Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.02

It was quite a good day today – as I told you last night, I’d been to have my Warfarin blood test yesterday (after which we sort-of got caught up in the burst fire hydrant mini-flood) and Dorevitch usually SMS’s the results through later in the afternoon or early evening, but we heard nothing at all from them – so I just took the dose I’d been taking – and with no SMS arriving this morning, we rang them. Well, I dunno – maybe they were on skeleton staff or something because of the long week end – they had my INR, but hadn’t worked out my dosage – they’d let us know! (most mysterious – this is after all a very serious condition, and what dosage you take is of great importance) Anyway, the SMS finally came though – my INR has gone up to 2.1, which is good, I’m to keep taking the same dosage as before (3.5mg per night) and my next blood test isn’t until October 22nd, so I guess they’re pleased with me 🙂 We also rang up about the treadmill, but the guy who handles them was right over the other side of the city and wasn’t going to be back before 12.30 this afternoon, so we arranged to see him then. Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really hate having my day chopped into little bits – neither of us likes starting something – like unpacking a box, f’rinstance – and having to leave everything all over the floor and the table because something else is happening. Nor do I want to start doing something in Rift, just get into it and absorbed with it, and have to leave it because we have to go somewhere or something. So as usual, I compromised, and made this header instead. At least with graphics, you don’t leave messes all over the floor and the table that has to be picked up and put away later on, and even if you do get all absorbed in what you’re doing, you can save it and return to the exact same spot you left it, rather than have to go galloping all over the countryside to get back to where you were! So what do you all think of this new header? I tried to stick with the Spring Theme as much as possible – “young” greens, blossom pinks, and flowery thingies. Yes, it’s “pink”, and I’m really not a “pink” person (my mother was though, but luckily it’s not a trait which I inherited!) but it’s not a “lolly pink”, or a bright pink – it’s quite muted, with a lot of black (read: grey) in it… I suppose you could even call it a “mushroom pink”? But that’s how I occupied most of this morning – the rest of the time I mucked around a bit on Facebook and did jigsaw puzzles… 🙂

So at noon, we headed off to the treadmill place – we’ve got to learn not to think it terms of Doncaster distances – this guy’s in Glen Waverley, and it only took us a few minutes to get there from here, so of course we were miles too early! Luckily I’d thought to bring my Kindle with me (I never leave home without it! You just never know when you’re going to have to wait for something – taxi… tow-truck… ambulance… 😉 ) and I think Julian used his phone as a Kindle. The guy rocked up at about the agreed upon time – 12.30pm – and we trudged up to his garage where he wheeled out the treadmill with the adjustable incline beastie. It looks almost exactly like the one we have at the moment, except that it has an extra set of controls on the left (I only have controls on the right) so there’s not many new things to have to learn or work out how to use – the incline has ten settings, all on the left of the machine. You adjust them by hitting the “+” or the “-” buttons, the same as you do for the speed buttons on the right. I hopped on and had a bit of a try-out – with my shoes on, which made me feel heavy and clumsy, and ruined my balance – it was still on its “steepest” setting, but I really didn’t feel as though I was going up a hill. However, the long and short of it is that we’ll swap our current one over for that one next Tuesday morning. It’s about $50 per month more expensive to hire than the one we have, but that’s understandable – it does more than this one! I’m really looking forward to trying it out – sans mes chaussures (without my shoes) 🙂

We’re still not sure if we’re seeing my favourite youngest daughter or not this Sunday, but just to be on the safe side, we’re going to be Rifting tomorrow – maybe not the whole day, but some of it, at least! 🙂 and on Monday, I’m off to The Glen! I get emails from both My Size and Autograph when they get new stock in, and because it’s beginning to warm up a bit (alright, a lot!) I’ve found that the summer T-shirts I have (all two of them!) (a) no longer fit me (they’re too big!), and (b) I’m afraid that it’s going to be quite a long time (and several surgeries) before I can wear short sleeves again! My arms have lost so much weight that the skin on my upper arms looks – how can I put it politely? – totally disgusting – there, that’ll do – so it’s going to be long, or three-quarter sleeves for me from now on :/ Autograph have some quite nice new tops in, with long and three-quarter length sleeves – I just hope they have them in extra small! (Yes, a size “Small” is now “a little on the large side” for me!) I can also go looking in Target and other stores now, without automatically crossing them off my mental list with an “Ahh! No point looking there – they don’t go up to my size!” Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get something a little cooler to wear than thick jumpers! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning. I’m starting to get both trepidated and suspicious – trepidated, because I know this run can’t last much longer, and suspicious, because… why?! I’m taking those wretched fluid-retaining pills – so why isn’t my weight going up?! Oh, no doubt it will – tomorrow, too, probably – but this morning I went down another point, from 73.2kg to 73.1kg. It would be really, really nice if I could get well down into the 72kg zone by early next week, but I’m not going to hold my breath! :/ Two days down, eight more to go… I see Dr. Y. again on November 10th (I really must have words with him about these horrible little pills!) and I would really, really like to get down to 65kg by then… I don’t think I’m in the race, but I’d really, really like to… *wistful look*

So, we didn’t do any unpacking of boxes yesterday, and we haven’t done any unpacking of boxes today. If we’re playing Rift tomorrow, it would seem highly unlikely that we’ll do any tomorrow either, and of course, if my favourite youngest daughter and her husband come over on Sunday, no unpacking of boxes is likely to occur. Monday’s out, my favourite eldest daughter is due over on Tuesday, so that leaves us until Wednesday, before we can get into any serious box rifling! Or have we managed to get our priorities muddled, somewhere along the line? *sigh* so many boxes left to go through… Anyway, once again, that’s about if from me for this evening! 🙂 Don’t forget to drop by again tomorrow night – find out if we did go Rifting, or if our guilty consciences forced us to go box emptying – and whether or not my weight suddenly remembered that it was supposed to be going up and retaining fluid, or went down… but… it’ll probably stay the same, unfortunately :/ But whatever happens, there’ll be lots of news and stories for you all, so until tomorrow night, do at least try to bee good, remember that you use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul – and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully, but most of all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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