Mauve rose pearl…

Is the colour of one of the nail polishes that I got today! It’s by O.P.I. and actually called “Significant Other Color” (!!), but it’s a sort of a pale mauve-rose-pearl. The other one is also by O.P.I., and is a frosted(ish) palest, pale grey-ish colour – just enough grey in it so that it’s not a stark white. It’s called “Int’l Crime Caper” for some totally incomprehensible reason, and comes from their ‘Muppets Most Wanted’ Collection. Anyway, they’re both very nice, and I’m currently wearing “Significant Other Color” (two coats – no base, no sealer) – I’ll see how it lasts, and try the other one next time.

Yes, we went out early this morning, before it got too hot – we didn’t have to vote today because we’d already Postal Voted on Thursday (or was it Wednesday? I fergit…) I just wanted to look for some nice nail polishes… I was originally going to go to Priceline to look for nail polishes, but as we came in next to DJ’s, I went in there first, and got totally distracted by the number of fancy-smantzy scented candles they have out – no doubt for Christmas – and was so distracted that I ended up talking himself into buying one 🙂 It’s a double wicked one called “Galapagos”, by Glasshouse Fragrances, and is Kaffir Lime and Cocoa Butter scented. Very nice! 🙂 And then… we came home again 🙂

Once home, it was head down, tail up, shifting (eternally shifting, it feels like!) Dimension goods from one landing place to the next. B.E. (Before the Expansion), I used a very handy addon called ‘Dimension Tools’, which was essentially a tool to create co-ordinates which make copying, pasting, moving, scaling, and rotating easier and faster. The so-called “tools” (and I use the term loosely!) that come native with Dimensions are, well, useless… and time consuming, and totally user hostile. Unfortunately, with the advent of the expansion, Dimension Tools stopped working – as is to be expected with utilities and addons when a large update or expansion is enabled, so we were expecting that… What we weren’t expecting was that the writer of the addon decided that they weren’t interested in upgrading the older version, and we were left up the creek without a Dimensional paddle! After a short while, another ambitious person decided that they’d write their own version of a Dimension Toolbox, and, we thought, all would be well again. This new addon worked just fine, at first… well, it was a little “lumpy”, but it moved the things around… Lately however, it’s been getting a lot “lumpier”; jerkiness, the occasional error message telling you to close the program, that sort of thing. The errors started getting more frequent, and today, I couldn’t get it to do anything at all without the [insert very rude word] error messages. I’m really fed up! I can’t do anything useful or significant with the clumsy so-called tools available, and the two would-be addon writers seem to have given up on our only hope(s) of Dimension building (I wonder if their names are “Ben” and “Kenobi”? – after all, they seem to be our only hope(s) of managing Dimension construction and decoration!) Ah well, now I have two girls with all bags and banks full of Dimension items, and no way of placing them in “storage” that isn’t going to take many, many hours of dull, boring, tedious and eye straining work! 😦 Not. Happy. Jan!

Anyway, I fiddled with that until about half past three this afternoon, whereupon I gave up, went and washed my hands, and repaired to the lounge room to try out my new nail polishes – er… one of them. Not both. I think I did an OK job – been a couple of years since I bothered to do my nails, but I managed not to spill the nail polish into the grouting, and most of it stayed on my nails, and not on my fingers or the furniture… So I’ll count that as “job well done” 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was a bit boring – I stayed the same, at 115.3kg :/ Disappointing, but them’s the breaks, I guess… Oh well, maybe I’ll be down tomorrow… Here’s hoping… 🙂

It looks as though we’re in for another fardling Labor Government – honestly, I really don’t know which of the two so-called “major” parties is the worst! They’re both bumbling, inept, lying, scheming, and couldn’t care less about the people they’re supposed to be governing, bunches of losers! :/ I don’t know what the answer is (I wish I did!), I just know it’s neither Labor, Liberal, nor Green… Heaven help Australia, and Victoria in particular!

Tune in again tomorrow night, after our weekly bash around Telara, and find out if my weight stayed the same, or if it went up… or down. Join us for a wake for Victoria, because no matter who gets across the line, it won’t be good news for us, and, most importantly, find out if either of us went up another level in our Sunday rampage romp! 😉

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