Winter’s log, earthdate 201502.23

Well, after scrambling to get my Stair Walk in before my shower, get dressed, and have breakfast, all before 11 o’clock (but as usual, I managed it – with time to spare – I don’t know why I always panic that I won’t…) I had my hair done this morning – and also as usual, it looks great (and using those straightening tongs, or whatever they’re called, really does help it look better for longer – who’d a thunk it!) – then himself had his hair cut and I’m still finding bits of hair in my basin this evening! What does your hair do, Julian, float up the drainpipe or something? 😉 After that, I spent the rest of the morning fruitlessly looking for a decent (free) blog template, that would give me a good layout with a solid colour over all (that is, no silly white column where the text goes – I hate that!) plus display a custom header properly! (Not just tell you that you can use a custom header, and then not display anything!) for the Darth Carla story. I’ve got a temporary holding template in place, but I don’t like it… more searching is in order… Julian didn’t get to go over and check the PO Box today – it was too wet :/ so I don’t know whether or not it was my nail polishes that arrived – probably not though, coz last time I got an email saying that my nail polish (I only ordered one last time) had been dispatched – this time I’ve had nothing so far *sigh* I wish they sold them down here in Victoria…

After lunch I got back into Rift for a bit, but I couldn’t concentrate, so gave up and halfheartedly looked at a few more templates, then went off to read. Later, looking at what passes for “news” these days, and listening to T. Abbott’s plans for new anti terrorism/security laws and such, I couldn’t help agreeing with a part of it, and objecting to the rest. The idea of revoking the Australian Citizenship of anyone who goes overseas to fight for any of the terrorist groups should have been enacted as far back as 2001, in my opinion. If they want to go over there and train and fight with them, for whatever reason, that’s their business, and they should be free to go and do so – on the understanding that they will no longer be considered Australian citizens, and no longer be able to come back to what used to be their home. No exceptions. But apart from that – they should be encouraging more free speech, not curtailing it, and they should pass a law that no person should be too easily offended! Honestly, some of the things I read in the media, and some of the shouts of “racist!” that spring to so many lips, regardless of the circumstances or context, sometimes I think “these people” (you know, the ubiquitous “They) do nothing all day except go through every newspaper, news report, magazine, gossip column – anything they can get their hands on – looking, specifically, for something… anything… that could possibly be called offensive, racist, mocking of some holy person – just something that they can raise the roof about and decry and vilify the person or persons who said, wrote, or even implied it! For goodness sake – it’s only words! I was born in 1946, and grew up in the early 50’s. My father was Italian, and you can’t begin to imagine some of the things I was called at school (that didn’t upset me too much – those girls were just stupid and ignorant – what did upset me was being teased deliberately to provoke my short, hot (and I’m afraid, very loud!) temper!) As Dad used to say – the names they called me were just words, and if I allowed them to upset me, that was my fault, not theirs. They didn’t know any better, but I surely did. (I might just add that during the war, my father was a hand to hand combat trainer in the Australian Army) So, anyway – people these days are too quick to take offense – they never stop to wonder if the words are meant to be offensive, or if they’re being said in ignorance. Perhaps a good motto for them to adopt would be “Never ascribe to malice what can be put down to stupidity

Oh dear! I’ve done it again, haven’t I! Another rant. I’m sorry – I’ll try not to do it again this month (this is the third one for February, I think!) honest, but occasionally I just get carried away… :/ Sometimes people just seem so… stupid!

Weigh-in this morning. Well, you can all rejoice and open the bubbly – I did go down again (I’m sure to rebound tomorrow though!) to 102.8kg (so I’ve lost 32kg since August last year! I still have another 27kg to go though… *sigh*) I guess the Stair Walking is helping a bit, even if it is killing my knee…  But I’ll stick to my motto: “Whatever it takes!” 🙂

So tune in again tomorrow night folks – find out if it was my nail polishes in the PO Box, or just another bill… and if I’ve had to resort to a third Stair Walk because my weight did rebound back into the 103kg zone. Mind you, it might still be raining tomorrow morning, in which case himself won’t be able to go for his walk, or check the PO Box, so you might not find out what its contents were! Wouldn’t that be disappointing! 😉 I’ll keep on looking for blog templates, but I don’t hold out much hope – I reckon I’ve looked at just about every (free) template that WordPress has, fifty times over! When (and if!) I ever do find a suitable one, and really do start writing The Adventures, I’ll let you all know, so that you can go and pick it all to pieces and tell me what I got wrong, eh? 🙂 On the other hand, I might just Rift tomorrow… give myself a bit of a break from blogs and graphics… and of course, by the next day, Wednesday, the lift will be working again! I hope… it should be… I’m going to be very unhappy if it’s not. But that’s the day after tomorrow, and nothing to do with the news and gossip that I’ll be bringing you tomorrow night! So until tomorrow night, bee good, drive carefully in this wet weather, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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