Winter’s log, earthdate 201507.02

Well, here I am – feeling a tad more human now, with my hair done properly 🙂 As soon as I got in the front door, I shed my feet and took off for the fire escape, so that’s my evening Stair Walk done and out of the way – now I can concentrate on getting this done! 🙂 Let’s see… I spent most of this morning dusting, polishing, wrapping, and packing all my little Shelf Treasures – and I have a broken fingernail and two very nice paper cuts to prove it! I even packed up 3/4 of my desk bits and pieces, too – all that’s left is my photo of my precious boy, Gingee, my prescription box, my Serenity stone, my clock, my working amethyst, and my little pink pussycat pen. The prescription box and the clock can’t be packed until the last minute, and Gingee’s photo, the stone, the amethyst, and the little pink pussycat pen won’t be packed at all. They’ll all travel with me in my handbag on moving day, but I utterly refuse to sit at my desk without those four very special items. But boy, was my back killing me! I couldn’t sit down to wrap, because it put me on the wrong angle to see what I was doing, and while I did try sitting down to dust, clean, and polish things, I was up and down constantly, which was even more tiring than just standing up, so I ended up shoving the chair away and just… leaning on the bench a lot :/ Julian made me sit down and take a break at about 11 o’clock when he brought me some (much-needed and greatly appreciated) coffee, and again, at lunch time, I sat down to have my Berry Crunch bar, then I went off for my lunch time Stair Walk, had a cup of tea, and got back to my wrapping! We finally heard back from Julian-the-Agent this afternoon about getting measurements from Vermont South – I didn’t know this, but apparently we’re allowed two visits before settlement – one “whenever”, and another one, usually a day or two before settlement – probably just to make sure that the Vendors are leaving the place in a fit state, or something. Anyway, we’ll go and get our measurements next week, on the 7th – then we might be in a better position to go looking for furniture! That is, if we can take the time off from packing… though apart from the items that we have to get out of the apartment and into storage before all the rental furniture arrives and the whole place transformed into a “Display Home”, I was under the impression that the Removalists would be doing the packing and unpacking for us. But even packing only the things that Sharron doesn’t want on display will take a while… *sigh* I wish it was September…

On the way back from the Hairdresser we called into DJ’s – I’d only bought one pair of undergarments the other day – just in case they didn’t fit (size 16? You’ve got to be joking! I don’t fit into size 16 again surely?! But I did, and what’s more, they were comfortable!) So I went back and bought a few more… I also got myself a new handbag – as most of you know, I nearly always wear black (I like it, and it suits me!), and I have black shoes (or what’s supposed to pass for shoes, anyway) but… I have a brown handbag. A bit like a guy going to a formal “black tie” function, wearing a tuxedo with a dazzling white shirt, a black bow tie… and wearing brown shoes! Actually, I do have two black handbags, but one is too small, and the other, a very good Oroton one, is too heavy! The silver clasp on it weighs at least half a ton, I’m sure! So both of them are going – free to a good home, if anyone wants one or both of them – otherwise they’ll be donated to the local Op-Shop, or similar. Anyway I always feel more than slightly uncomfortable, especially when I’m dressing to impress, wearing all black (or all very dark colours, anyway) and carrying a light-ish brown handbag. Today I remedied that – I got myself a nice black handbag 🙂 Now I shall feel “proper” when I go out, and not feel like cringing 🙂

I’m not sure what’s happening tomorrow – probably more packing – I know the two bookcases in the spare room have to be emptied out and the books packed away – Sharron wants the bookshelves emptied, and the bookcases themselves preferable gone, so we’ve told both her and the luscious Carmen that whatever they want us to do with, or to, the apartment, we’ll go along with – and even if it does make life a little less comfortable for us, it’s not forever, and we can stand a little (but not too much! 😉 ) discomfort, if it’ll get us a better price for the place. The cleaners – Sharron’s mob – came around today to case the joint, and according to Julian, they were quite pleased with the state of the apartment – one can only wonder at what sort of a state of some of the places they have to go into to clean up for sale must be like! We’ve told them that all the doors and light switches need cleaning up, and probably the skirting boards, as well ( another three areas where our cleaning lady never goes, even when we ask her to!) I think a touch of remedial painting will need to be done, too – apparently there’s a bit of rust showing on the balcony “fence” (whatever it’s called – “balustrade”?) Whoever would have thought that there’d be so much ruddy work involved in selling a property?! :/

Weigh-in this morning. It was a three-scale weigh-in today – the first time it went down to 84.2kg – only one point lower than yesterday, which was bit (alright, a lot!) disappointing! So I hopped off the scales, and then back on them, for confirmation… This time it went down to 84.0kg. Hmm! better weigh myself a third time, just to be sure… Hop off, hop on… down to 84.0kg again. So Correct Weight was called at 84.0kg – down three points! Hopefully I’ll hit the 83kg zone tomorrow, though it’ll be day 3 of my nasty fluid retaining pills, so who knows which way the scales will tip! 😉

Well, with a little bit of luck, I might even be able to get a bit of Rifting in tomorrow – or some graphic-ing – I bought another font today, and I experimented with it on a new proto-header while I was having my lunch. It’s another Art Deco font, and it’s quite plain, but I love the “W” in it! If I get the time to work on it, you might even get to see it in a new header tomorrow – but that all depends on how much packing away I still have to do. Arrggghhh! It’s that time again!…. Back later…

+————————–+ * Dinner & Television Break * +————————–+

Well, here I am, back again – there was nothing on TV tonight, so we watched another episode of “Person of Interest” (episode 1, Season 2), where we’be been introduced to “Bear”, learned a bit more about “Tha Machine”, and found out that Root doesn’t want to control “Tha Machine”, she wants to liberate it! Then we watched “The Checkout” – quite an informative little segment – though I wish they’d do another season of “The Gruen Report” (or Transfer, or whatever they call it next time around!) that was a really good, and very interesting little show! It looks like himself will be dealing with the spare room tomorrow, so as I said before – I might get a chance to get a bit of Rifting in, as well as a bit of graphic-ing! We’ll see what transpires! 🙂 For now, however, that’s about it from me for tonight. Drop in again tomorrow night to see if there’s a new header up, and if those horrible fluid retaining pills have kicked in yet and pushed my weight up to new heights! Oh, and I moved one of the my new characters from Laethys to Hailol last night – I wanted Chaviv and Satai on the same shard, but as yet I haven’t had a chance to do more than minister unto my Minions, let alone work on leveling Chaviv up! I’ll let you all know tomorrow night if I’ve been able to make any progress in that regard! Until then, however, please try to contain yourselves in patience – tomorrow night will come! In the meantime, please try to bee good, remember never to equate education with intelligence; nor intelligence with wisdom, and don’t forget to keep warm, to drive carefully, and to look after yourselves…. but most importantly….remember to stay safe! 🙂 ciao, all! 🙂

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