Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.25

Well, here we are, another day, another blog… It’s been a very quiet day today – Julian’s been (mostly) working in the Office, and I’ve been (mostly) playing WoW, as well as hunting for patterns and/or textures to use with the header here. I found quite a lot actually, and have pretty much tested them all out… unfortunately, most of what I’d call the “better ones”, are too big, and don’t fit properly into the header dimensions. There are ways around that, of course – most patterns have their dimensions on them, so I can create a new image exactly that size and fill it with the pattern – then shrink the entire “canvas”, which also shrinks the pattern, and “save as” = new name given by me. If that doesn’t work (because the dimensions of the pattern aren’t given) I just create a very large canvas, fill it with the pattern, and then work out where the pattern repeats – usually in the centre of an “X marks the spot” junction. Draw a line around the edges of the pattern and crop to the correct size. I’m actually pretty good at chopping out bits of a pattern and getting it to “repeat”, or “tile” correctly – so I have a whole slew of patterns to work with – I’ve saved a few of them, and will get a round tuit one of these days, if I can find a shop that still sells them – round tuits are getting quite scarce, you know! 😉

So, I WoW’d for most of this morning – I brought poor old Wynterthyme back to her Garrison, and very, very stupidly, I forgot to mark where the Ogre Waygate was on the map! I had enough trouble finding it in the first place, and there I was, standing right in front of the damned thing, and I just… Hearthed back to the Garrison! What on earth was I thinking?! Not much, obviously! *grrr!* Oh well, if I didn’t “accidentally” put the other 48 Ogre Waystones in my bank (and I’m pretty sure I didn’t!) I’m going to have to go “farming” them again – luckily Ogres are very big, extremely slow-witted, ultra-easy to kill (and they do make such a satisfying “thump” when they hit the floor!) and most of them carry one or two Waystones… but it’s the mystery of what happened to 48 of my 49 Ogre Waystones that’s got me stumped! It’s not that I really mind having to go out and get some more, it’s just that I want to know what happened to the ones I had! Anyway, I didn’t play with Wynterthyme for very long – I’m still in too much of a hurry to get Arisnoë up to level 90, so back to Uldum I went… A lot of the quests there are really buggy – I had to get Julian to help me do two of them because they just wouldn’t run on my machine! They worked fine on his – but kept bugging out on mine! *pout* S’not fair, I tell you! I’ve managed to get her just half way through level 85, which isn’t too bad, considering that she’d only just dinged 85 before I stopped playing yesterday. Unfortunately I don’t think I have much more of Uldum to do, which is a shame, because that’ll mean that I have to go back to Deepholm, which I really don’t like! I did get a “breadcrumb” quest to go back to see the War Chief in Orgrimmar, so maybe he’ll have something better than Deepholm for me, if I smile sweetly at him and flutter my eyelashes a lot… 😉

Poor little Flipper is not going to be a happy girl tomorrow – she’s going to be off bright and early to have her post-op checkup! It’s ridiculously early – 9.15am, for crying out loud! Still, an early start can be a good thing – it means I might be able to get a bit of WoW-ing in before Julian takes off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter… I’m not quite sure how we’re going to work it – we were discussing it a few minutes ago, and I think I said something along the lines of “if we have a really early breakfast before you take Flipper up, after she’s been seen and got the “All Clear” tick of approval”, you could go and pick up Lee on your way back home with Flipper” – but on second thoughts, maybe it would be better to take Flipper up to the Vet, have her checked, and then bring her straight back here – I can do my treadmilling while Julian’s out with Flipper, and we can have our breakfast when they get back – then we can both go to pick up my favourite eldest daughter. Julian can drop me off at The Glen on the way to pick her up, because I have to dart into Sussan to exchange a couple of tops I bought the other day (one of them is actually pictured in the link – the other is the blue one – but they’re too big, so I need to get the next size down) and then pick me up again on his way back home with Lee! Much more civilized! 😉 Anyway, we’ll see what he thinks…

Food stuffz: we had some lovely steak last night – as I think I mentioned, it wasn’t King Island Eye Fillet this time, it was a grain-fed New York Sirloin, and it was absolutely delicious! Really, really nice – the chips were a new variation on ye olde oven baked chips – “sea salt and cracked pepper” – and they really were nice! I haven’t seen the packet, so I can’t tell you who produces them, but I’ll find out for you – they really are worth trying (and if you don’t like them, pack them in a box with some dry ice, and leave them on our front doorstep, please! I’m sure we’ll be able to give them a good home! 😉 ) plus we had steamed Broccolini, and our usual half a tomato – store-bought at the moment, because none of ours are ripe enough to eat yet! I didn’t have a Chia Pod last night, I had one of Julian’s low-fat yoghurts… Lunch today was a reprise of the wrap we had yesterday, with the sourdough flat-bread, because Julian thought that it might have given him a bit of indigestion yesterday, so he wanted to see what would happen if he had it again. I thought it was delicious yesterday, and it was just as delicious today! Tonight we’re having sausages – not quite sure what sort (Julian’s on the phone so I can’t ask him!) and we’ll have the usual with it – probably more of the “sea salt and cracked pepper” chips, half a tomato, and beans (or more Broccolini – once again – I can’t ask Julian, because he’s still on the phone) Tonight I’ll have a Chia Pod for dessert – and if that fig that Julian picked last night has ripened enough, I’ll have that as well… because…

Weigh-in this morning. I was aghast! Taken aback! Nonplussed! I’d gone down another two points! From 62.2kg to 62.0kg! And I’ve been eating lots! I’ve been eating almost to the point where I feel uncomfortable! And I’m just going down! Obviously my body has decided that it doesn’t want to sit at around 65kg (forget Norway! 70kg!) For a while I thought it was going to “settle” around the 64kg mark, but apparently it didn’t like that weight either, or 63kg, so now it’s squatting around the 62kg mark, to see how comfortable that is! I really hope that 62kg is going to be the “Baby Bear’s Chair” of weight for me!

Anyway, as I said, my favourite eldest daughter will be over tomorrow, and we’ve just heard from my favourite youngest daughter – she was tail-ended on her way home tonight – thank heavens she’s alright, but it sounds as though considerable damage was done to her car… It never rains but it pours, for my poor little girl! 😦 She’s been through some really rotten patches lately – please send all good thoughts her way! Anyway – that’s about it from me for tonight – call back tomorrow to find out all the latest news on Flipper, and whether she can have her very favourite Pussy Biscuits back again or not, and to find out all the latest on the Kate saga – how did it happen, how much damage was done to her car, and whether it’s repairable, or a write-off. You’ll also find out if I managed to get my two tops changed over, what my favourite eldest daughter and I watched on TV (there should be two? Shannara Chronicles, I think!) and, last but not least, what my weight is doing – has it gone up? (hopefully!) down? (hopefully not!) or stayed the same? (meh!) But until then, do try really hard to bee good, remember that life doesn’t imitate art, it imitates bad television; and don’t forget to always drive carefully, to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather, and to look after yourselves… but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

One thought on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.25

  1. You know Pandaland starts at 85, yes? Cata and Pandapalooza are both 5 level expansions – Cata 80-85, Pandapalooza 85-90… WoD is 90-100. So you can just go on to Pandaland.

    Also, if there are two episodes tomorrow there will be no episodes next week. 😛 (Because it means we have LAST week’s episode and THIS week’s episode, and NEXT week’s episode won’t air until next week probably after I have been over there.)


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