A Gigantic Palace…

Called Margle Palace, which is what we found when we arrived in Draumheim (please don’t ask me how to pronounce it!) this morning. Draumheim is the second of the three new areas/zones that opened up with the new expansion, and is (supposedly) for levels 62 to 63 (we’re both level 63) It’s reasonably large, and we’ve discovered a whole new major Hub called Margle Palace. In case you’re wondering, Hubs are where you get a lot of your quests, and where you might find a few Professional trainers and workbenches, depending on the size and importance of the hub. Major Hubs are where you’ll find the majority of your quest givers, your Class trainers, major merchants, banks, auction houses, professional workshops, and Profession trainers. They always have one or two Porticulums (think “Beam me up, Scottie!” transporters 🙂 ), and a hairdresser. Yes, a hairdresser! Where you can change just about anything about your appearance, depending on how much gold and platinum you want to spend – you can even change your sex! 🙂 When you first start out in Rift, you usually make the run to your Major Hub/capital city pretty quickly and “bind” your soul there, as it’s generally a more convenient place to go back to, with its banks, auction houses, merchants and trainers (for those with a World of Warcraft background, think “Hearthing” – for those without that background, think of it as clicking your heels three times, and saying “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”, and viola, as the French say, you’re back in Kansas!) Sanctum is the Major Hub/capital of the Guardians, the Major Hub/capital of the Defiants is called Meridian. When you get to level 50, you can move on to another Major Hub called Tempest Bay, which is multi faction – it has everything that the other two Major Hubs have, and more, but it’s newer, more compact, and more interesting. Now, however, we’ve come to Margle Palace, and it’s gi-normous! I reckon, looking at the map, that it takes up a good three quarters of the entire area/zone! It’s so big that it has to have three or four (we haven’t really counted them all yet!) mini porticulums, to get you from one part of the palace to another (you could run to all those places, but it would waste too much time – and besides, not all the areas of the palace are safe…) It’s pretty mind boggling, to tell the truth! It’s going to take a l-o-n-g time to learn our way around it (by which time I hope we’ll be heading off to the third and final area of the new expansion – I’m not even sure what it’s called!) There’s one very strange area in this palace – if you stand too close to what looks like a bulbous jelly fish floating in mid air, you get bounced up into the sky… and bob up on the surface of the water! To go back, you just swim straight down, and end up falling (gently!) down to the ground. As I said… it’s mind boggling… 🙂

Anyway, we had a good, if occasionally confusing, run today. Himself died a couple of times (I didn’t! *smirk*), and went up about …. a third of a level? Leveling up starts to get painfully slow when you get to about level 50 or so… you can take “boosters” to help you level faster – and I admit that I did, to get my other girls to level 50 as quickly as possible – but since the expansion we haven’t bothered doing that… yet, anyway… We’ve been reasonably content to muddle along, picking the flowers (grass, actually) (NO! Not that kind of grass, grass grass!) as we go along… curing our own hides for sale on the auction house, and mining and smelting our own ores, also for sale on the auction house. And so another Sunday Traipsing Through Telara passed in relative harmony (I only yelled at him once or twice, I think…)

Weigh-in this morning was encouraging, considering that it’s getting closer to the time when my weight usually shoots right up for a couple of days… I clocked in at 114.9kg, so not quite low enough for me to consider myself “safe” in the 114kg zone, but encouraging, none the less. I seem to be shedding a kilo about every four to five days, which is good. I’ve lost almost 20kg since I started on August 18th this year… and I’m still not even half way! Waaaaa! :/ Still, it’s a start… 🙂

So tune in again tomorrow night – find out if I’ve gone down a bit more, or if I’ve started on my hated and dreaded few days gain… Who knows what might happen tomorrow, eh? There’s always something different and new around every corner, and I, for one, want to know what it is! 🙂