Winter’s log, earthdate 201512.03

Oh me, oh my! Late again, but that’s because my favourite eldest daughter was over today… We usually watch episodes of our current favourite TV shows, but we only got to see two episodes of “Supergirl”, and one episode of “Arrow” today, because the power was off for most of the day! We had the electricians in, you see – Julian had been holding off getting them in until all the networking cables were in, so now that they are (in) we had all the wiring bits and pieces done. F’rinstance – the people we bought the house from had a gi-normous TV mounted on the wall in the bedroom, and there was a television “thingy” and a power point in the middle of the wall, about two feet down from the ceiling – most unsightly! So we had those removed (and Paul has plastered up the holes they left behind, ready for painting when the painters come to paint my bathroom) as well as a new double power point put in just above the skirting board, so that I can now plug in and use my little crystal lamp wot lives on my chest of drawers. We’ve had two power points put in near the ceiling over the outside entertainment deck, for the two bug zappers which we’ll be getting this weekend, a new light put in over a dark corner of the kitchen, and Julian has at long last had his “comms cabinet” (communication cabinet – where all the computer networking cables are connected) wired in so that he doesn’t have to run a long extension cord between the Office and the beating heart of the network – as well as a few other bits and pieces of electrical work done. Unfortunately, this necessitated the power being off for long periods of time (read: most of the early part of the day!) so we couldn’t use the computers, and we couldn’t watch anything on the television – we managed to get three cups of coffee made just before they switched the power off, so we were able to survive – after a fashion – for a few hours, until they took pity on us and turned the power back on again, just long enough for us to make another three cups of coffee. The power was finally turned back on again around half past one, so I was finally able to do my lunchtime walk, and then we had lunch and my favourite eldest daughter and I watched, as I said, two episodes of “Supergirl”, and one episode of “Arrow”, before it was time for Julian to take her home. There’s a bit of superficial electrical work to be done in my bathroom, like the switches for the concealed lighting under the vanity unit, the over head lights, the lights that will be put on top of the mirror, and the power points and switches that’ll be going on the wall, but I think either Clarke will do those himself (all the wires are there) or, we might just have to get the electrician back again – it shouldn’t take too long to get those few things done.

As it turns out, the grouting hasn’t been done yet, and the vanity unit won’t be installed until Monday morning! Paul decided that the tile glue wasn’t quite set enough to go ahead with the grouting today, only to have people trampling all over it whilst installing the vanity unit tomorrow – so the grouting will be done tomorrow instead, then it can have all of the weekend to “cure,” before the people go trampling all over it whilst installing the vanity unit. Instead, he tidied up a few things around the room and the corridor outside, then went off to pick up the rest of the tiles, the highlight tiles, and the trim that goes around the corner edges… I’d been wondering how he was going to handle the sharp corner edges – they can be finished off with just grouting, but they get knocked easily and frequently, and when that happens the grouting tends to break off, leaving the sharp corner edge looking very ragged and unsightly! Anyway, he’ll be back again tomorrow morning to do the grouting! (at long last!)

Needless to say, that with the electricians here this morning, I didn’t get a chance to go and look at the Clipsal switches and power points at Habitat, but with luck, I might be able to get there tomorrow – either before or after I go to the hairdresser – I don’t care which, just so long as I do finally get there, to sight these wretched little switches! I don’t think we have much more to do tomorrow – hopefully not, anyway – though we do have a bit of shopping to do for my favourite eldest daughter, as there’s  neither a T2 shop nor a Nespresso place at The Glen, and as we’ll be at Doncaster Shoppingtown tomorrow, where there’s both, I thought we might as well save her and Neale a trip to Chadstone, and get them for her – and now that we’re living a lot closer to them it’s no problem to drop them off to her on our way home.

Weigh-in this morning. More amazement! I was quite sure I was finally on the way up, after the rise of four points yesterday, but I went down two points, from 64.7kg to 64.5kg! So at least for the moment, it looks as though I’m sort-of hovering in the mid 64kg zone. I don’t mind at all, actually – I’d love to be able to stay around this weight for the rest of my life – not that I really think that’s going to happen… but a girl can dream, can’t she?! 😉

This weekend we have to go shopping for a BBQ and a couple of bug zappers, because the following weekend is going to be a doozy! Wednesday December 9th is Neale’s Birthday, and Saturday December 12th is my favourite youngest daughter’s birthday – we usually celebrate the two together as close to either the 9th or 12th as possible, which would make it Saturday December 12th this year. BUT! That’s the weekend that we’ll be having a “clan reunion” with Melissa, Julian’s sister, his bother Mike and Mike’s wife Inbar, and their son Tom. At this stage I have no idea if they’ll be here on the Saturday or the Sunday, and although I do think that Lee and Kate, plus their spouses, should attend the “clan reunion”, if possible, I definitely do not want to combine the Birthday celebrations and the reunion! I’m not sure how to handle it all – we might have to have the reunion on one day, and the Birthdays the next (or vice-versa!) because the following weekend is just too close to Christmas Day, and we’re all going to be flat out like lizards drinking, doing all those fiddly little last-minute Christmas-y things!

I meant to mention it the other night, but I got quite sidetracked and completely forgot to! Have you noticed the different font I used in the header? What do you think of it? I get notifications from all sorts of Font sites, and the font in the header is from one of them – well, it’s actually more of a Lettering and Scrap-booking site really, called “Lettering Delights” – and I just couldn’t resist it! It’s called SNF Ambrosia Bold, and it was only 75c! They have a lot of good – and very cheap – fonts there! Definitely a good place to go if you’re looking for something a little “different” 🙂 And once again, that’s about it from me for tonight! Tomorrow night I should be a little earlier with my writing – Sundays, and the days when my favourite eldest daughter are over are days when I’m always late, but this week’s been unusual in that we’ve actually had (gasp! shock! horror!) visitors, as opposed to just workmen, coming in at all odd hours! However, do call back again tomorrow night, to find out what my topsy-turvy weight is doing (I’m supposed to be going up – a bit, anyway – not down, now that I’m on Maintenance!) and whether or not I’m gaining any (weight) yet, staying the same, or still going down, and whether my bathroom floor has been grouted yet (it’d better be! Or else!) Oh, and with a bit of luck, I might even be able to tell you what those ruddy Clipsal switches and power outlets are like! Here’s hoping, anyway! Until then, however, please try to bee good, don’t forget that our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us, and remember to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – or cool – depending on our silly weather, but whatever you do, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂