Winter’s log, earthdate 201512.11

Well, I’m starting a little bit later than I wanted to, but we’ve only just returned from our Big Day Out – however, much has been accomplished! I’ve been to the hairdresser, and had my Warfarin blood test. We’ve purchased the Birthday presents, and the major part of all the Christmas Presents, though I have yet to get one for Julian – my favourite eldest daughter is being press-ganged into “escorting” me around Chadstone next week, for the sole purpose of getting something for him (and looking at handbags, and makeup and rings that might fit me – “only kidding, dear!”, says Winter, crossing her fingers behind her back! 😉 ) We had lunch at Doncaster Shoppingtown today – downstairs, this time, and I had a ham, cheese and tomato toastie (*blush*) as well as a – and this is probably going to sound as though it belongs in a book entitled “Confessions of a Sugar Junkie” – beautiful, very large, brownie, which could just as easily have been called “a very large block of chocolate flavoured sugar”! Oh, the calories! I’ll be paying for that brownie for the next three months, or more! And you know what? While the brownie was very nice, I really felt quite ill afterwards – too much sugar – and I still feel slightly nauseous just thinking about it – however that’s one of my “deprivation itches” scratched, and next time I’ll have something a lot smaller, and not quite so rich! :/ I also said I wouldn’t have another toastie for at least a couple of weeks, but quite truthfully, it really was the lesser of all the evils nestled in the display case! (apart from the brownie!) and I felt that after my weigh-in this morning, I could maybe afford to indulge a little bit…  Anyway, I walked the length and breadth of Doncaster Shoppingtown almost three times today, so that should go some way to atoning for my gluttony at lunchtime! (I hope!)

Last night I played WoW for a while, and got Satai up to level 22. Just to be on the safe side, I looked up what level the Ghost Saber Tooth cats in Darkshore were, because I was determined to get one. I thought that at level 22 I was probably high enough to go after one, and I didn’t think that the mobs over there would be too high for me, but – best to be safe, rather than sorry, so I did a bit of research. The Ghost Saber Tooth cat is usually between level 19 and level 21, so I reckoned I’d be safe enough (if the cat was that level, I figured that the mobs should be around that level too) so off I went. First, I Stabled my Pet, Dishu – I didn’t want any possibility that I might “accidentally” lose her, and re-called my temporary Boar from Durotar (the stupid one, that nearly killed Dishu when I was trying to Tame her!) So there I am in Darkshore, running around the Ruins of Mathystra, looking for cat figurines! There were plenty of mobs there to get in my way too, but… they were only level 12! I found that I was running around killing them with only one or two shots, so they were more of a mild annoyance than a problem (and they were dropping some fairly decent loot for only level 12’s, too!) The cat figurines are fairly scarce, and very, very few of them even spawn the Ghost Saber Tooth cat. Once, many, many years ago, I remember running around there for a couple of days – camping out in the ruins – searching for my GST! For every figurine that you find that doesn’t spawn the cat, you get to keep the figurine in your bag – the highest number of figurines I’ve even had before getting the cat itself was about 20, I think! Anyway, last night I’d made three circuits of the area and only found seven “empty” figurines – then I got lucky, and I found my Ghost Saber Tooth cat on my eighth figurine – and once again, that ruddy stupid Boar Pet was nearly my undoing! Mind you, he was a very effective Pet – polished off mobs with the greatest of ease (sometimes too much ease!) which is something you want in your Pet! However, as soon as I found a cat figurine, I’d “Dismiss” the Boar, and try to pick up the figurine. If I did pick it up (if it didn’t spawn the Ghost Saber Tooth) I’d re-call the Boar, and off we’d go again. Well, I came to the eighth figurine, Dismissed the Boar, and tried to pick up the figurine. Two things happened at the same time! First, the Ghost Saber Tooth materialised, and secondly, a Troll mob appeared behind me and started attacking me! Now, if you’re trying to Tame a Pet and your concentration is interrupted by an attack or whatever, the potential Pet gets mad and starts attacking you, too! So… I re-called the ruddy Boar, who promptly killed the mob for me, then turned and started attacking the Ghost Saber Tooth who’d been attacking me because my Taming routine had been interrupted! Once again, I wasn’t going to lose my potential Pet, so I “Abandoned” the Boar! “Dismissing” the Pet means that you can re-call them later – “Abandoning” the Pet means that they’re gone for good. I was a bit sorry to lose that Boar – he was a damn good fighter – but let’s face it – it’s easy enough to pick up another Boar – they seem to live just about everywhere you go, which was why I Tamed him as temporary Pet in the first place (I hadn’t even named him, which is very unusual for me!) In the end though, I ended up with my Ghost Saber Tooth cat, whom I have named “Shadowfang” 🙂 I immediately “Hearthed” (“zapped” myself back to The Exodar!) where I walked Shadowfang around for a few minutes, because… (and this is quite amusing to watch happen to people who don’t know to expect this!) after about ten minutes, the Ghost Saber Tooth cat suddenly keels over, dead! Just… walk… walk… walk… fall over, dead! All you have to do is use your Resurrect Pet function on them, and they’re fine again 🙂 After that, I went back to my questing again, and now I’ve almost finished all the quests there – and I can’t remember where I get sent off to next! :/ I’ll find out tonight, I guess…

Food: well, I’ve already told you about my lunch today, and we’re having (good) sausages with all the usuals for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, of course, will be the BBQ luncheon – Julian will be BBQing steak, salmon, and chicken (I’m having some chicken, please!) and there’ll be pita bread and some smoked almond and currant hummus which Julian has just made (and it’s delicious! He just gave me a teeny taste of it!) It’s basically home-made hummus, with finely chopped up smoked almonds and vincotto in it, and sprinkled with currants and olive oil, to serve – I found the recipe in the December/January 2016 Donna Hay magazine and I thought it sounded nice, as well as quite intriguing, so I talked him into making it! 😉 We’re also having a home-made potato salad, using seasoned plain Greek youghurt, with spring onions (or chives) as the dressing.  If it’s warm enough we’ll eat outside on the decking – if it’s not, we’ll eat at the dining room table, and a good time should be had by all! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. And the reason I indulged so greedily at lunchtime today… I went down (down!) another four points! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I went from 64.4kg to 64.0kg! So at lunchtime today, I thought “bugger it! I’m going to be naughty, and have something I know I shouldn’t! My weight should be going up, and it’s not, so I’ll make it go up by eating all of this enormous sugary brownie! So there! 😛 ” So… let’s see what happens tomorrow! I’ll probably shoot right up to 67kg, and it’ll serve me right, too – but at this point? I don’t care! (but if I do go up to 67kg overnight, you can bet your sweet bippy that I will care! I’ll probably cry, and never eat a brownie again as long as I live!)

Having been out all day today, I wasn’t able to keep my eagle-eye on the bathroom doin’s – but when we got home I found Paul just putting the final trim around the window and the shower alcoves – by the time he left tonight, the tiling had finally been finished – all that’s left to do to it now is the grouting, which was supposed to have been done on Monday, however there’s now some confusion as to whether the painter is coming in on Monday, or whether Paul will be doing the grouting! I don’t care which it is, as long as I get my bathroom soon, because it really does look fantastic (if very dusty and messy at the moment!) And once again – you know the drill – that’s about it from me for tonight! 🙂 But please call in again tomorrow night, and find out how our BBQ luncheon went, if my weight has tripled overnight, and how our preparations for Sunday’s Big Double Birthday Bash are progressing! I might mention, too, that it’s our Silver Wedding Anniversary on Monday – which we may have to postpone until the New Year, due to time constraints! :/ Anyway, until tomorrow night, please try to bee good (not long to go now! 😉 ) remember that the best way to predict the future is to invent it, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather – but whatever else you do, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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