Winter’s log, earthdate 201512.16

Well, not exactly an early start today – but not a late start, either… I didn’t really do very much at all today, so this is probably going to be quite a short blog, for a change – Steve wasn’t able to get down to Melbourne, what with having to move so close to Christmas, an’ all – which was a shame, because I was looking forward to catching up with everything that he’s been up to lately. So I ended up having a very quiet day, playing World of Warcraft for most of the morning. I’m finally starting to remember my way around the place again, and I got another of my new Hunters up to level 21 (and at level 20 you can finally learn to ride, which means that you can get around a lot quicker!) and took her over to Darkshore to get her Ghost Saber Cat. We managed to collect fifteen cat figurines before we found one that spawned the cat, whom she’s called “Mistwight” – I was thinking of calling it “Snowwight”, but decided that the two “w’s” in the middle of the name didn’t look “right”, so he (or she!) got “Mistwight” instead. Hmm… “Mistwight”… “Mystwight”… I might change it to “Mystwight”, wadd’yall reckon? By then it was getting close to lunchtime, and the electrician who was going to be installing the lights and switches in my bathroom had done all the preliminary work, like cutting holes in the ceiling for the lights and so-forth,  then came and told us that he’d be turning off the power in about twenty minutes. Julian had just taken off to go and pick up my favourite eldest daughter who was at the hairdresser getting a cut and colour done, so I hastily logged out of WoW, turned off the computer, and went and sat in the lounge room to read my kindle until the power came back on. I’d been going through all my WoW characters on the other realms, to see who could be “re-cycled” – and honestly, some of those characters are so old! Nimuë, a level 2 (!!) Hunter was in Ironforge – the Dwarven capital… how she got there, I have absolutely no idea! However, she didn’t have, and had never had, a Pet! Back in the days when she’d been created, Hunters didn’t get a Pet until they were level 10, and had earned the ability to capture and tame a Pet, after mastering the capture of three different types of animal! Blizzard changed all that a long time ago, giving new Hunters a Pet as soon as the character was created. So there was poor level 2 Nimuë, with no pet, and probably no prospect of ever getting one until she got to at least level 10. She hadn’t even done any of the baby quests in the starting area! She was in Ironforge, about as far away from Teldrassil as you can get, was in the Guild (Frobozz Electric), had heaps of things in her bank, and… she had a total of 490 gold pieces on her! All I can think of is that she must have been holding the gold for a character that I was “re-cycling”, and that another Guild Member must have “summoned” her to Ironforge for reasons which I can no longer remember! (fairly high level Mages are able to magically “summon” people to them – so having a friend, or a Guild Member who’s capable of summoning, is an excellent way of getting to places you normally wouldn’t be able to get to!) Anyway, Nimuë herself has now been re-cycled, after having sent all her worldly goods, and all her gold, to yet another Guild Member to look after until her eventual “re-creation”! The reason I didn’t just send off all those worldly goods and the gold to another character, and then simply delete Nimuë and create another character on a different realm, as I had initially planned, is because the Frobozz Electric Guild Bank is very well stocked, with lots of goodies! Anyway, I’ll have a bit of a play around in Borean Tundra (that’s the name of the realm!) and see what happens! 🙂

Bathroom thingz: well, the ceiling lights are in and operational, but apparently Clarke and Paul are still debating on what sort of led’s to use for the concealed lighting under the vanity unit. There’s a long strip of led lights coiled up under one of the drawer spaces at the moment, but Paul’s not terribly happy with it (he didn’t say exactly why he wasn’t happy with them, but I think they might be just a tad too bright?) The shower rail is in, as is the toilet. The toilet is actually “operational”, but can’t be used until at least tomorrow, to give the silicone time to set and harden properly. The painter is coming in tomorrow to do the outside (corridor) walls, the ceiling, the bathroom (sliding) door – and anything else that needs a touch-up. Paul will be putting in the glass shower screen, which will also have to sit while the silicone sets properly before the shower door can be installed. So all we’re really waiting on now is the caesarstone bench top! Unless there’s a tragic hold-up with the caesarstone bench top, my bathroom should finally be ready for me to move into by Sunday night! 🙂

My shoemaker rang us today – my first pair of shoes are finished! 🙂 We’re a bit tied up tomorrow – and besides, Thursdays are out for the shoemaker! So we’re picking them up on Friday, at 11 o’clock 🙂 New shoes… new bathroom – I won’t know myself! 😉

Food: Last night we had pan-fried chicken, with beans, I had my usual five chips, and half a tomato, followed by my diet jelly, but instead of my usual three prunes, I had a very small (and I do mean very small!) slice of Panforte (Siena Cake) But alas – I think my lovely ham, cheese and tomato on sourdough bread, plus the flourless pear cake, were the true culprits when it came to my weigh-in this morning, because…

Weigh-in this morning. I wonder if it was the sourdough or the flourless pear cake that was to blame? Or maybe it was both of them… I went back up a point this morning – from 65.0kg to 65.1kg! I think I’m going into “seesaw” mode again! One point down, two points up… five points up, three points down… :/ even though I’m not on those wretched little pills this time! It may also have something to do with the weather (though it’s far more likely to be my change of diet!)  – my feet are really quite swollen today – and it was only yesterday that I was thinking that my feet hadn’t been quite so swollen lately! Oh well, whether it’s the weather or the changes to my diet, I think that my sojourn in the 64kg zone is over, unfortunately! :/ Never mind – I wasn’t really expecting it to last (though it would have been nice if it did!)

I’m not sure how we’re going to handle tomorrow – it’s going to be hot again, I have an appointment at the hairdresser at 4 o’clock, and there’s going to be a lot of activity in my bathroom. When it’s just Paul doing the tiling or whatever, I don’t mind going out for a short time and leaving him to it, but there’ll be at least three people working in there for the better part of the day, and I sort-of don’t like to go off in case we’re needed to make some important decision or other. However it does look as though I’m going to have the major part of the morning to play around with my new and hopefully vastly improved Nimuë 🙂 Anyway, once again, that’s about it from me for this evening – do call back again tomorrow night, to find out all the latest – whether my weight has gone up, down, or stayed the same, if the caesarstone is ready, or if there’s going to be some ghastly delay on it, and what my new hair style looks like (I’m having a fringe cut into the somewhat longish front!) but until then, please bee good (because “you-know-who” is finalising his Naughty and Nice lists!) remember – never ruin an apology with an excuse, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep cool – or warm, depending on our crazy Melbourne weather, and to always drive carefully – but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂