please leave me a message or a comment! Ta… 🙂

I just got the results of my Warfarin blood test back :/ My INR has gone up a lot, to 3.2 (it’s supposed to be around 2.5!) and they’ve changed my Warfarin dosage a bit – still 5mg Monday to Saturday, but only 4mg on Sunday. Next test is on April 22nd… *sigh* In the meantime, I’d better be careful not to cut myself… I might bleed to death… (that’s not very likely though! 🙂 )

Food stuffz: Last night we had some very nice pasta with tomato sauce and a modicum of parmesan cheese for dinner, and a slice of Babka with a drizzle of low-fat cream on it for dessert – I also had one of my Corella pears, and the extremely small (almost too small to be able to peel!) “over the fence” fig that Julian procured for me a couple of days ago. Today we were out at lunch time, so we stopped at a little coffee-type shop up at the Vermont South shopping centre for lunch. Julian had a ham, cheese and tomato croissant, and I had a piece of spanakopita – unfortunately with a very over-dressed salad on the side (which, of course, I didn’t eat!) and a small, tasty, but un-named piece of cake for dessert. Both the spanakopita and the little cake thingy were very nice – the spanakopita was a little on the oily side, and the cake was a little on the “over syruped” side, but all in all, it was quite nice, for a small coffee-type shop. I’m not sure what we’re having for dinner tonight – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out what we had! 😉

Weigh-in this morning. Not too bad (it’ll prolly be up tomorrow though, after the spanakopita and the over syruped cake!) I went down another three points, from 63.3kg to 63.0kg. And I remembered to take my anti-fluid tablet when I got home this afternoon, so maybe I’m not getting Alzheimer’s, after all! 🙂 As for taking my anti-fluid tablet so late last night, it didn’t keep me awake and trekking to the bathroom all night, I slept very soundly – but I wouldn’t like to risk doing that again! 😮

Which brings me to tomorrow! And you know what? I have absolutely no idea what’s happening! Julian is building a small set of drawers (from an Officeworks flat-pack) for his Commodore 64 Room, though I think that’s almost finished – and tomorrow will probably be another WoW day for me – though I would like to finish off this new bookmark Desktop Wallpaper what’s-it that I’m making – there’s not much more to do to it really, as it’s very, very, “ultra plain” – but being me, I do want to put some sort of decoration on it – somewhere! I’m still thinking about it… and that’s really about it from me again for tonight! 🙂 Do call in again tomorrow night and find out if our coffee-type shop luncheon piled a few more points onto my weight, if I managed to extricate Arisnoë from her icy emergency camp-site, and if Julian has finished his little set of drawers for his Commodore 64 Room! Until then, however, please try to bee good, remember that if you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough, and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on what you’re doing, and to look after yourselves… but above all, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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