Hot, Nonnie!

The weather, that is… but that’s what I used to say to my grandmother – my mother’s mother – when we were staying at their place and she’d dish up a delicious, home made rhubarb pie, hot from the oven. As a small child, of course I couldn’t wait to start shovelling it into my mouth, which, and although warned by all the adults present, I promptly burnt on the hot filling (now you know why the McDonald’s Hot Apple Pies have the words “Warning! Filling may be hot!” printed on the packet!) With a mouth full of scalding hot pie, I’d yowl “Hot, Nonnie!”, and there’d be a few tears until some cold milk or cream was poured onto the pie to cool it down a bit. As for the “Nonnie” bit, well, there were several reasons for that, the first being that I also had an Italian grandmother, my father’s mother, whom I called “grandmother” – in Italian – “Nonna”, but it was deemed that I couldn’t have two Nonna’s because that might confuse me (*rolls eyes* – I wish there was a WordPress emoticon to express this! I think I’d use it a lot :/ ) Besides, my “Nonnie” considered herself far too young to be a grandmother, and wouldn’t have a bar of “Gran”, or “Nan”, or anything else that smacked of grandmothers, so the word “Nonnie”, a corruption of the word “Nonna”, was adopted as a “workable compromise”. So… the wretched hot weather has started 😦 Not nice… not nice at all! You know, we were watching the news tonight, and they had a reporter talking to people down at the beach, and almost without exception they all said how blistering hot it was… if they were so damned hot (two of them were red faced and sweating, huddled under what looked like a two man pup tent in the blazing sun, for goodness sake!), why were they down at the beach at all? Why weren’t they sitting in comparative comfort at home with the air conditioner on full blast, or if they didn’t have an air conditioner, at least a fan going full pelt with a bowl full of ice cubes in front of it? Mad, I tell you, mad! The lot of them!

Well, I stayed home, cowering under the air conditioner and happily playing Rift (again… still….) Himself had to go out though, as we hadn’t been out to get any supplies in since before Christmas, and the larder was looking alarmingly empty and devoid of food stuffs. Still, he was going from air conditioned car to air conditioned buildings, so he didn’t fare too badly. (this is an exceptionally nice cup of tea that himself has just brought me – I must ask him what it is – it’s not the same as we had this afternoon… yummm!) He also picked up some Resident’s Parking permits from our local Council – there’s a new building going up just across the street and the workmen who’re constructing it park in our “Visitors” spots, and stay there all day. Apparently someone alerts them when a Parking Inspector is due to make his (or her) rounds, and they all scramble to swap spots and move their cars before they can get booked. So each of the Bodies Corporate (there are three buildings involved, so three Bodies Corporate) sent a rep to the local Council and managed to talk them into issuing Resident’s Parking permits, for residents to give to their guests. Any car not displaying one of these permits will get booked. We also have a spare parking spot in the underground garage, so anyone coming to see us and wanting to keep their car out of the sun can make use of that – when both Lisa and Kate are coming over it’s usually a race to see who gets here first, Lisa and Neale, or Kate and Terry, ‘coz if we can’t “borrow” another car spot from one of the other residents, the first couple here get our spare parking place, and the loser parks outside 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was… encouraging… down to 109.7kg. Two points down. I don’t think it’s down quite enough to keep me out of the 110kg zone when my body gets the message “Quick! Store all possible fluids! You’re a camel!” from these wretched pills I have to take – still, let’s see what happens tomorrow… Hopefully I’ll go down another one or two points, before the upwards surge…

Do try to stay cool, and tune in again tomorrow night to find out if the “differently laid out” Logitech keyboard that is sitting currently uninstalled next to me fits my hand span better than this one doesn’t (this is a Logitech too) …and whether I’ve started growing a hump on my back or not… ciao, all! 🙂

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