Winter’s log, earthdate 201503.16

Would you believe that all I did with Rift today was check my Auctions and organise my Minions this morning (at least I think I did! Everything was so rushed this morning that I can’t really remember – oh well, I’ll find out as soon as I’ve finished writing this I suppose…) I was having my hair done today, so it was like scramble out of bed, get weighed, sprint for the fire escape stairs to do my morning Stair Walk, race back, shower, dress, and gulp down a hasty breakfast, before himself went off to pick up my favourite eldest daughter who was coming over for the day. I had my hair done, and as usual, it looks very nice – if a little faded. Hopefully I’ll be getting the colour re-done next week. Lee weighed herself here yesterday, and while I won’t tell you what she did weigh, suffice to say that it really alarmed all of us, including her! She’s a lot heavier than I was before I started this diet, a lot! She must lose weight, and I think she now realises this herself. What I mean is, she knew that she needed to lose weight, but I think – hope! that she now realises how imperative this has become. Unfortunately she can be rather negative at times, and in the past it’s been a long face, and the unwillingness to going without favourite foods – plus the fact that without “live-in” support and encouragement it’s terribly hard to persevere. Julian has been a major factor in my weight loss – he does all the cooking (and other housework) because I can’t stand up straight enough or for long enough to get my own meals. He still has his normal meals, which he cooks (I taught him to cook years ago!) and he makes my evening meal (Optifast soup –  eitherTomato, Vegetable, or Chicken) at the same time. He also makes my diet jellies. For breakfast we have pretty much the same, and my lunch is an Optifast Bar (which Lee has never wanted to even try, claiming that a little bar like that wouldn’t be enough for her) He supports, cajoles, and encourages me all the way to the scales, and I doubt that I could have come this far, and this fast, without him. Unfortunately, her husband is… shall we say… not quite as encouraging and supportive as mine. He was diagnosed the year before last as having Type 2 Diabetes (acquired insulin intolerance) and was forced to go on a diet. He lost just enough weight to keep his blood sugar levels in check, and that’s as far as it went. I’m afraid that Lee is going to have to pretty much go it alone to lose weight. We, of course, will do everything we can to support, help, and encourage her, but she’s in Glen Waverley and we’re in Doncaster… but we’ll do the best we can…

After lunch I suddenly realised that I hadn’t done my midday Stair Walk, so once again I raced off (after lunch, but before coffee) and trundled up and down the two flights of stairs. When I got back, we started watching “Person of Interest”, and it’s really getting to the scary parts! Samaritan, the “bad” machine, is manipulating the Stock Market, which could cause a global economic collapse – our heroes have to stop it; Control, who oversees the handling of relevant numbers for the government, begins to question the methods and intentions of the Samaritan program, with somewhat disastrous results – and then there are the little sub-plots, like the crime boss who wants to assassinate the head of a rival group, Elias, who is well-known to, and an occasional ally of Reese and Finch… so many plots are thickening, all at the same time! I can’t wait for next week to find out what happens next!

After my favourite eldest daughter left, I toyed with starting to write this early, but decided instead to go and work on my new desktop wallpaper thingy – or what will become my new desktop wallpaper thingy. I was using a Chrome theme that was green and cream, with little pinkish flowers, but it really wasn’t “me”, so I did the second easiest thing and went looking for something else. (what’s the easiest thing to do? I hear you ask – why, just to leave things as they are, with the current (old, gray) desktop wallpaper thingy! That’s the easiest! 🙂 ) The one I’m working on at the moment also happens to be green and cream – only without the flowers, but I’m not really thrilled with it. I’m doing my damnedest to steer clear of grays, blues, and mauves, for a change – because that’s usually what I end up with, and for once, I want something different! I think I’ll keep looking… *sigh*

Weigh-in this morning – was highly gratifying! I even had to start a new graph page – I ran out of weight before I ran out of days (the weight is listed down the left hand side of the graph paper, the days are numbered along the bottom) I started the new page on… 99.4kg, down another three points! 🙂 Now, I might see-saw up and down a bit from 99.4kg, but if I doubt that I’ll drift back over the 100kg mark, if I  do, I think there’ll be something seriously amiss! I really hope I go down again tomorrow, I’d hate to have to go back to the previous graph page again – and having said that, I probably will go up, or stay the same – but please, dear, kind, Great Galactic Kitten, please let me stay in my newly acquired double figures!

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out if I couldn’t wait until next week to find out what happens in “Person of Interest”, and had a quick peek at the next episode… The pair of slacks (with pockets) that I got from Autograph, and which are too big, are getting swapped over tomorrow, and I wanted to get another of the jumpers with the long sleeves that I got last week, only in a size 18, because the one I got – last week – is a size 20, and it’s already too big for me. S’funny though, I’m wearing one of their T-shirts in a size 20, and it fits fairly snugly… different fabrics, I suppose – the jumper is a sort of a loose knit. Oh well, that’s about all that happened today, but I’m sure there’ll be heaps of news that you won’t want to miss out on tomorrow night, especially about my weight! For now though, I’m off to check Auctions and Minions, then continue my search for “the perfect Chrome theme”! So until tomorrow night, bee good, don’t get caught 😉 , and… stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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