Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.18

*There’s another update on the “As Seen On…” page tonight – from Bored Panda

Well, here I am, late again (or as usual – take your pick! 😉 ) Not because we were back late from our shopping, and not because I was busy doing something graphicky, or because I was playing Rift… No, I’m late because I was playing Final Fantasy XIV! It was a case of “I’ll just finish off this quest and hand it in…” – handing in a quest usually leads to being given another quest which you’ll “just finish this last one…” – and so it goes. So I probably won’t get this finished before dinner tonight – sorry about that one, Chief(s)!

We did go shopping for more furniture this morning, and as I’d indicated we would, we went to Hardly Normal first, expecting to see a wide range of outdoor furniture and some really nice desks… *sigh* Didn’t I say something the other night along the lines of “The best laid plans of mice and men”? Well, our best laid plans did indeed “gang (aft) agley”! We walked into a Harvey Norman store with an almost completely empty top section. All their outdoor furniture was …gone. Disappeared. Vanished. Not there. Oh, there was plenty of other furniture in the store – just not of the outdoor species! There were even quite a lot of desks – not that I could get in to see them of course – they were jam-packed together so tightly that I think even a flea would have screamed in agony trying to squeeze in between them! Well, Julian was able to weave his way in and out of the desks, but he’s quite a lot thinner, and definitely a lot more agile, than my wheelchair. In the end I sat in what was laughingly called an “aisle”, and Julian took photos of some of the more interesting desks, and so that I could look at them on his phone. Hardly the ideal way to shop for desks! None of the desks were really what we were after – either too “minimal” (a wide plank or piece of board on top of four posts), or too “fussy” (cheap embossed fake leather in the middle of the desk top) There were a couple of half-decent glass topped desks, but they were too small. In the end, I asked the salesgirl if they had any glass topped tables. Well, of course Hardly Normal had glass topped tables! After all, they had just about everything else! (except outdoor furniture – they’d cleared out all the old outdoor furniture because they were expecting a new shipment in – but unfortunately it hadn’t arrived!) The girl showed us a couple of glass topped tables, neither of which were suitable to use as desks – actually she seemed to be having a bit of trouble with the concept of using a table as a desk… When I asked her if there were any other glass topped tables, she said no – so of course I immediately spotted several of them ‘just over there, see?’ “What about those?”, I asked – “can we have a look at those please?” She and Julian walked straight to them – I took the long way round… (I really must drop Harvey N. an email about the fact that disabled people’s money is just as good as that of able-bodied customers, so why was he denying disabled customers adequate access to his stores, hmm?) There were four fairly nice glass topped tables there, and in the end I had to get up and walk over to get a proper look at them (so I limped very heavily, just to make the salesgirl feel bad – though it really wasn’t her fault that everything was packed in so tightly, so I feel a bit guilty about it now… but only a bit! 😛 ) Anyway, we looked at those tables, and discussed those tables, and measured them, and looked at them again… In the end, we bought three of the glossy white ones. The table’s made from glossy white wood, with a clear greenish glass top – you can see it here – and looks eminently suitable to be used as a desk. Unfortunately the photo’s a bit on the dark side and it’s a bit hard to tell that the glass in the middle is in fact clear… but because it’s sitting on top of the glossy white wood it looks opaque. So, why did we buy three of them? Well, one for me, one for himself… and one for printers and other “accessories”. They come as a flat-pack, and I would have liked to have had them installed for us – but no… Mr. Independence, Julian, wants to assemble them himself (*rolls eyes in exasperation*) Now all we have to do is get a nice “official” looking desk for Julian’s Office, and… the ruddy outdoor furniture, which I had optimistically thought we’d be able to get today. Still, on our way home, we did drive past at least three shops that specialise in Outdoor Furniture, so we may go and have a look at them on Monday… or Wednesday…

Weigh-in this morning. Didn’t I say that it was too good to be true? Well, maybe not in those exact words, but that’s what I was implying… and as I was half expecting, I didn’t go down again today 😦 However I didn’t go up, either (I think that’s happening tomorrow…) I ruddy-well stayed the same! 83.0kg! Grr! That means I now only have two days left to get under 83.0kg! I’m getting so nervous! I wish it was Wednesday! :/ Perhaps I should take two anti-fluid tablets tomorrow! Arrrggghhh!

Well, tomorrow’s Sunday, and Julian and I have our special “Wallowing Wantonly in the Plane of Water” day. I must tell you that after the last Update, when things went somewhat awry, Trion, the makers of Rift, decided to give us all a little present to make up for the shards being down for so long. Actually, the term “present” is incorrect – one doesn’t usually pay for one’s presents, unless it’s something that you’re going to give someone else. And we had to pay for this (these?) presents. Twenty Dollars – the cost of half my usual monthly Rift “allowance”. The one “present” counts for all characters on your account, so it was cheap at half the price! We got a new mount – pretty much the same as our amphibious, round “surf board”, except that this one is made out of hot lava! Another 32 slot bag, two “troves” of boosts, and a new attribute-boosting cape (i.e. adds quite a bit extra to your intelligence, dexterity, strength, wisdom, or whatever) The “present” was well worth the twenty dollars – Julian bought one too – but I have yet to run around all the shards that I have characters on, picking everyone’s goodies up! Goodness knows when I’ll get a chance to do that! :/

*sigh* :/ I thought so….

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Sorry about that, I had to go and get my Stair Walk done so that I could have dinner… and then we watched “Father Brown”, and an episode of “Person of Interest” (and Julian’s just met the character “Shaw” for the first time! 🙂 ) – now, where was I? (reads back….) right! So tomorrow we’ll be back in (or on?) The Plane of Water, where hopefully we’ll manage to get up to level 64 – I have three “bubbles” to go, and I suspect that Julian has about another four… but It should be a good day all round! 🙂 On Monday morning I think we’ll be heading off to one of those outdoor furniture places, and in the afternoon I’m getting my hair done for Tuesday morning. By Wednesday, I hope I’ll be able to breathe again… And that, I think, is about all from me again tonight. Don’t forget to drop in again tomorrow night to see how we went on the Plane of Water – did we die? and if we did, how? More importantly though, did we both make it up to level 64?! If we did, it means that we only have one more level to go… then I guess we’ll just… start all over again! 🙂 I’m hoping against hope that my weight will be down a bit more tomorrow, but as we all know by now, my weight is as mercurial as Melbourne weather – who knows what it’ll do from one day to the next! So come and read my tale of woe if it doesn’t drop a bit more, or my joyous cries of delight if it does! In the meantime, please continue to bee good, always remember that kindness is more important than wisdom, and that the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom! Don’t forget to take care of yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully, but most importantly, please don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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