Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.24

Well, as you can see, I’m still tweaking the header around a bit – I’ve made three versions of it, all with different patterns and colours, plus the “plain-jane” version that you all saw last night. As time permits, I’ll try out different patterns – if I can get around to making some, or if I can find any patterns or textures elsewhere that I think are suitable. In the meantime, be prepared to put up with the “home-grown” variety! 😉 This morning Julian took off to play Taxi-man for my favourite eldest daughter – she went off to uni to see if she could get her concession card-thingy before next week, only to find that she’s no longer eligible for it, so it was a bit of a wasted trip! But Julian got to go over to Doncaster yet again, where he had to drop off some Dry Cleaning, and… ferry some more “stuff” over from the apartment! Yanno, every time I say “Is that the lot, or is there anything else that has to be picked up over there?” I get an “Nope! That’s the lot! It’s all empty now!” answer… and then a couple of days later, it’s “There’s another load to bring over…” Well, all I can say is “Aaarrggghhhh!” The purchasers asked for, and got, a long Settlement, and Settlement Day was supposed to have been this week, but they’ve asked for an extension – so we’ve given them until next Monday. Settlement Day is now next Monday, February 29th. …and if they’re still not ready to settle, I’m afraid they’ll forfeit their somewhat hefty deposit, and we’ll just have to start all over again!

Julian also picked up some coffee pods from the Nespresso shop while he was over at Doncaster, and we’re trying out one of their new ones – the coffee is supposed to be from Rwanda, or something, but I don’t really like it very much – I’ll drink it, because it’s coffee, but I’d much rather have my usual Ciocattino (chocolate flavoured coffee) or one of their “Limited Edition” Specials, which, if you’re really lucky, you can still buy! I wish they’d make them a part of their “regular” flavours! Both the Vanilla Amaretti (a really delicious Amaretto flavoured coffee) and the Ciocco Ginger (a yummy choc-ginger flavoured coffee!) would be great “regular” sellers as they’re exceptionally nice! 🙂

So… what did I do to amuse myself this morning while Julian was fruitlessly running around in circles? Why, let’s see… Oh, that’s right, I remember now! I played  a bit of WoW! 🙂 I ran Arisnoë around Deepholm, which I’ve decided that I hate with a passion! It’s dark. It has tall, narrow spires of rock all over the place that are awkward and difficult to work around. It’s dark… and the quest descriptions/instructions are totally hopeless and frustrating. Apart from the thick gold “pointer” arrow, the map is small and lacks any sort of proper identifying clues as to where you should be going to do something. And above all, it’s dark! Ahh – sorry, I said that already, didn’t I! If there’s anything I really hate having to quest in, you’ll find that “questing and fighting in the dark” is up there near the top of the list, followed closely by “questing and fighting in water”! Anyway, I persevered, and actually went up a level, and then – miracle of miracles – I got sent off to Ulduar! It’s a desert city, think “Ancient Egypt” before time and general wear-and-tear broke down all the statues, buildings, temples, etc. into ruins!  So I’ve been questing around there, too – as I expected, both Deepholm and Ulduar have been nerfed so heavily that fighting isn’t really a hardship – the hardship part comes in knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing in these ruddy, silly quests! Thank heavens for Google! When I got a bit sick and tired of saying “bang. you’re dead”, I went and took Wynterthyme out to try and harvest some trees, and to start off a Garrison quest to upgrade my fledgling Mage’s Tower (it actually looks more like a Circus Tent at the moment!) Wynterthyme’s doing quite well at the moment – hopefully, by the close of tonight I should have enough of the Ogre’s Waystones to get my Mage’s Tower upgrade! 🙂

Then Julian got home, and while he fiddled with luncheon preparations, I went to do my second (and final) walk for the day – and then we had lunch. I didn’t get back to WoW after lunch – it was already fairly late, and I had a splitting headache, so I took some Panadol and did a bit of fiddling with the header graphic for this Template – and by then it was time to start writing! That was an hour and a half ago (I’m also having trouble staying awake and still have a slight headache – I hope I’m not coming down with something! I feel fine otherwise though…) Oh, have any of you heard of Julian Clary? He’s a British comedian, a true exhibitionist – very witty, terribly funny (I think, anyway) and a very interesting character all round – anyway, he’s also written an autobiography and several novels, and now he’s turned his hand to writing children’s books. Towards the end of the article it states: “Be it children’s or adult’s novels, Clary has a strong work ethic, sitting down to write 1000 words a day.” Uhh… say what? I write over a thousand words a day, just writing this blog, and shrug it off as just “something one does every day” – but if I were a published author (well, I am, sort-of, but that’s beside the point! What I mean is, I don’t do it for a living!) with work commitments, and only wrote as much as I write every day for my blog, I’d be starting to panic that I wasn’t working hard enough, or up to my publisher’s expectations! I dunno – is 1000 words a day enough for someone writing for a living? As a “serious” author, should he be writing more? And as a “bored housewife blogger”, should I be writing less?! (Oi! Don’t answer that! I’ll write as much as I want, thank you very much! 😉 )

Food stuffz: well, we had such a big lunch yesterday that neither Julian nor I had any dinner last night – I had a banana Chia Pod, of which I gave Julian a taste, because it was “interesting” – and while it was very “banana-ish”, I don’t think we’ll get it again… Julian had one of his low-fat yoghurts, and that was it! Our dinner! Julian did pick one of the figs last night, but it’s not quite ripe enough to eat, so I didn’t have it. I’ll see how it is tonight, but I have a feeling it’s going to take another day to ripen properly. Today for lunch we had wraps, made with sourdough flat bread, some basil-pesto hummus, tomato, red capsicum batons, and chunks of Halloumi cheese – and once again, it was quite delicious! The sourdough flat bread was interesting too – I quite liked it, but it wasn’t quite as big as the ordinary flat bread, and Julian said it tore a lot more easily, so to be careful with it (though mine didn’t tear at all!) Tonight for dinner we’re having steak – not the King Island eye fillet this time, but New York Sirloin (I think!) – with the usual – “sea salt and cracked pepper” chips, broccolini, and our usual half a tomato, and I’ll either have another Chia Pod, or a low-fat yoghurt for dessert! I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow, because…

Weigh-in this morning. I was quite disgusted! Pasta! BLT! Big piece of Orange and Clementine cake! Well, alright, we didn’t have dinner because we just weren’t hungry, but even so! I went back down two points! From 62.4kg to 62.2kg again! Maybe the wrap for lunch today will help – and here was me thinking that it’d be time to hit the Ryvita crispbread for lunch again, after all my splurging! *sigh* Perhaps I should just eat, and see what happens…

Well, tomorrow looks like being another day very much like today – Julian wants to have an “at home” day – he has letters to write, a car to unpack , pictures to hang, etc., etc – and I guess I have some WoW-ing to do! 😉 My favourite eldest daughter will be over on Friday, and that’ll be the end of another week! And that’s pretty much it from me again for this evening! Please do drop in again tomorrow night to see if my weight is still surprising me, and whether or not I’ve been able to get Arisnoë any higher on the ladder to level 90 and a Garrison! There’ll be lots to tell you all, so don’t be shy and miss out! 😉 In the meantime, do try terribly hard to bee good, don’t forget that a year from now you may wish you had started today, and remember to look after yourselves, to always drive carefully, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather – but above all, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Winter’s log, earthdate 201602.24

  1. I know that quest you were talking about yesterday… That’s the one where you have to investigate the crashed horde ship (that was carrying something important)? Yeah, anyway… one of the map markers for that quest is just plain old Wrong-ing McWrongington. I know this because I just did that quest the other day on my level 83 or so NE warrior on the live servers. And I vaguely recall it was broken way back when I was bringing a panda through the area too (back when MoP was fairly young as far as expansions go).

    Clues are usually given in the quest text as to where you need to go and what you need to do (over and above the markers on the map), so it always pays to read them closely… But in this case it wouldn’t have helped you.


  2. I finally did manage to finish that dang quest – more by good luck than anything else – but I’m being Wynterthyme at the moment, attempting to open that Ogre Waygate or whatever it is – I did the quest that gave me the Mage Follower, and I picked up a hell of a lot of Ogre Waystones – I still had 49 left when I’d finished the quest, so, I stupidly thought, I can head off and open that Ogre Waygate – I have all the necessaries! So off I went… I finally (after many wrong turnings, and having to Hearth back to the Garrison to back-track because I’d gone the wrong way (you know me! “Wrong Way Jones” is my middle name!)) got to the right place, and attempted to open the Waygate – “missing reagent” – I dunno what happened to them, but all my Ogre Waystones had vanished, except for one! I needed 25, I had 49… and I arrived with one! So may I just say, very politely, “Aaarrggghhh!”

    Of course, my Garrison Hearthstone was still on cool-down from my last misadventure, so I’ve had to camp there at the defunct Ogre Waygate – otherwise I’d have had to Hearth all the way back to Pandaria, and still have had to wait for the ruddy Garrison Hearthstone to cool down! Not. Happy. Jan! Now I have to go and collect more Ogre Waystones by hunting Ogres, all over again (but then – they do make such a satisfying “thump” when they hit the ground, don’t they! 😉 )


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