Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.31

Twenty days to go…

Today I did what was probably a very stupid thing, and I probably wasted a great deal of time… but that’s me in a nutshell – I decided that I was going to “standardise” – for want of a better word, all my characters in Rift. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the term “macro”, and I have quite a lot set up on Rift – short cuts to perform an action, like “wave”, and “thank” – and things like that. But I have a lot of characters spread out over six shards, and a lot of macros – many of which were the same, but used different icons or different names… and that’s what I thought I’d “standardise”. So I chose one girl at random, went through all her macros, neatened and tidied them up and got them all lined up neatly on the screen and in her macro “bank”…. simple, so far, right? Then I “imported” her macro set-up to all the other characters on that shard – bingo! They all had the same macros, the same macro icons, the same macro names… Then I went to do the same thing on the next shard, but by the time I started to duplicate my efforts there I got hopelessly muddled. Had I used that icon… or this one? Had I called it “squash squirrel”, or “shoot squirrel”? I couldn’t remember – of course, I could always go back and write it all down, but that would have been too easy, wouldn’t it! Instead, I went back, and… seeing as I had plenty of spare spots on the shard… transferred one of the girls across to the second shard. I wrote her name in my notebook: “Chryzanthemum can go back to Hailol on August 6th” (you can only transfer a character once every seven days, you see) Then I went through all the other characters on that shard, importing Chryzanthemum’s macros as I went. Choosing another girl at random on the second shard, I rinsed and repeated the process, and so on and so forth, though the whole six shards! All in the name of “uniformity”! The amount of concentration needed (I’m totally exhausted, by the way, mentally and physically!) and the amount of time wasted, all for the sake of blessed uniformity, was only exceeded by my lack of planning and thinking it through first! I could have – and should have – set up the macros and taken a screen shot. And if I’d been thinking at all (which obviously I wasn’t!) I would have thought “Ah, bugger this for a lark! Who cares if they’re all different, anyway!” and gone and done some questing instead! I am my own worst enemy, sometimes… as well as a glutton for punishment… But, it’s all done – and all I have to do now is wait seven days and then transfer everyone back to where they came from.

I used the new gunk I bought for my horribly dry and cracked feet last night, and I must say that it works extremely well! It also got itself all over the bathroom floor extremely well, too! Now, most of you should know me fairly well by now, and I’m sure that even relative newcomers to the blog will recollect me saying here and there how much I hate and detest shoes…I never miss a chance to tell anyone who’ll listen (and even those who don’t listen!) how I feel about having anything at all on my feet – shoes… socks… stockings… anything! I absolutely hate having anything except air on my feet. Well, that new gloop worked so well last night that this morning I determined to find a way around it spreading from my feet to the bathroom floor, and beyond. First I thought I’d put a towel down first, but that would only work as long as I didn’t move around much, like go to bed or something. Hmm… Socks! Yes, the very thing! Way back when I was first starting on my Stair Walking exercise, I was using the front stairs, not the fire escape. The front stairs were also concrete, but because they were more “public”, they’d been “prettied up” with chips of stone, to give them a more “textured and interesting” appearance. Unfortunately it also made them extremely painful to walk on with bare feet! So, before I decided, in desperation, to use the smoother and more comfortable fire escape stairs, I bought myself a couple of pairs of “walking socks” from Athlete’s Foot. I continued with the front stairs for about a week, struggling up and down them in my ‘orrible socks… but because I hate having anything on my feet, I gave up the socks (which were really quite light and comfortable) and the front stairs, and took myself off to the fire escape stairs instead. Anyway, this morning, after careful consideration and a lot of misgivings, I went and grabbed one of my pairs of “walking socks” before I used the new gloop. Well, the socks kept the gloop from getting on the floor, so I thought I’d wear them until I got back from my morning Stair Walk – it was so cold that I thought “if I can do the stairs in my shoes, I can do the stairs in my socks!”, and I’ve been wearing them all day, with no ghastly side effects from them, and even my hideously encased and trapped feet don’t seem to be minding them all that much, either! Amazing! Don’t get me wrong – I still hate having anything on my feet, but because it’s so cold on the fire escape, and because the socks protect my bathroom floor from the gloop, I shall persevere with the socks for a little while longer! Then I’ll probably cut them into little pieces and burn them.

Weigh-in this morning. Today has been a day of surprises, which started this morning when I hopped on the scales! I didn’t stay the same… and I didn’t go up… I went down another three points, from 80.8kg to 80.5kg! Tomorrow’s the first day of the month, and I’m to start on the new tablets that Dr. Y. prescribed for me – I’m really itching to find out if they’ll make me retain fluid too – he said that they wouldn’t (well actually he only said that they wouldn’t be as bad as the other ones) so I’ll see how they go – if it does look like I’m still buying shares in fluid keeping companies, I’ll take a second anti-fluid pill – if not, I won’t 🙂

I looked around for mirrors this afternoon – you know, the mirrors that I found online are almost as miserable and as unimaginative as the floor lamps I was looking at yesterday! One wonderful mirror place only showed you the beautifully crafted corner of the frame, didn’t show you the full mirror (let alone a close up of one!) but the most amazing thing that they didn’t show you was the ruddy price! You could almost picture the spruiker in his sharp lapelled checked coat, standing outside the mirror shop with his microphone in his hand, extolling the beauty of this wonderful mirror: “Here it is, ladies and gentlemen! Look at the fantastic craftsmanship in this corner here! Beautiful plumage! No, I’m afraid we can’t show you the full item – we can only show you this corner – nor can we divulge its price! But buy one, and we’ll give you a discount!” So anyway, we’re going to have a look at a mirror shop tomorrow – not the one with the spruiker, a different one, somewhere in Carlton? Collingwood? I fergit… but it’s city-wards, anyway. I’m also hoping that we might be able to get to an OzLighting shop – if we can find where they have a store! All I can find is an online store, and I’m afraid that we like to actually set eyes on things before we buy them – pictures online are all very well, but these things are expensive, and they’re going to be in your home, fer goodness sake! Yes, I know I’m being totally unreasonable, but I wanna be able to touch one, before I take it home! 😦

So those are our – semi – plans for tomorrow. I’d also like to go and put our foot on a clothes dryer, in case there are going to be any sort of delivery delays. Julian wants to start getting the packers in next week, so that we can get things packed up and ready to go without having to do it all in a hurry. Frankly, I think it’s a good idea, though we shall see what happens during the next week and a bit… If the Vendors would like an early settlement it would be good to be ready for it. We can’t change the furniture delivery date, but we can get things like a door for the en-suite and walk-in wardrobe underway, electrical cabling installed, and the cable modem set up, etc., etc… It would indeed be very nice to have all of that done before we move the furniture in! However, that’s about all from this muddle-headed person for tonight! 🙂 Don’t forget to drop by again tomorrow night – will we have found (and bought) a suitable mirror for the bedroom? Did we manage to find a real, live, bricks and mortar OzLighting shop? And if so, where the blazes was it? Will my weight have reacted badly to the new medication, and gone up? Who knows! But you will, because around about this time tomorrow night, all your questions, and more, will be answered! 😉 But until then, contain yourselves in patience, and continue to bee good! Remember that good friends help you to find important things when you’ve lost them… your smile, your hope, and your courage… Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully… but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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