I’m not really a…

Teacher, but I had another go today, and I hope I didn’t do too badly 🙂 Time will tell, I guess. Rift isn’t a very easy game to learn, especially when you haven’t had the benefit of just sitting and watching a professional like my favourite eldest daughter playing for a couple of years 🙂 Still an’ all, I think we covered quite a bit, and hopefully some of it will stick 😉 Tomorrow, after I’ve transferred the rest of my bookmarks to Chrome, I have to set too and do some serious re-crafting for my younger characters – I have been an extremely lazy and lax older sister to them, and they all need new gear. Now that some funds are starting to trickle back into the Guild Bank (after Wyntercat almost stripped it bare upping her Artificing to “Savant”!), I’ll be starting to make new and enhanced weapons and rings for three of them, and Jademoss will be busy at her virtual sewing machine making new robes, leggings, boots and gloves for everyone. Wot fun! 🙂 Diaphanous cloth hasn’t been selling well on the Auction House, so I’ve sort of been stockpiling it “for a rainy day”, and the young’uns will benefit from that when they grow up – unfortunately they’re still too young to wear such sumptuous gear at the moment – they’ll just have to make do with wool or silk 😉 Speaking of the low prices on the Auction House, I think I’ve discovered the true purpose of the Minions and their gathering adventures! I think it’s all a wicked plot by Trion, to artificially lower the Auction House prices in order to keep all us players in the (virtual) poor house. Some of us (rolls eyes) used to make quite a nice living from the Auction House, thank you very much, but at the moment I’m only bringing in about a third of what I used to, BM (Before Minions)! I’m thinking: Mats (materials) aren’t selling as well as they used to, because with Minions bringing the stuff in for us without us having to go out and mine for it, or pick it, or get the hides to turn into leather, everyone has enough of their own materials to work with and so have no need to buy it from the Auction House… But, without buying new Skill slots, you can only have three skills (professions, really) apart from Fishing and Survival, so it stands to reason that most people can only make one or two different types of ready made gear… However, if you spend the money (or Credits, I think) and buy a few more Skills (as I did, quite some time ago 😉 ) like, say, Weaponsmithing, or Outfitter (or whatever) you could quite happily supply ready made weapons or clothing (cloth or leather, and I think chain? Can Outfitters make chain mail? I can’t remember – I’ll have to check!) to be sold on the Auction House! Hmmm! Maybe the time has come to stop selling materials, and start selling gear! I might see how that works out, actually… (in the past, the materials to make something generally sold for more than the finished article, but now with a surplus of materials…) We shall see…

I spent the rest of the afternoon ferrying bookmarks (read: Speed Dial links) from Firefox to Chrome, and it all went very smoothly, and surprisingly quickly! I now have just about everything I need here (on Chrome), and I should get the last of it copied across by tomorrow afternoon. Then I can ditch Firefox, and start on a new “Winter’s Bookmarks” Home Page 🙂

Weigh-in this morning was as I expected, but not nearly as bad as I was dreading…. I did go up, but only by one point, to 116.4kg! So I’m not too distraught 🙂 What remains to be seen, though, is if I go up again tomorrow, or back down. Damn! I wish weight loss wasn’t such a see-saw business! 😦 It’s very unsettling! :/

So, tune in this time tomorrow night and find out if I’m dancing on the ceiling, or weeping in the cellar… waiting for a Fairy Godmother to come and wave her magic wand over me and make me 25 again! 😉 (I was slim then, you see! 🙂 )

Listening to: Felix Hagan and The Family (Debt Records), “Dawn Breaks, The Monster Wakes

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