Christmas, but not quite!

Well, I did get to work on my new Bookmarks page today, and what’s more, I finished it! I’m not quite sure what I originally had in mind for it, but this morning amongst my spam email I received a message from one of my old graphics sites, offering freebie Photoshop brushes – a lot of them snowflake brushes! Well, I just couldn’t resist, and downloaded the lot of ’em… unzipped them, and of course, had to try them out like yesterday. Coupled with styles (mostly ones I’d made for other projects), they looked quite pretty… so with Christmas galloping rapidly towards us, I thought why not a “Christmas, but not quite!” theme – lots of grey skies threatening snow storms, and lots of snowflakes! And topped it all off with the gold(ish) title “WinterHome” (I told you it’d be completely different! 😉 ) I then dug out Kompozer, the free WYSIWYG HTML editor, and proceeded to (try to) organise the 10 sites I visit most frequently into some sort of semi-intelligible order. I failed. In the end I just bunged them all into two columns, hoping that they wouldn’t look too unbalanced. They do a bit, but that’s because there are more short names than long ones, so the long ones look a little… untidy. I had a lot of trouble with the HTML – Kompozer is even worse than Front Page in that regard – and quite frankly, I didn’t really think that was possible – but at least with Front Page you could break up the lines, read them, make some sort of sense out of them, alter a few things, switch back to the visual side, check it, then re-enter the HTML editor, without the ruddy program slamming shut the editor and obliterating all your carefully separated lines, like Kompozer does! Aaarrggghh! What’s more, it chops the lines up into itty-bitty pieces, so you seem to get half of one line, then half of the next line on the same line, then a nonsensical break and then the rest of the previous line, bunged in with about a third of the next line. I’m no HTML guru; I couldn’t write a page in straight HTML to save my soul, but I can get by doing simple editing – I was actually quite good at correcting Front Page’s mistakes, and it looked like “proper” HTML when I’d finished, all nice and neat and tidy – but with this program? I took one look, shuddered, and decided that if it worked, I didn’t [insert rude word here] care what the damned HTML looked like! :/

I’m toying with the idea of creating a blog header to match… but I’ve been neglecting Cersie and her Dimensionable a lot lately (well, it gets terribly boring, stacking furniture, and walls, and pot plants, and rocks, and rugs, and food, and…. well, you get the idea! 😉 ) And the Dimensionables just keep on coming… :/ Maybe it’d be a better idea if I created a fully decorated Dimension, rather than just stacking the stuff… lord knows, I have enough empty Dimensions and Keys to create a whole kingdom! (well, a very small kingdom, anyway…) So tonight it’s back to the Minions, and if it’s still daylight in Telara, maybe a small bit of questing before bed time.. 🙂

Favourite eldest daughter is coming over tomorrow – and so is our cleaning lady, so it’s probably going to get quite noisy here for a while, but by the time we’ve had lunch it should be a little quieter, and hopefully we’ll get to watch some “Agents of Shield” and “Person of Interest” – speaking of “Person of Interest”, it’ll be interesting to see which person claims the Political victory on Saturday night. Unfortunately, it won’t be anyone I want to lead our state – I can’t stand either of the two major parties, and I wouldn’t vote Greens if they were the only political party left in Australia – but then, that’s what you get when you live in a Democracy, I guess.  Oh well. We’ve already voted – we sent off our postal vote the other day… I am annoyed that it’s going to be hot on Saturday though – I wanted to go shopping to get some nail polish, and it’s going to be unpleasantly hot 😦 Favourite youngest daughter was over last Saturday, and her nails looked really good – I just wanted to be a copy cat 🙂 Well, we’ll see… if I can persuade himself to go out, I might brave the heat… then again, I might just be my usual cowardly self and stay home… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was quite good – down three points to 115.6kg, which was very pleasing. Hopefully it’ll be down again tomorrow (but I’m not going to hold my breath!) I had both morning tea and afternoon tea today, so I might even go up… I hope not….

Anyway, tune in again tomorrow night to find out all the latest comings and goings, of weight and other mundane occurences, at chez nous (that’s French, for “at our place” – yeah, I’m a showoff, too! 😉 )

WHY can’t I ever write a short blog??!! :/

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