Winter’s log, earthdate 201508.23

Only three more Stair Walks…

Oh dear, I meant to do so many things today, and all I’ve managed to really get done is… wash my hair! Duh! I guess I’m just a fritterer – I start doing something, get distracted, start doing something else, then – oh! time for my Stair Walk! I come back from that, and – pick up something else… See what I mean? I’m a fritterer – I end up getting lots of things started, and nothing finished! *sigh* I suppose I should count myself lucky that I managed to finish washing my hair! Anyway, Julian spent the morning doing more washing, packing up all his computer gear (he’s left his laptop here so he has something he can surf with) and ferrying it all over to Stillwater, where he is at the moment, setting it all up over there. Mine won’t go until tomorrow – or maybe Tuesday – because if it’s over there tomorrow, and we don’t move until the next day – how am I going to get my blog written?! So be warned – I might not be able to write anything for a couple of nights – it depends on when my computer gear is trundled over to our new abode, and how easily everything “slots together” when it is. Tell you what, if I can’t write my blog for a day or so, I’ll write an extra, extra long one for you, to fill you all in on what’s been happening while I was unable to write! 😉 Only kidding – but I might write a couple, one for each missing day, back-dated to reflect the day(s) I wasn’t able to write anything – I mean, I wouldn’t want you all to miss out on anything – I’d never be that thoughtless! 😉 Hopefully I won’t have to miss a day – but you just never know, do you! Paul was there when Julian arrived – his excuse for not being there yesterday was that he got held up, and didn’t get to pick up the door until after three o’clock, when he didn’t think it was really going to be worthwhile taking it all the way from Eltham to Vermont South, when he could bring it the following day (today) and make an early start. He hopes to be finished with the three taps, the showerhead and the two doors by close of work today (hmm I wonder if that includes cleaning up as well!) Ahh… I just had a phone call from Julian – progress report: he’s set up his “business-type computer” in his new office, but just dumped his “having fun” computer on the table-desk in the new Den. Paul has both doors hung and the plastering finished in the en-suite (though over-night a few pin-holes have appeared in the plaster which he’ll have to fill in and re-sand. Julian says that sometimes when plaster is drying it produces a small amount of gas which makes these pin-holes…) he’s changed the kitchen tap, and was in the middle of changing my second swivelly tap when Julian left, and he’s changed over my showerhead. Julian says he’ll clean up as best as he can with the built-in vacuum cleaner, and that we may see the two of them (Clarke and Paul) at some stage tomorrow – apart from that, we have the painters coming in some time in the middle of the week to paint the two new doors, and do a bit of touch-up work here and there. Then we should be free of tradespeople for five and a half weeks, when work starts on my bathroom! 🙂 I think I should start looking at vanity units around about now, because I really don’t think that what I want exists in a standard pre-made vanity unit – it might have to be custom-made… :/ Tomorrow, I have to ring and arrange to hire a treadmill – we’ve found the place, and chosen our machine – Julian says to arrange to have it delivered on Wednesday, if possible, though I don’t know which room we’ll end up putting it in. I guess it really doesn’t matter – we have three spare bedrooms to chose from 😉 We’ll hire it for a month, and see how it goes – if it’s suitable we’ll either buy one, or extend the lease… but I don’t want to have to go too long without being able to do some sort of exercise – missing out on my Stair Walks the other day couldn’t have been avoided, but I did feel guilty for not doing them, and what’s even stranger is the fact that I really do feel better (a feeling of general all-round well-being?) when I get back from a Stair Walk! Me! Who generally hates, loathes, and despises exercise! Who’d a thunk it! 🙂 Don’t worry though – I think there’s very little chance of me ever becoming addicted to exercise, or that you’ll see me deserting Rift and my graphics, and running off to buy a life-long membership at a Gym! (what a horrible thought!)

Weigh-in this morning. More surprises! Now even Julian is starting to comment on how weird it is that when I’m up near the top of a kilogram “zone”, my weight drops off in great big chunks, very quickly, but when I start getting down to the “.3” mark of the “zone”, it either slows right down, goes up, or stays the same! Weird! (well, I do have a reputation to maintain, so I guess it’s not really quite so weird, after all! Now, what would be really weird would be if I wasn’t weird… er… I think…) Anyway, I went down another three points, taking me from 77.9kg down to 77.6kg, which is good – but I’m still expecting a reasonably large Bounce Back…

Tomorrow, the packers are coming. I guess everything of mine in here except the computer, mouse, and keyboard can pretty much be packed – Julian’s home, and I have another new mouse. I really like my little “harlequin” mouse – he’s very pretty – but he has one glaring fault! When not being used, he “goes to sleep”, and needs to be switched off, and then back on again, to make him wake up. We think this new one will probably do the same, as it’s the same make – but one can be hopeful… It really is most annoying, having to turn your mouse upside down and “tickle his tummy” twice to make him wake up! But as I was saying, the packers are coming tomorrow, and I guess everything of mine in here can… pretty much be packed, except for the obvious items. I’ve still got one more Stair Walk tonight, and three tomorrow – and if I’m really lucky, a lucky last one on Tuesday morning, before we leave here… then I’ll just have to wait for the treadmill. So it’s not long to go now… I’ll try to keep my computer operational for as long as possible, but as I said earlier – no guarantees! :/ And so I guess that’s about all from me for tonight – but do drop in again tomorrow night (hopefully I’ll be here, if not, I’ll bring you all up to speed when I can, I promise! 🙂 ) I’m sure you can’t wait to find out if my weight went up, down, or boringly stayed the same – because I am getting to that part of the zone where that’s about a given! And I’ll let you know how the packers went, and how much is still left to be carted over to Stillwater, piecemeal, on Tuesday… and any other interesting little bits and pieces that I’ve suddenly thought of to tell you all! 🙂 Until then, however, continue to bee good, remember that you can’t do something unless you can imagine it, and don’t forget to look after yourselves, to drive carefully, and to keep warm – but most of all, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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