Finally… all done!

I’ve been working extra hard today – I finally got the last of my Speed Dial Bookmark groups transferred across to Chrome – no easy task – the last three were… somewhat on the large side. There were all the Rift links – mostly lists of materials for Crafting, what zones they were found in, or what dropped them, and Dimension item databases and the like… with a few maps thrown in for good measure. Then there was the group of Old song lyrics – musical comedy, Josephine Baker songs from w-a-y back, a lot of Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six lyrics, and the inimitable Felix Hagan and The Family. If anyone’s interested in the last two, I can post links… 🙂 Last, but certainly not least – in fact I think it was the biggest! – was my group of “Favourite Authors and Books to watch out for”. The problem with the last two groups was that I kept getting distracted, stopping to look back over some of my favourite lyrics (even the ones in French), and the almost entire libretto of the musical “Camelot” (not my most favourite musical, but hey! I liked it well enough 🙂 My most favourite musical, ever, is “South Pacific” (I have the complete, original score for the Melbourne stage version in 1952, too!)) Then there were the books… also very distracting, as it was quicker to visit each site to get the url than to open up each Speed Dial box and extract it from there – and of course, I spotted new books here and there along the way which I had to stop and read about… 🙂 However, ’tis all done now, and Firefox can be “retired” (and I won’t have to open up an Explorer window in which to do my nightly Crossword! 😛 )

Then I went on to Rift. I also worked poor old Jademoss’s Crafting fingers down to the bone, making bags, clothes, and Augments for said clothes. It’s very annoying, really, you make good, enhanced gear for your characters, but it’s sort-of “staggered” – f’rinstance, Cotton robes, gloves, and cowl, are for level 19, right? Which is really just a little too low for my girls… unless you stack them up with Augments and Runes. Then the next “upgrade” is to Wool – but woolen breeches, shoulderpads, shoes and belt are for level 23… just a tad too high for my girls! What to do? I ended up making the woolen gear which they’ll have to hang onto for another two levels (they’re all sitting at around level 21 at the moment) Tiring of that, I thought I’d move a bit more Dimension gear around – poor Cersie’s mail box was starting to overflow again. Something went a wee bit haywire with my ui (user interface – i.e. the placement of your setup on the screen) Layout, so instead of moving Dimension items, I had to move the invisible boxes that contain Action Bars and Quest stickies – in fact the whole weird layout I was suddenly presented with. It took forever, as it’s all invisible except when you’re actually in the editing window, so it was largely “hit and miss” (“Hmmm… needs to move about [squints at screen] another… 1/4 inch?? to the left… no! I mean right!” sort of stuff. Tres annoyment!) But I got it right again in the end… 🙂

By this time I was a trifle fed up with computers, so I dutifully had my afternoon tea (a very nice nectarine!) and fled to the lounge room to read… 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was quite astonishing! 🙂 I went down to 115.8kg! a most excellent drop! Actually, maybe a little too excellent? That’s another 1/2 kilo… Overnight??!! I mean, I don’t mind going down 1/2 a kilo a night – I wish I could do it every night! But you know what “they” say… “If something seems too good to be true, it’s because it is (too good to be true!)” …I’ll probably go up a kilo and a half tomorrow! 😦

So, tune in again tomorrow night to see if I did… or if I went down another half a kilo… or if I just stay the same! 🙂 Whatever – I still have to go to my exercise class tomorrow afternoon- and for once in my life I can’t think of a plausible excuse to wriggle out of it! 😉

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