Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.06

*There’s another update on the “As Seen On…” page tonight – from Flickr…My new desktop Bookmarks Wallpapery-thingy…

Well, I was going to start early today, but by the time I got everything organised, captured the new Bookmarks Wallpapery-thingy screenshot, re-sized it, got it uploaded onto Flickr, and updated the “As Seen On…” page to my satisfaction, it wasn’t quite so early, after all! Ah well… Anyway, I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out. So I didn’t really get any Rifting in this morning, I was too busy counting pixels in order to find out the exact centre of the area where the side columns were going. It only looks like a very short distance across when you’re viewing the actual pixel size, but when you zoom right in, all of a sudden it turns into 239 almost 1/4 inch size squares that you’re trying to count! And of course there’s a quicker and easier way to count the ruddy things, but I just thought “Oh, it’s not very big – I’ll just count ’em by hand” – stupid of me, really… all I had to do was save the column as a new file, which would have given me the pixel count in one fell swoop, so to speak, then I could have divided that, created a fixed size selection grid, and bob’s your Uncle! So… silly me did it the long, boringly tedious way, but it’s the end result that matters, and I was finally able to place the side columns correctly. And as I said – I’m quite pleased with the way it’s turned out – I think I must be entering my “soft green stage” or something, as I seem to be using those colours quite a bit… and at least it’s a change from my usual blues, greys and mauves…

I’ve been doing a bit of “updating” on my Facebook site – someone asked me last night why I hadn’t updated my profile picture and that he had no idea who he was talking to 🙂 I updated it this morning… and seeing as just about everyone (well, alright, a few people) have used pictures of birds for their profile pictures… I used a picture of a very pretty Egyptian Mau cat, and a cut down version of one of my favourite desktop wallpapers as my profile photo. I also updated my music, books, etc. profile, and various other bits and pieces (like putting in my correct birth date – much as I hated doing it 😦 ) So… what you see there is exactly what I am – una vecchia contadina (an old peasant woman) complete with black clothes, and a black scarf tied around my head to keep my blasted right ear warm! Oh, and speaking of “warm”, I actually did wear my shoes last night when I did my evening Stair Walk! And no, I didn’t fall down the stairs – but I did have to go a lot slower – there doesn’t seem to be as much room on the step as there is when I’m bare footed… I was also very grateful for the stair rail! I felt terribly precarious… and it was so noisy! Now, I know they’re ugly, clumsy-looking, un-graceful, clod hopping “shoes” (a Clydesdale’s shoes look smaller and prettier!) but I never thought that they’d be as noisy as they were! Clatter! Clunk! Clomp! Clink! – all the way down, and up, the stairs. The echo in the fire escape is very loud, too, so for every “Clatter! Clunk! Clomp! Clink!”, there was a corresponding echoed “clatter! clunk! clomp! clink!” a couple of seconds later. If I wear my shoes to do my Stair Walk in the evenings, I’m going to need ear plugs as well (I’m actually surprised that no-one complained about the noise!) However, it worked – or else my left foot has given up trying to turn me into a human icicle – at least for the time being, anyway. I shall probably try to wear my shoes for my Stair Walk again tonight, though I think the secret to not freezing my foot off is to go earlier, rather than later, as that gives me more time to sit with my feet on the tiled floor – nicely warmed by the ceiling lights downstairs! No such luxuries at Vermont South, though! It’s a concrete slab house, so the floor will be fairly cold anyway – it has central gas heating for the winter, and refrigerated central air conditioning for the summer, but there’ll be no warm floor tiles in the winter 😦 I don’t want to move, now! *pout* (yes I do! I was only kidding! 🙂 ) The shoes I have at the moment were made by a guy who was intent on making shoes that would be good for my feet… which was not what I wanted at all! What I wanted was something comfortable, that I could actually walk in, not clump in! They’re almost worn out now, and I’m going to need new shoes before summer… and this time (we’ll probably be going to someone else) I’m going to insist that they’re made my way, to my specifications! No “built-in” orthotics, to give my feet “extra support”, no heavy, clunky soles that don’t bend or flex – I want something that’s going to feel like my bare skin, only tougher and less sensitive. I want a pair of shoes that I’m not even going to know I’m wearing! Is that too much to ask for?! (to which the answer is most likely a resounding “YES!” :/ )

Weigh-in this morning. “Too much to ask for” seems to be appropriate here… You remember how I’ve been losing weight rapidly, and I’ve been grizzling that I was going to get a “Big Bounce Back”? Well, all those “Big Bounce Backs” have hit me at once, like a sharp punch to the stomach! I was absolutely shattered this morning… I went up three points! Three! From 84.1kg to 84.4kg! This is not the right time to be doing this to me, body! I feel like a female “Jabba the Hutt”, from Star Wars 😦

Sharron the Stylist was supposed to come over this evening, to see how we’re going with the de-cluttering – but she rang and took a rain check – apparently she’s suffering from one of the many “dreaded lurgies” going around at the moment. She’ll be coming around tomorrow morning, about 10-ish. I hope  she doesn’t bring her “dreaded lurgie” with her tomorrow, and I hope she’s not going to be late, or stay too long – we have an appointment to do our measuring over at Vermont South (drat it! I really have to think of a single word name for the place – writing “Vermont South” all the time is just too laborious!) (I still like the name “Stillwater” – I’m going to call it that, from now on – it’ll be easier on all of us!) so… we have an appointment to do our measuring at Stillwater at 1.00pm, and I do not want to be late for that! However, it’s given Julian a bit of leeway with the spare room (he’s in there now, I think!) Hopefully he’ll get it finished before 10.00am tomorrow! 🙂 Apart from the arrival of Sharron the Stylist, and our measuring appointment, I don’t think I have anything “important” on tomorrow, so now that I’ve finished my desktop wallpapery-thingy, I should be able to get a bit of Rifting in… (of course, I could always make a new header for the blog…. only kidding! (a bit…) 😉 )

So anyway, once again, that’s about it from me for tonight. Do drop back again tomorrow night though – there’ll be lots to tell you all – about Sharron the Stylist and her “dreaded lurgie”, and what she had to say about our de-cluttering efforts (or lack thereof!), how our measuring went over at Stillwater (and if we still like the place!) what my wretched weight decided to torment me with in the morning :/ and whether I wore my shoes for my evening Stair Walk or not, and did they again save my left foot from freezing solid (or semi-solid) and apart from all of the above, whether I had a nice, quiet day Rifting (or graphic-ing?) Whatever happens, there’ll be lots to talk about – so don’t miss out! 🙂 Until then, however, do try to continue beeing good, remember that If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old! Don’t forget to look after yourselves, to keep warm, and to drive carefully – but most importantly, don’t forget to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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