Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.09

Well, today’s “The Day” – the first of the “preparation days” before the Transformation of our comfortable and familiar abode, into a cold and soul-less Display Home for the hoi poloi to traipse through, opening cupboards best left closed, and drawers that are really none of their business, because the drawers will be coming with us (for the most part, anyway) Flipper, poor little girl, has been locked in the bathroom whilst the people are moving the furniture out, though she was out this morning while the packing lady was packing up everything from all the cupboards in the hall, the “lesser” display cabinet, the chest at the end of our bed, everything movable from the Spare Room (except for the floor rug – Sharron wants that to stay). Flipper decided that the best thing she could do was to sleep in her “cave” and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary was happening – but she won’t be able to turn a blind eye this evening when we let her out of the bathroom – her couch will be gone, as will her “Daddy Patting Chair” – and all of her familiar surroundings will be gone for ever and ever. Tomorrow the new rented furniture will arrive for the duration – I have absolutely no idea what it’ll be like, whether it’ll be comfortable enough, what colour it’ll be (let’s just hope it doesn’t involve puce and “Kelly” green!) and whether Flipper will accept it (which she probably will, eventually – though with very bad grace!) While all the packing was going on this morning, and Flipper was pretending very hard that it wasn’t, I was in here nervously drifting from one thing to another. I tried playing Rift for a bit, but I just couldn’t concentrate, and I ended up leaving Chaviv back in Argent Glade (again!) cooling his heels in the Pub there. When you finish playing for a while, nearly everyone tries to get to a place where you can get “rest” time while you’re offline. You get “rest” time in places like Inns, Major Camps, and of course, your home City. Why bother? Well, because “rest” time doubles your experience for the same amount of time that you spent “resting”, and anything which increases your experience gains is worth having, or doing! So, poor old Chaviv got to finish off about two quests before I took him back to Argent Glade. Then I tried some graphic-ing. That didn’t even last as long as Chaviv did, and I gave that up as a bad joke, too. In the end, I went searching for furniture. I don’t know if it’s just that I was holding my mouth the wrong way, or something, but I found it almost impossible to find decent furniture places in which to look for what we wanted. It was probably my own fault for not having the syntax right, but Googling for things like “retail furniture melbourne au”, or “lounge suites melbourne au” brought me everything from bird baths to second-hand bikes, with very little “new” furniture, or large furniture stores. In the end, I had to dredge the bottom of the barrel which is my mind, looking for the actual names of furniture places – did you know that the place where they’re supposed to treat you like a Guest (Guest’s) is now only for rental furniture? Or so Google would have me believe, anyway. So I looked up a few other names I knew, off the top of my head (why does everything have to be so complicated these days? All I wanted to do was Google a simple list of furniture stores in Melbourne that I could go and look at – why did I get just about everything under the sun except what I was asking Google to find for me?! Yeah, I know… syntax. Grrr!) In the end I managed to compile quite a nice, long list of leather modular lounge suites, 9 piece tables settings, desks, and bedroom suites. I haven’t been able to locate a suitable mirror for the bedroom yet, and I haven’t finished looking at desks yet – but as I saved all the websites for these pieces of furniture, with my notes on each of them, to Speed Dial, I now have the delightful task of copying them all into LAN Messenger, so that I can send them on to Julian! Arrggghhh! It would have been a lot quicker and easier if I’d simply saved everything directly to a Notepad file that I could then “scrape and copy” into LAN Messenger for him! *sigh* Oh well, I suppose that no-one’s perfect, least of all me! :/

Weigh-in this morning. My weight graph is beginning to look like this: /\/\/\ ! Monday: 84.4kg. Tuesday 84.3kg. Wednesday 84.4kg. Today 84.3kg! Treading water… running on the spot… wasting time! Thank all the powers that be that I only have one more wretched day of these rotten, horrible, fluid retaining bloody pills! Even then, it’s going to take about three or four days until I get them out of my system again – and by then it’ll be too late! I won’t be well on my way under 84.Xkg before I see Dr. Y. on the 21st! It’s not fair!

Tomorrow morning I’m off early to have my next Warfarin blood test (which reminds me – I should get my script out now – I need to get some more of the 1mg tablets) then it’s on to the Hairdresser, and with any luck we should just make it home in time for the arrival of the rental furniture. I’m not quite sure what we’re getting, but there’ll be a new, smaller lounge suite in “neutral colours”, to make the room look bigger, and Sharron’s going to bring some tall stools for the island bench, to make a “breakfast bar” out of it, “new” chairs for the round dining room table, a proper (smallish) proper bed for the spare room, other bits and pieces for the spare room, a pale and neutral colour doona cover for our bed *rolls eyes*, various cushions, vases, flowers, mirrors, and other falderal. In short, they’re going to try (“try” being the operative word!) to turn this place into a Display Home! And that part’s the easy part! We then have to try to keep it like that until August 19th :/ *sigh*

Oh dear, the last of the spare computer chairs is being wheeled out, even as I type! :/ They were all going to go, apart from Julian’s Den chair, his Office chair, and this one of mine, but I said “Hang on, leave a spare one for visitors! What’s my favourite eldest daughter going to sit on next week!” So we’re keeping one spare computer chair – too bad if she brings Neale with her next week 😉 And that, gentle readers, it pretty much it from me for tonight! Needless to say, I didn’t even remember to have a second look at Final Fantasy XIV – maybe tomorrow, if there’s time… But do call back again tomorrow night, and I’ll tell you what the new furniture looks like, and if it did turn out to be in shades of puce and “Kelly” green! (oh, I do so hope not!!) I’ll be able to fill you all in on how well Flipper is coping with this tsunami-like upheaval in her life, and what my weight’s doing. I’m really starting to despair this time – if I don’t start going down properly soon I may have to decide on more drastic measures, like doing all my Stair Walks twice each (down, up, down, up, for each Stair Walk) – and if that doesn’t start the weight moving again, nothing will! Julian has just brought me (yet another) cup of coffee – I won’t be getting dinner until after 8 o’clock, cos he has to go off to the Storage place with the Removalists so that he can let them in, and lock up again after them. I’ve persuaded him to feed Flipper before he goes – I can wait until after 8 o’clock for my dinner, because I understand the reasons for the wait, but it’s not fair to leave Flipper locked up in the bathroom (where she normally has her dinner anyway) until he gets home. Oh! What a fun day it’s been! …NOT! And now I shall once again behoove you all to try to bee good, don’t forget that if you try, you risk failure, but if you don’t try, you ensure it! Remember to drive carefully, to keep warm, and to look after yourselves…. but most importantly, remember to… stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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