What a strange Sunday…

This turned out to be. We slept in, as we usually do on a Sunday (ahhh… typing is much more easier now that I’ve filed my nails down!) We slept in until 8.00am, as we usually do on a Sunday, and that was where the usual parted company from the reality. After breakfast, himself repaired to the spare room, and I… entered Telara, on my own. It felt quite eerie! Nah, not really, it was more like just an ordinary week day. Checked the auctions, checked my Minions, smelted the ore, cured the hides, did the banking – all the usual mundane housekeeping chores – you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Then it was a toss up as to whether I’d take one of my girls questing, or whether I’d start doing some serious Dimension building. The questing won, but next time I’ll be getting back in to Dimensions again – I’ve been far too long away from it, and I can’t remember when the next Dimension competition is due. There are some fairly cool prizes – special mounts, gear… new and unique Dimension keys and items. The first time I entered, two years ago, I got quite a few votes, but I was pretty much a Dimension novice back then – I’ve learned a lot since, and I think I might even stand a chance this year, depending on the specified theme (I didn’t bother entering last year – the theme was “Best Pool Party Venue”, and I’m not really big on parties, or party venues!) So I’d best get started, just in case. If I do enter, I hope you’ll all come along, have a look at my Dimension, and vote for me! But as I said – it depends on the competition theme… So anyway, I took Waterblaze up to Stonefield, and got her up to level 23… but I had other chores to do after lunch, so I left her there. I also decided to make up an “equipment sheet”. I was thinking of upgrading Waterblaze’s armor and gear, and really, why spend more Guild Bank money on stuff that Jademoss and Wyntercat can make for her, gratis? The trouble is, at the moment I have no way to compare her current clothing with what I could make – that is, would it be better than what she already has, or not? Usually, when you go to the Auction house looking for a weapon or gear, all you have to do is hover your mouse over the item for sale, and you’ll immediately get two comparison boxes, one showing the currently equipped item, and the other showing the item being considered. The box showing the item being considered will show you all the stats for that item – Armor (where applicable), Intelligence, Wisdom, etc. The box showing your equipped item will show you any improvements (in green) or deteriorations (in red) that will occur if you were to equip that item instead of the one you’re currently using. So, I thought, I could mock up a printable list showing all of the needed attributes, but leaving the actual values blank. That way, when I wanted to see what I could make, I’d just have to scribble in the current values, log into my Outfitter (Jademoss) and compare what my “needy” characted already had, with what Jademoss could make, and what I’d need to add to it in Augments and/or Runes to make it even better. Ditto with Wyntercat and the weapons she could provide. Once I got the list looking nice and neat (read: “in pretty text and colours”) I could print out half a dozen or so, and I’d have an instant guide to what I needed to make – all I’d have to do would be to scribble in (and believe me, my hand writing has deteriorated to an almost illegible scrawl these days!) the current stat values.

I had other “duties” after lunch – I folded and put away the washing. Then I started work on my nails… removing the old nail polish, filing and shaping, washing and scrubbing them… (note to self: see if I can find out why my nails are so dry that they’re actually on the point of splitting vertically, and what I can do to correct this problem) Then, in a state of great excitement, I settled myself down to try out my new Chrome Violet nail polish. I have to say, I’ve never used a nail polish quite like it! It’s not thick, exactly, it’s reasonably runny… but it dries terribly quickly. When you’re painting your nails, you usually dip the brush in the polish, drag off the excess against the inside of the neck of the bottle, apply one stroke down the middle of the nail, apply a second stroke down one side of your nail, next to, and just slightly overlapping the central one, and then repeat the process on the other side of the central one, re-dipping and dragging off the excess as needed. With this nail polish, I found that the first, central stroke was almost completely dry before I made the second stroke – what’s more, I found that the brush “ran out” of polish and really needed to be re-dipped half way through a stroke, and where the new full brush of polish joined up with where it had run out, well, it made a sort of a lumpy mess, and brush stroke marks, a lot like that lumpy old fashioned house paint around windows, that’s so thick that you can still see the brush streaks? I was quite trepidated, and was thinking that I might have to start over… But no! It dried almost instantly, and it smoothed out as it dried, so apart from where I managed to get it all over my cuticles (*rolls eyes* I’m getting very clumsy in my old age!) it looks great! Kudos to Estee Lauder for making a nail polish that dries before you get a chance to smudge it! 🙂 I was really pleased with it! And thank you too, to my favourite eldest daughter and her husband for giving it to me for Christmas, even though I had to buy it myself from Estee Lauder, and buy our new towels with the David Jones voucher that you game me for the nail polish! 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was boring (“stay the same = boring”, remember?) I stayed the same, at 107.8kg. Very tiresome! And annoying. Every time I stay the same, especially for more than just a day, I start to panic that I’ve plateau’d out, and that that’s it – I won’t lose any more weight (hey! It’s happened to me before, many, many years ago – I lost a lot of weight, and plateau’d out for about three months!)  Hopefully I’ll re-start my downwards march tomorrow… *sigh* Sometimes I think I’d rather go up a point or two (but no more than that!) rather than stay the same… :/

So there it is – my non-Sunday Sunday… Tune in again tomorrow night and find out if… my new nail polish lasted the night… if the spare room got finished so that we can go looking for comfy sofa beds and other assorted furniture for the “new spare room” – will my weight have gone up? down? or plateau’d out (heaven forbid!) These questions and more will be answered, right here, this time tomorrow night. I look forward to seeing you all back here then – ciao, all! 🙂

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