My Chrome Violet…

Nail polish from Estee Lauder arrived this morning! I’m soooo pleased! (blows raspberry, and thumbs nose at David Jones!) I can’t wait to try it out on Sunday (my day for re-doing my nails) I wonder if it’ll be any bluer, or purple-ish than the one I have on at the moment? That’s the one I grizzled about the other day, because the colour it appears to be in the bottle bears absolutely no resemblance to the colour that’s on my nails! Really weird! And speaking of weird, it’s been a bit of a weird day all round – Julian was in one of his “clean everything up and throw the lot out” moods, and I already knew that I was going to have to “supervise” the cleaning out of the hanging side of the wardrobe/computer cupboard in here, lest the lot did get thrown out, willy-nilly… As we’d already been through our respective wardrobes in the walk-through Dressing Area a couple of months ago, I had a reasonable idea of what to expect with the hanging space in this cupboard. I also knew that we’d transferred “a few” seldom worn garments from the overcrowded main wardrobe to this one, but – ye ghods and little fishes! I never realised we had so many clothes! * aghast * There were so many items that the portable clothes rack we were using to sort them on started collapsing under all the weight, and that was only half of the cupboard contents! The only things salvaged from the Charity Bins were my wedding skirt and my wedding top (what I wore when Julian and I got married) The elastic around the waist of the skirt is all perished, but apart from that, they’re both in good repair – and although I’ll never wear either of them again, we’re too sentimental to  throw them out. So those, with a couple of dozen assorted coathangers, are all that’s left in that once stuffed to the gunnels wardrobe! 🙂 (I have no idea what himself intends to use all that nice empty space for! More clothes, maybe? 😉 ) So then I asked him, explicitly, if I was going to be needed for anything else… He replied that no, I was now free to pursue my own interests… Bang! Straight on to Rift. Half an hour of happy and peaceful Rifting passed… and I was called to witness the towel “cull” in the linen cupboard off the hall. After a minor fit of very bad temper, and a few not-very-nice words, I logged out and stomped up to the hall to witness the culling of the towels and to preserve half a dozen for “minor domestic accidents”, like cleaning up cat messes, milk spills, and other small household dramas. The linen cupboard now has a lot more room in it, too! (what a surprise!) Deciding that discretion was probably the better part of valor, himself decided to take off and dispose of the old towels toot sweet (as the French say), allowing me to settle my somewhat ruffled feathers and get back to my Rifting… where I finally managed to get Waterblaze through the last of her Freemarch adventures and into Stonefield (the Defiant’s answer to Gloamwood) I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to do tomorrow, as I’d like to go looking for a new entertainment unit (and maybe some nice (read: “pretty”) storage boxes to in which to store things under the bed without looking sloppy and untidy) I’m not sure where we’ll go yet – there’s a long strip of Furniture shops along Whitehorse Road, near the corner of Springvale Road, and there are a few more further up towards Mitcham. It all depends on the weather though… Sunday, of course, is Telara Day, and we’ll be exploring the last vestiges of the Tarken Glacier – I reckon we have about another two to three weeks there, finishing the quests off and looking to see if we can find any “hooks” which may hold hints of what to expect in the next expansion. There are several closed off/magically walled areas that we can’t get into, and from the maps, they look quite large… Maybe they’re planning something for those areas? Oh, and there’s good news afoot for Dimensioners (like me) and Minion owners! Apparently the next big things coming are ‘invisible wings’, allowing people working on their Dimensions to “fly” up to a second story, rather than having to put in, or build, a temporary staircase! Now this, people IS very big news! And it could also herald the beginnings of flying mounts! Very exciting! Minions use up “stamina” on their adventures and usually have to rest up for about 24 hours to regenerate it – however, we’re told that we’re going to be able to buy (naturally!!) potions, to give them their stamina back more quickly… and we’re also going to be able to “shuffle” adventures. At the moment, a Minion adventure comes up, and you have to take it, whether you have a Minion with the required capabilities or not.. Obviously a few people have grizzled about this to the writers, and this “feature” is being… “modified”.

Weigh-in this morning was with a small amount of trepidation… I was sure I’d “rebound” from the almost half a kilo drop yesterday, back into the 108kg zone, but no, I went down another couple of points, to 107.7kg, which was excellent news! Music to my ears, you might say…And which only makes me chew my nails down to my first knuckles, cuz it means, fer sure, that I’m gunna go up again… Now, if I can get down to, say… 107.3kg? when I do go up (as I surely will!), I’ll (hopefully) only go up to, say, 107.8kg, or something. i.e. the lower I go down, the less high I’ll go when I do go up again… if that makes any sense…

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night – find out if we managed to get a suitable entertainment unit, or if I found some nice (read: “pretty”) storage boxes for under the bed, and what colour they were, etc. There’s no more Panettone for breakfast, and as we still haven’t worked out approximately how many kilojoules there are in half a hot buttered Hot Cross Bun, breakfasts have of necessity gone back to Uncle Toby’s Vita Brits and half a banana (with 200ml of skin milk) It’s nice, but it does tend to get boring. I’ll fill you in on all the latest comings and goings chez nous, and whether my weight went up (bad!), down (good!), or stayed the same (boring!) – so seeyas tomorrow night – ciao all! 🙂

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