Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.25.2

Finally, some progress on “The Adventures of Darth Carla” site was made today! I found a very expensive blog template (all of $18.00 worth!) and organised it. I also wrote Episode 1, though I do recommend reading the post before it, so that you’ll know what’s going on. It would also help if you’d been a member on my Bulletin Board, “The REAL CONNECTION” (later known as  “death… by chocolate!”) or been a participating reader of our “ver Ending Story…Never Ending Story… Never End…” So there it is… I suppose this means that I’d better commit myself to writing an episode at least once a fortnight – or even once a week – whichever comes first (in my priorities 😉 ) and I might even knock up the odd cartoon or so to go with it all. So now that TAoDC is up, and now that this blog seems to be going OK, I’m at a bit of a loss… No headers to make! No templates to look at and sigh over because they don’t work properly! What am I to do?! (thinks: I could always start a third blog…. No! NO! No more blogs! I have enough writing to do!) Anyone want a bespoke desktop Wallpaper?? Free?! ….thought not…

We got our lift back again this afternoon – too late to go shopping, unfortunately. I was on my way to my afternoon Stair Walk and we stopped and pressed the lift button, just to see if anything would happen… There was a whirring sound! Lift-type klanks and klunks! The doors opened… and a disembodied female voice said “Going down!”, or “Lift going down”, or something like that. I was totally nonplussed! I wasn’t expecting that! It seems that we now have a talking lift! Will wonders ever cease?! Anyway, we left the lift to its own devices and I continued on to the fire escape stairs and my walk… I’m thinking that I’m going to have to extend it to at least another half level, if not a full one – I’m not having to work hard enough – or put enough effort – into just the two levels, and while I am breathing a little heavier by the time I come back through the fire escape door, my breathing’s back to normal by the time I get to our front door (that is, the length of the lobby – our door is in the same position as the fire escape door, but on the other side of the lift well, which is in the middle of the lobby) 🙂 You know last night I said that I’d probably dream of shop windows all decked out in handbags, clothes and nice jewelry? Well, I didn’t dream of shop windows, per se, but I did dream that I was shopping! I was in a store similar to a Big W, and I think I was wanting to get a dress (and I never wear dresses, my ankles are too deformed, so I usually hide them under slacks – besides, slacks are far more comfortable!) The salesgirl ended up selling me… wait for it! A pair of shorts! I’ve never liked shorts – even when I was young, and so skinny that the neighbours used to invite me in and feed me sweet biscuits, because they felt sorry for me (you could count all my ribs and vertebrae, and my legs were like matchsticks! *sigh* I wish I’d stayed like that… :/ ) so… was it me saying that I’d probably dream of shopping (or rather, me writing about it) or my subconscious, yearning for the long denied freedom of the wide expanses of shop floor, crammed with lovely things that I might want to buy – that made me have that dream? Interesting question… I’ve always felt that the written word is far more powerful than something simply said aloud… So anyway, I ended up staying home again today, but, tomorrow! Ah! Tomorrow I shall fling wide these prison doors, and fly, free at last, into the bosom of the shopping centre! Which shopping centre doesn’t matter! If it has shops, I’ll be happy! (actually, I’m sorta laying it on a bit thick – like lime jelly, with a trowel – I do like shopping, yes, but I don’t live for it, and I wouldn’t want to spend more than a couple of hours at a time in a shopping centre – I just like exaggerating a bit, sometimes! 😉 ) At least now that the lift is back in action we’ll be able to get back on track to finish off the spare room – we need to get a sofa bed, a couple of end tables (or we could use the ones from the lounge room, and get new ones for there…) a nice floor rug… and I think that’s about it? Oh yes, and a couple of scatter cushions for the sofa bed – that’ll finish that room off nicely… We still need to get a longer entertainment unit for the big television – and if we use the lounge room end tables in the spare room, we could get end tables to match the entertainment unit for the lounge room… 😉 It looks like things are afoot in more places than the Mt. Buffalo plateau…

Weigh-in this morning. Oh, the dread! The fear and the anxiety, with which I mounted my scales this morning! But I didn’t go up, I went down! To 102.5kg – 2 whole points! The rebound, when it comes (which it will… soon!) is going to be painful! Oh well, I’ve been shedding fluid like crazy the past couple of days (I suppose my body has to get rid of it, to make room for all the fluid I’m going to be retaining after Sunday!) I just said to himself – “isn’t next Monday a holiday? Labour Day? Moomba?” Apparently not… they’re saving the Public Holiday, and the Moomba procession, for my Birthday! 🙂 How ’bout that! My Birthday is a Public Holiday! 😀

So drop back again tomorrow night – find out if I went shopping, and how much I bought 😉 or if we went out looking for sofa beds and entertainment units… (which reminds me – I need a new sponge, or loofah – one that won’t sandpaper my nail polish off like the one I have at the moment does! Priceline will have something…) So far, my new inky blue nail polish is holding out OK… but I think I’ll try the gold one next (I’ll save the yummy, luscious raspberry red one for lucky last! 😉 ) And, last but not least, I’ll let you know how my weight goes… as they say in the classics, “I have a bad feeling about that!:/ So until this time tomorrow night, bee extra good, don’t work too hard, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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