It’s slowly starting to come together…

It’s quite a long, drawn out process, getting Hailol ready for “the big time”, but it’s getting there 🙂 Yes, I worked on that before and after Josh’s visit, and I don’t think I really realised just how randomly and badly set up most of the characters were – you know, just when you think you’ve got everything set to go, you find that the person you thought had the fish, didn’t… in fact, nobody did! This is what I meant the other night when I said that I really miss a lot of the addons that were available on World of Warcraft, but are sadly lacking on Rift. Like Altoholic. If Altoholic had been available on Rift, it would have taken me literally seconds to find out that no-one was carrying Fish in their inventory – instead, I had to go through all eight characters, twice, to find this one, simple fact out. Anyone out there reading this blog play Rift? If so, pass the word around! Winter wants an Altoholic addon written for Rift, please! Toot sweet! (like, preferably last week!) But it’s all looking very promising – I created the last of the extras today; unfortunately Jadenfyre still has another four days before he can be moved in, and then the team will finally be complete. You might also note that this is the first time, in living history, that I’ve included two men on the shard team! Will wonders never cease!? 😉 Writing this blog is tough going tonight, I’m having to type very carefully, and a lot slower than usual, because I finally got a chance to do my nails this afternoon – they’re now that glorious, deep and luscious irridescent-y Kingfisher-peacock-blue colour (actually, they sort of match the lounge suite! 😉 ) They’re dry, but still not hardened properly… Julian went out to do a “small shop”, and came back with about three quarters of the supermarket (plus the fact that Flipper’s favourite dinner was on special today so he bought quite a lot of it!) I took the opportunity while he was out to take a quick break from Rifting and wrap something up for Wednesday, then quickly scuttled back to sifting and sorting characters and abilities… I don’t hold out much hope of getting anything sensible done tomorrow, for The Tax Man Cometh tomorrow apres midi, and we didn’t get all the papers he’ll be wanting ready today – Julian was still out shopping, and I wanted to get my nails done… So it looks like we’ll be rather busy tomorrow morning :/ And, of course, it’s himself’s Birthday on Wednesday; my favourite eldest daughter will be over on Thursday, and our cleaning lady has promised that she’ll be here this Friday (hopefully before we suffocate under all the shed Flipper fur!) Saturday will be my last chance to get out of the house to do some shopping before the lift ceases to operate for a couple of weeks, and Sunday, of course, we’ll be busy saving Telara again… Roll on next week! 😉 But I’ll get what I can get done, whenever I can – and besides, by the time I get a chance to do any heavy work on Hailol, Jadenfyre will have finished with his quarantine and I’ll be able to move him over. Which reminds me – I have about another three characters – the ones I created today – to be inducted into the Guild tonight… I must remember to tell himself that I’ll need him online to invite them in….

Weigh-in this morning was… frustrating! I went down… another one point… to 105.7kg… I know it was down, and that’s good, but it’s so agonizingly s-l-o-w! And there was silly me, confidently thinking that I should be down to about 82kg by the time in See Dr. Y. again in July! At this rate, I’ll probably still be sitting on 104.0kg then! *grouch*, *growl* And of course I’m just waiting for the sudden upswing of weight, when my body finally remembers that I’m supposed to be storing as much excess fluid as possible while I’m on this medication. If only I could go down another half a kilo (or more.. More would be good, around about now!), then when my weight shot up, it wouldn’t look like so much, and I’d be able to say “Well, I did lose a lot, all in one go, so it’s not surprising that I’ve gone up a little…” with the emphasis on “a little“! Tomorrow, I look for Julian’s thongs… I think they’re at the bottom of the shoe basket that we keep by the front door – shoes look terribly messy, littered around the front door like cast off snail shells, so I decided that we’d get a big, decorative, lidded basket for the hall, so that when we shed our footwear as we came in, we could toss the horrid things into the basket, cram the lid down, and forget that such abominations existed – until we had to go out again. So – if I do find the thongs, I’ll walk down the front stairs to the first landing and back again, once (or maybe even twice) a day (the concrete steps are rough, so I need something to shield my delicate little feet) – and if I can’t find the thongs, I’ll use the fire escape stairs, which are made of nice, smooth concrete, and walk down to the first landing, etc., etc. – I gotta do something to get this weight moving more quickly – and as I said to Dr. Y. last week, “I’ll do whatever it takes!”

So tune in again tomorrow night (stops typing and examines finger nails – yeah, they seem to be holding up alright… resumes typing) did the Tax Man arrive? More to the point, did we have the papers that he wanted, ready to go? And did I find the thongs? Have I been for my first Stair Walk yet? (Hmmm… sounds like a good title for a sci-fi movie! “Stair Walk”, with Winter Thyme, and Julian’s Old Thongs!) and did I use the front stairs, or the fire escape? Or, did I “lazy out” and not bother, because we were “so busy with the Tax Man”? (yes, I do know myself, very well indeed! 😉 ) Did I get a chance to do any more preparation regarding the characters on Hailol? And, most importantly, did my weight go up, down, or stay the same? Find out the answers to these vitally important questions, right here on this blog, this time tomorrow night! So until then, bee good, and stay safe! ciao, all! 🙂

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