No rest for the wikkid…

🙂 or me either, for that matter! This morning started out ordinarily enough – weigh-in, cup of tea, breakfast… and that’s where the mundane stopped, and rush hour began! I logged in to Rift, checked my auctions (the Dagger sold, Josh – your gold is in the mail! 😉 ) and my Minion’s offerings. Because we had to leave early for my exercise class and we were going to have an early lunch, I didn’t really want to start questing, or moving Dimension bits and pieces around, so I logged off and started… working on my new Bookmarks page for Chrome, instead! 🙂 It’ll have an entirely new design, concept, and contents when it’s finished, and I did get a fair way into it before I had to stop to gobble down my lunch bar and get ready to depart. I don’t even remember having morning tea…  (apparently I didn’t!) You know, it’s been years – quite literally! 2005 – 2006 is when I stopped doing any serious graphics work, and at first I’d found it really, really hard to get back into the swing of it, but since I’ve been doing a bit every day for a couple of weeks, the old habits are starting to come back, and I’m remembering more and more of the techniques and “tricks of the trade” that I used to use 🙂

So off we went to the torture chamber exercise gym, where once again, I was given a whole lot of new exercises with which to fold, spindle and mutilate my muscles… though thankfully, I have to do these ones lying down! (a good excuse for a snooze, if you ask me! 😉 ) My right arm has been getting very sore lately – f’rinstance, by the time I finish writing this, if I try to straighten my arm out, it’s going to hurt a lot. Ditto after I’ve been Rifting for any length of time, ditto whatever I’m doing at the computer… I may have to do some more knitting… Oh well, torture exercise class over, we headed off to The Glen. Since my little shopping trip last week, I have come to realise that one shirt and two Tee shirts are not enough to keep me going for more than two or three days, so The Glen, being the closest to the exercise place, was where we headed next, and I got another six Tee-shirty items, and another of the first shirt I bought last week, ‘coz I really love it… Greatly daring because it was school getting out time, and the roads and streets were clogged solid with school kids and the parents of said school kids on their pick-up runs, we next took ourselves off to a Gentleman’s clothing shoppe in Moorabbin, where himself got three nice new Sport Coats, four shirts, three pairs of trews, and one pair of shoes. Oh, and a double sided belt (black on one side, brown on the other, with a snazzy little “flip switch” thingy to reverse the buckle!) 🙂

[ I hate him! Himself has just informed me that he “felt old”, because the pilot of the original Star Trek series was shot 50 years ago, two years before he was born! Why do I hate him for that? Because Mum and Dad and I used to sit on the couch in the lounge room watching that series (later syndicated) religiously. If he feels old because it started two years before he was born, how does he think that makes me feel?!? :/ ]

Anyway, a good day’s shopping was had by all; we arrived home exhausted, ready to collapse in a heap, and totally craving coffee… and you know what I did? Back to my graphics… 🙂

Once again, weigh-in this morning wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be – I did go up, but only by one point, to 115.9kg – what will happen tomorrow is anyone’s guess… I not only missed morning tea today, but I missed afternoon tea as well, as it was after 5 by the time we got home. Maybe that’ll help… :/

So if you want to find out if my new clothes fit, and if I went up, down or stayed the same, weight-wise, tune in tomorrow night, same bat time, same bat channel, and find out the answers to these many weighty questions – and I can assure you, the answer is not 42! 😉

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