Winter’s log, earthdate 201510.01

It’s been quite a busy day today – and yet there hasn’t really been enough time to settle down to do anything specific! After breakfast, for instance, I processed my Minions, but didn’t have the time to start doing anything with my Dimensions, so I logged out and “frittered” my time checking out Facebook, and doing a jigsaw puzzle! We had to be ready to walk out the door by one o’clock, and I was damned if I was going to leave without doing my lunchtime Treadmilling first – or having my lunch! I set out for my stroll around noon, ate my lunch faster than I normally would have, and wasted a bit more time, and had my shoes on at around five to one. That’s pretty good going, for me! 🙂 It was funny though – after lunch when I was getting myself ready, and doing such female things as repairing my lipstick, etc. I’d taken my glasses off and put them on the bench next to me, because I can’t see to put lipstick on when I’m wearing them – same as I can’t read with my glasses on because the page goes all blurry – Oh! The delights of severe myopia! 😉 I was so intent on being efficient and quick that I forgot to put them back on again – consequentially, when I left the bathroom to go and put my shoes on I kept bouncing off the walls and the door frames, because I couldn’t see where I was going properly. Julian was in the garage and kept hearing a string of “ow’s” and “oof’s!” as I went barreling clumsily between the bathroom and the Den. Did I go back and put my glasses on? Yes I did – after I’d barged my way into the Den and put my shoes on, so there was another series of “oof’s!” and “ow’s” as I again bounced off most of the door frames and walls, navigating my way back to the bathroom and my distance correcting glasses! Hmm! I think I’m going to have a couple of interesting looking bruises tomorrow! Oh well… 🙂 I went to the hairdresser first, so at least now I look vaguely human again – I can’t get over the fact that I’m starting to grow cheekbones! They look most unusual on me – I’m quite sure I never used to have them, way back in the days of the Cavemen, when I was young and skinny! :/ I must find some old photos and have a look… Next, we went to the Tower for me to have my Warfarin blood test, and we were going to call in at the Post Office downstairs afterwards to post a letter, but… there was an alarm ringing, and when the lift arrived at the ground floor, the whole place was awash! Water every which-where! Apparently a fire hydrant had burst somewhere – anonymous staff members were quite literally shoveling water out of the Commonwealth Bank, which is opposite the lift well, and copious amounts of water were running into the lift well, which wouldn’t have done the lift electronics too much good! Staff members were escorting people along detours which took us through the labyrinthine bowels of that area of Shoppingtown – so we never did get to post that letter from Doncaster. We thought we’d post it from the Vermont South Post Office on the way home, except that Julian remembered that we needed to pick up some printer ink, so we went to Officeworks instead 🙂 Never mind – we’ll post the letter tomorrow, when we go off to test-drive the treadmill with the adjustable incline 🙂 (if we remember!) Now we’re home (duh! obviously!) and I’m anxiously awaiting the results of my blood test… I really hope it’s a bit better than it wasn’t last week! :/

I had a wonderful idea of what to wear on my feet while I’m on the treadmill! Except on closer examination it turns out that it wasn’t quite as wonderful as I thought it was going to be. You see, I’ve been getting blisters on the soles of my feet. I can’t stand wearing shoes, and really, the shoes I do have are simply not suitable for wearing on a treadmill. So I’ve been wearing socks instead – thick soled running socks, from Athlete’s Foot – but since I’ve been getting the blisters, I’ve been wearing two pairs of socks at once, and it’s sort-of working. But thinking ahead to the rapidly approaching summer, the back yard, and the promised veggie garden an’ all, I’ve been thinking about how I’m going to fare out there. I could go bare-footed, but I’ve tried that, and the pebble-mix on the paths is a little “uncomfortable” to walk on in bare feet – so scratch that one! Unfortunately it’s just a little bit too far for me to jump directly from the outside decking onto the grass – and besides – I don’t jump! I could wear my good old doubled-up socks, but I don’t think they’d be adequate, and the pebble-mix would wear them out very quickly. And that’s when I had my brilliant idea! I could get a pair of insoles, and use them inside just the one pair of socks! That would protect the soles of my feet from both the treadmill, and the pebble-mix! I could make my own brand of “me” shoes, using different coloured pairs of socks! I could be a trend-setter! I could be famous! We were going to pick up a pair of insoles today to try it out… only we forgot (again! We forgot to bring the dry cleaning along today, too! We seem to be doing that a lot lately, don’t we! I wonder if it’s something to do with the air here in Vermont South? I’m sure we never used to forget so much, so quickly, in Doncaster – but I can’t remember…) It wasn’t until we were almost home that I remembered the insoles – and it was also then that I suddenly realised what was wrong with my oh-so-brilliant idea… can you guess what it was? 🙂 It was simply that… if you do manage, by some sort of fluke, to get the insole inserted properly and the right way up into a sock… How do you keep it in place while you’re putting the sock on your foot! Back to the drawing board… :/

Weigh-in this morning. Not a bad start to the month, I suppose… I went down one point, from 73.3kg to 73.2kg. It won’t stay down, of course, it’ll be back up again tomorrow, or the next day, because I took the first of my ‘orrible fluid-retaining pills this morning (one day down, nine more to go!) But we’ll see…

So that was our day today… and I’ve reluctantly come to the sad conclusion that I’m going to have to stop building my Dream Cottage by the Lake, and start re-collecting, re-collating, and re-storing all of my Dimension stuffz 😦 It’s going to take ages, and it’s going to be mind-numbingly boring – but it really has to be done – I don’t have the time to keep running from character to character, and from shard to shard, looking for items that I know damn well that I have, but which are not in the place where they’re supposed to be (because some bone-lazy individual couldn’t be bothered putting it back where it was supposed to go – or couldn’t remember where it was supposed to go, and just dumped it “any old where”! So now that same bone-lazy individual has to pay the price and re-organise everything! 😦 *sigh*) Oh well, it’ll be better when it’s all done – and I might not have to do it all again for a couple of years! 🙂 And that, dear peoples, is about it from me again tonight! Don’t forget to call in again tomorrow night, to find out if the treadmill with the adjustable incline was any good, and if we’re going to swap it over with the one that we currently have, and if my weight did go back up again, or stayed the same (as it probably will – courtesy of those wretched pills!) Hopefully I’ll have been able to start on my boring and somewhat Quixotic quest to sort out all my Dimension stuffz, so if I seem to keep falling asleep mid-sentence, you’ll know why! 🙂 Also, we should know by tomorrow night whether work on the veggie garden will be commencing on Sunday – I hope so – the weather is supposed to be good, and now that I actually have some Aerogard in my hot little paws, you might even find me out there too (providing I can find something to wear on my feet! And no, my shoes aren’t even suitable for walking around a garden!) But until tomorrow night, do continue to bee good, always remember that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change, and don’t forget to keep warm, to look after yourselves, and to drive carefully – but above all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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