Ho Hum…

It’s Friday again… to be followed tomorrow by another Saturday, etc., etc… It’s getting entirely too close to Christmas, you know, and we haven’t even started doing our Christmas Cards, or organising most of the Christmas presents… Some of the Christmas presents are on their way though, and should probably arrive on Monday, or Tuesday at the latest. Favourite eldest daughter’s husband won’t be a problem, neither will favourite youngest daughter or her husband… but himself’s going to be a headache and three quarters! He keeps promising me a list of things he wouldn’t mind getting, but I’ve seen no sign of it yet… Crikey, I’ve even managed to come up with something that I want for Christmas – and he keeps forgetting, and asking me what I want. Hmmm. This is either a sign of rapidly advancing dementia on his part, or else he just doesn’t want to give me a nice, leather manicure set (with at least six or seven pieces in it, hint, hint!) I’d say “perfume”, but we just bought two bottles of Estee Lauder’s Cinnabar (my favourite!) the week before last, and although I like it very much, I don’t really want to swim in it. Flipper will probably get a couple of tins of her favourite dinner, and maybe, if she’s really good 😉 a small bag of her second favourite treats (as she’s only just been bought a big bag of her very favourite ones). A present for a very good friend of ours who lives way out in woop-woop (Kurunjang, I think it is), and something edible for Emma, our cleaning lady (who did not look at all well today, in fact we’re quite worried about her :/ She didn’t even stop for her usual gossip before she started, either!) And you know? That’s about the size of our Melbourne family! In Adelaide we have Julian’s mother, so we have to get something nice to be shipped over there, along with a few old family friends and relations (boxes of shortbread and chocolates are the usual fare in that department) Something for Julian’s sister in Sydney, and a special Christmas Card for the rest of the family in Israel, and that’s it! Better get cracking if we’re to get all those things in time for Christmas! 😉

Favourite eldest daughter was over today, but sadly there was no episode of Agents of Shield 😦 The Silly Season is truly upon us! We did watch a few episodes of Person of Interest, and it’s really getting nail bitingly tense at the moment! We didn’t have time to watch the final episode in this particular story arc as we simply ran out of time. And now I shall probably have nightmares until next Friday! 😦

Oh, our oven blew up tonight! Well, it didn’t exactly go *BANG* and burst into flames, or anything – actually it just… stopped working, with himself’s dinner half cooked! Luckily it was something that he could finish off on the stove, so he didn’t go hungry, but wasn’t it lucky that it died now, instead of the day before Christmas, or even Christmas Day itself! Hopefully we’ll be able to get it fixed, or replaced, before Christmas, or it’ll be “O.K! All over to Lisa and Neale’s for Christmas Dinner!“, or perhaps more likely “O.K! All over to Kate and Terry’s for Christmas Dinner!“, and poor Flipper would have to stay home all on her own – she doesn’t travel well or gracefully, and she’d probably die of fright, or try to run away, if we let her out in a strange place… 😦

Weigh-in this morning went well – down to 115.3kg today, so I’ve been going down 3 points a day since Wednesday. I am most pleased! 🙂 Maybe I’ll go down to 115.0kg tomorrow – though it would be nicer if it went down to, say, 114.8kg ? (but I don’t think that’s likely to happen!)

And that’s about it from me tonight – “Watch This Space” tomorrow – to find out if we can get the oven fixed before Christmas, who won the election (if you care enough about it, that is), did my favourite eldest daughter win a Parliamentary seat, and what happened at my weigh-in. Yes, folks, step right up and get allll your answers here, while they’re hot! 😉

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