Winter’s log, earthdate 201512.09

Well, here it is, another late start – and a new template – a free one, too, this time (just for a change! 😉 ) I always check, at least once a week, to see if there are any new templates, and this afternoon I was rewarded with this one. I think it’s quite nice – I haven’t had time to make a header for it yet, so you’ll have to put up with one of the “standard default” colour and header – I’ll see what I can make tomorrow though, as I bought a new font the other day from one of my old font haunts, “The Scriptorium“, which is just itching to be used in a header (and why I bought the font in the first place!) So, let’s see what’s been happening today… Paul arrived early this morning and got stuck into my bathroom – I went and checked on it about half an hour ago and it’s coming along beautifully! Last night almost all of the shower and toilet wall had been tiled – there were really only a couple of rows still to be done – well, they’re all finished now, and he’s finished the window wall, too! Lovely very, very pale grey marble tiles, floor to ceiling! The very small, narrow, hard-to-get-at area under the vanity unit has been tiled (I think! There’s too much equipment stacked up in the room to be able to get in and see it all properly!) – so I think that only leaves the door wall to be tiled now! Then, of course, it has to be grouted, but that probably won’t be happening until next Monday, because the glue under the tiles on the wall that still has to be done probably won’t be set and dry enough before then. Once the grouting has been completed, and is dry enough, Clarke will be able to measure up and order the glass panels for the shower screen and door, and with a great deal of luck, the caesarstone bench top will be ready to be installed (that is if they can get it around two close corners and into the bathroom! It’s a very long bench top!) So that’s where things are at as far as my bathroom is concerned! 🙂 All coming along nicely! I do have one teeny little grizzle though – Clarke didn’t come in today, so I still don’t have the books of drawer handles and knobs to chose from! Before Paul left this evening, I asked him to remind Clarke that I’m still waiting for them! 😉

My favourite eldest daughter was over today, so we spent most of the late morning and the whole of the afternoon watching episodes of “Arrow”, which seems to be starting out on a new story arc – and quite an intriguing one too, so far! However this morning before she arrived, I dived (dove?) back into World of Warcraft – my Draenei Hunter Beastmaster only had five levels to go before she could learn to ride (at level 20 you can learn to ride a mount – in Rift, you’re born (or resurrected!) already knowing how to ride! 😛 ) and I wanted to get to level 20, not only so that I could travel around a lot faster on cat-back (or elephant-back, or fancy ostrich-back, or whatever) but also to see if all the fancy mounts that my characters have accumulated over the years would be available for my use, or whether I was going to have to go and buy them all again, in which case I’d probably be leaving World of Warcraft permanently, new Garrison possibilities or not! So anyway, now I only have three levels to go to find out – I dinged level 17 this morning! Actually, if I can get Satai up to level 22 tomorrow, I’ll go over to Darkshore and see if I can get myself one of the Ghost Saber Pets from a cat figurine! That’s been one of the first things my Hunters have always done, as soon as they “got old enough” to do so! (and nearly all of my fifty characters are Hunters!)

Food: after my little adventure into delicious turkey, low-fat cheese and tomato toasties for lunch yesterday, I decided that discretion might be the better part of eating, so I reverted to my almost equally delicious Ryvita crispbreads with low-fat ricotta and sliced tomato (and plenty of salt and pepper!) And tonight we’re having sausages for dinner – once again, “good” sausages (although, is there really such a thing as a “good” sausage?) with proper sausage skins an’ all – with chips (I think!) and from the sounds coming from the kitchen, a salad… I’ve also decided to cut my three treadmillings per day down to two… Why? Well, mostly because my knees are getting very sore, and because whilst treadmilling this morning, my left knee was making quite distressing “clicks” with every step I took. Anyway, I’ll try doing just two twenty-two (sometimes twenty-three) minutes per walk, which works out to approximately 1.23km each walk – making for a total of about 2.46km per day, and see how that goes for a while (and if my knees calm down a bit with the respite!)

Anyway, it’s “that” time again, I’m afraid – so…

+———————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +———————–+

So here I am again, sausage, chips, beans and mixed salad eaten, and television watched. We usually don’t watch it, but tonight we kept the television on ABC1 to watch the 7.30 Report, where Leigh Sales was interviewing Harrison Ford about the new Star Wars movie – naturally it was the last ruddy segment of the show and we had to sit through the rest of it before he was on. My goodness, he’s aged! (but then, haven’t we all! 😦 ) and neither Julian nor I thought he looked very well – or maybe he was just tired, or jet-lagged… Anyway, I’m quite looking forward to the movie, though I think we’ll wait until January to see it, after all the hype and crowds have died down a bit 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. It was the toastie wot done it! It was the toastie! I’ll never eat a toastie again! 😉 Well, I will though, because I have to be able to eat at least semi-normally, and it was very nice – but perhaps I’ll only have a toastie about once a fortnight or something, because I went up two points, from 64.5kg to 64.7kg! After the sausage tonight, I shall probably go up to 65.0kg! :/ We shall see… I’m also starting to get a little concerned about my consumption of chewing gum. I think I mentioned once before that I hate chewing gum – I absolutely detest the stuff, and I think that watching other people chewing gum is disgusting. But I got Julian to get me some sugar-less gum to chew while I was on the treadmill, because there’s no way of carrying a bottle of water that I can drink while I’m walking that I can think of, but my mouth gets so dry that I can’t even talk by the time I get off the treadmill. Well, the gum works just fine – I can walk for my twenty-two – twenty-three minutes, counting aloud, and the gum keeps my mouth from getting dry – but! (you knew there was going to be a “but!” in there somewhere, didn’t you! 😉 ) It’s very addictive, and I love the taste of it when you first start chewing it – but it rapidly runs out of taste, so I wrap it in a piece of tissue and throw it out, and find myself starting to chew on a new piece of gum almost immediately – wherever I am, or whatever I’m doing – so can any of you suggest some way of stopping my mouth from drying out so much, instead of my having to chew this wretched chewing gum (even though it tastes nice!)? I’d much prefer to have a bottle of water, if I could think of some way of drinking it while I was walking, without having to let go of the treadmill handles…

I’m not quite sure what’s happening tomorrow – I’m pretty sure we’ll be home most of the day, and as I’ve “volunteered” to clean out the cat litter boxes from now on, I guess that’ll be my first job after breakfast (it shouldn’t take long – we only have the one cat, Flipper, and two litter boxes to sift and stir) Poor little Flipper – she’s very arthriticky, and the effects of her cartrophen injections aren’t lasting as long as they used to. These last few days, despite the warmer weather, she’s been very stiff and sore – she was due to have her next injection next week, but Julian rang the Vet and took her up today, instead. She absolutely hates going to the Vet, even though she always feels better after she’s been – I think she associates the “feeling better” with the “coming home again”, not with her visit to the Vet and the prickle in the back of her neck! Oh, she lets out such a wail of anguish and despair when she sees the cat box! She put on a right show this afternoon, and kept it up all the way to the Vet – but was quiet as a mouse on the way home again! 🙂 Anyway, she’s a lot better this evening, and moving a lot more freely – let’s hope that with the injection this afternoon and the extra anti-inflammatory drop we put on her dinner last a little longer this time! She’s a happy little cat most of the time, as long as she’s got her cave, her food, and most of all, her Daddy Pats! 🙂

Anyway, once again that’s about it from me for tonight – I think I’ve rambled on long enough – but feel free to call back again tomorrow night, to see how my bathroom is progressing and if I’ve chosen the handles and/or knobs for the vanity unit drawers, if my weight is still on its way up (it probably will be – but it’s supposed to, anyway!) what my various characters are up to in World of Warcraft, and how Flipper’s doing! Until then though, do try very hard to bee extra good ( 😉 ) don’t forget that attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure, and always remember to drive carefully, to look after yourselves, and to keep cool – or warm – depending on the weather – but above all, please remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂