It’s too darned hot…

Already, and summer has only just begun! 😦 Oh well, looks like I’ll just have to stay at home and cower under the air conditioner… Once again this morning we had to go and do some shopping – yet more things that we forgot… it must be the heat! However, we gobbled through breakfast a lot more quickly than we normally do, and left early, before “The Great Christmas Shopping Race” started in the car parks. It was actually quite good, getting there so early… it hadn’t had too much of a chance to get hot, the Valet Car Park was almost empty, and the shops weren’t bursting at their seams yet. I even managed to maneuver my wheelchair into Cardiology, which is, as its name suggests, a Card and Gift Shop, with teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy crowded aisles and lots of very pretty, very breakable things in very awkward to get around places. I felt like a very nervous bull cow in a china shop! 😉 Still, I got what I wanted in there, and Julian only had to pilot me around one corner of the aisles. I really need a rear view mirror on that contraption – the only trouble is, there’s nowhere to attach it to! We got what we really needed to get, but poor Julian had to walk over again this afternoon to get a few things that he was going to get this morning – until I decided to go too, and “cramped his style”, so to speak 😉 Hmmm, I wonder if it/they could have anything to do with our Anniversary tomorrow! 😉

I took Belezza through her Christmas Dailies when we got home, and discovered, to my enormous delight, that just about all my girls, on all shards, had been given a “gift” from Trion Games (the guys who run Rift) It’s a “Trove” (or “set”) of Boosts. Nearly all of them got 10 each – some (who have had these once before) only got seven, and some, who still had a few left over from last time, got none. They boost things like your Experience (from any source), Favor, Notoriety, Prestige, Skill, and Currency by 160% for two hours, and they last through death (so that if you use them, and you get killed almost straight away or something, you don’t lose the remaining 2 hours worth of “boost”, which is pretty cool!) Anyway, they all got them, including one who was supposed to be an experimental character, created by a friend to play over here, if he wants to 🙂 It took the rest of the afternoon just going around from shard to shard collecting and collating all of these! Oh dear… I just went and counted up how many characters I have altogether! There are…. *gulp* 58 of them! Oh my! *blush*

And now! The item you’ve all been waiting for! (Ta Daaa! *drum roll*)

Winter’s Famous Eggnog

6 egg yolks
3/4 cup of castor sugar
1 cup of brandy (250ml)
1 cup of dark rum (250ml)
2.5 cups of milk (625ml)
1 cup of thick cream (250ml)
6 egg whites, stiffly beaten
Freshly grated nutmeg to taste

Separate the eggs and beat the egg yolks until they are light. Gradually add the sugar and beat the mixture until thick and pale. Chill in the fridge for a few minutes. Slowly beat in the brandy and rum. Using a wire whisk beat in the milk and heavy (thick) cream, beating constantly. Using a clean bowl and whisk, beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks, then fold gently into the eggnog mixture and sprinkle the surface with nutmeg to taste. Serves 12.


So there it is. Enjoy! But remember – it IS very strong, it IS very rich, and it IS very probably lethal if you drink it and drive! so whatever you do, DON’T! Promise?!

Weigh in this morning made my teeth grind, and I’m afraid I said quite a few very naughty words… actually, I didn’t say them, I yelled them (I hope the neighbours didn’t hear me!) I was most displeased! And annoyed. Scratch that, make that furious! I stayed the same! Again! 113.4kg! I am not amused. Tomorrow’s weigh-in had better be better! (or else! *dark look at scales*)

So tune in again tomorrow night and see if the scales remain unscathed, and if I have moved up, or down the hopefully still intact scales (heaven forbid that I stay the same, again!) – oh, and any and all other interesting and exciting items that I deem to be of interest! 🙂

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