Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.26

On this day in a month’s time, we’ll have been in our new home for one whole day (give or take an hour or so), we’ll have spent our first night there, and will probably not have had our first jaunt in The Plane of Water in our new “Den” – because the computers and all the rest of the equipment will probably still be in the process of being set up to himself’s meticulous satisfaction 🙂 However, today we did have a nice little jaunt in the Plane of Water, and despite the fact that Trion had a 50% bonus experience weekend in play (everyone playing receives 50% more experience points for everything that does, or can, gain you experience! Nice! 🙂 ) we only managed to get our experience bars up two and three quarter “bubbles”! We killed, and we bashed, and we maimed ruthlessly, and only moved two and 3/4 “bubbles” towards level 65! That’s how s-l-o-w leveling up is at this stage! Sheesh! At this rate we’ll still be level 64 when we move, in a month! (less than a month, now! 😀 ) We did die – several times, in fact! I died three times, and Julian died twice. The first time Julian died was in a Boss fight at the end of the quest chain that we hadn’t been able to complete last week, because it was “glitched” – remember? Anyway, it had finally re-set itself, and that was the first thing we did when we started playing this morning – we went off to finish the unfinished! The glitched part over, we then had to complete the rest of the quest chain, which was set in a “Nightmare” version of Meridian, the Defiant capital city. First of all we had to go around “eliminating” various “Nightmare” versions of our Fearless Leaders and Local Stalwarts, and only then were we able to confront the Big Boss himself – a rather nasty dragon whose name I can’t remember at the moment – in the central courtyard. He had some pretty nasty attacks, including a full on flame blast, which is, I think, what killed Julian the first time… It took quite a while, but we eventually got him down, then we moved on to the final part of the Draumheim sector/zone. When we arrived at the final show-down, I said to Julian “Uh-oh! I remember this bit! It’s not nice!”, to which he replied that we hadn’t been able to finish it last time, either, and that he didn’t think much of our chances… In fact, we did get to finish it last time, but only after our second attempt at it (our first attempt ended in multiple deaths each!) and the fact that someone else was also doing the quest and we joined up with them to finish the final Boss off. It’s really a five-person quest end Boss fight – I don’t really think it’s possible for a two-man (or woman) team to complete it, quite frankly! Really, it’s a PUG fight (and you know what I had to say about PUGs last night! Not very complimentary! 😉 ) The fight(s) are in three sections and there are three Bosses that you have to defeat, one after the other – and each one is nastier, meaner, and has more lethal attacks than the one before it. There are a few (very few!) aides along the way – items that you can break which restore some of your health, etc., but I doubt that even a couple of level 65’s would be able to get through all three Bosses without a great many casualties! Julian died once there, and I died three times! 😦 (it cost me over a platinum to get healed, too!) It was a case of déjà vu – we scuttled off with our tails between our legs again! :/ We will go back and complete it, but… not just yet! 🙂 Instead, we took off for Tarken Glacier – the next zone in the Plane of Water – and started picking up quests there. Most of them were very easy and straight-forward, but I remembered why I disliked the area so much last time… The [heavily censored] snow storms! You can’t see a thing! Everything is white – or at least a foggy sort of white – with lumps of snow speeding almost horizontally all around you! And I have trouble finding my ruddy cursor at the best of times! I kept wandering off the wrong way, over-shooting the mark, getting lost… I hate snow storms! At one stage we had to use a tracking device to find some animals in the snow – the quest kept saying very unhelpful things like “follow the tracks” – I couldn’t see the wretched tracks! I just had to keep following Julian’s blue dot on the screen, because that was all I could see! And to think that I grizzled about fighting under water! *rolls eyes* Oh well, I do know that it gets better and less snowy further along:/

Tomorrow my reprieve is over, and I’ll be assigned to “drawer duty” – under Julian’s supervision, just in case I try to save something that he thinks needs to be thrown out! 😦 Then he has some Body Corporate work to finish off, and, hopefully soon after, he’ll be standing down as the committee Secretary – there wouldn’t be time to do any more work anyway, before we moved (and he sure as eggs won’t be doing any more work for them after we’ve moved!) So apart from the drawers, I guess I have tomorrow pretty much free… although I do have a very vague feeling that something’s scheduled to be occurring tomorrow – I just can’t remember what! :/ I guess I’ll remember when the front doorbell rings, or someone turns up with some sort of delivery for us…

Weigh-in this morning. Well, I was pretty sure I’d go up this morning, or at the very least, stay the same… but no, I went down two more points, from 81.5kg to 81.3kg! Amazing! Unfortunately, this means that I’ll definitely be going up again tomorrow morning! :/

I think I might have mentioned last night that I’d started “cleaning out” the shards that I have characters on, and I plan on continuing doing that tomorrow after I’ve finished with sorting and cleaning out the drawers full of items that are now too big for me, stuff that belonged to mother that are no longer relevant …and precious mementos of my childhood that must be preserved at all costs! (What was that sweetheart? Am I trying to make you feel guilty? No, of course not! You know I’d never dream of doing anything like that! 😉 ) So yes, once again I shall try to “whittle down” the number of characters that I have… I mean, I can’t take shards full of extraneous and irrelevant characters into our new house, any more than I can bring drawers full of underwear that’s too big for me, can I! 😉 And with that, gentle readers, that’s about all from me for tonight – don’t forget to call back again tomorrow night to find out how the great “Culling of the Drawers and Shards” went, what I managed to salvage, and why, and also whether or not my weight went up, down, or stayed the same! (ahhh… a most welcome cup of coffee has arrived to keep me focused until the end of this paragraph! 😉 ) (Julian has only just fed Flipper, and already she’s yowling at the door saying “I’ve finished my dinner! Let me out! I want some “Daddy Pats” now!”) So I’ll see you all tomorrow night – until then, though, continue to bee good, don’t forget that to truly enjoy life you need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you. Remember to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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