And a good time was had by all…

Today being Sunday, was, of course, our traditional “Day in Telara”, or “Dying to Quest” 🙂 Well, today we did die a lot more than we usually do – mostly through inattention and “accidentally” bumping into creatures who either didn’t like being bumped into, or who were just plain ornery to start off with (like the Bloodthirsty Sheep and Cows on the farm :/ ) I only died twice, but I think himself died about three times… (must have, because by the time we got back to Tempest Bay, it cost him a whole platinum to heal his soul… and that was his second visit to the Healer for the day! (It only cost me 37gold, and it was my second visit to the Healer’s, too!)) Still and all, I went up to level 63 (only two more levels to go! 🙂 ), and Julian came within a cat’s whisker of levelling up, so I think we did pretty well, all told. There was a bit of underwater swimming, but all the Gribblies must have been asleep or something, because we weren’t challenged even once, which is most unusual, and I wish happened a lot more often! 😉 Though on second thoughts, if it happened more often, we’d miss out on a lot of experience points! Hmmm…  Bring on the Gribblies! 🙂

This morning, before breakfast (and during it), I pondered the ramifications of ditching Firefox and swapping to either Opera or Chrome… I think it’s probably a good idea – Firefox has problems with Windowblinds (skins I use to disguise the truly horrible, puerile, and totally boring  surrounds that Windows sees fit to inflict upon us poor, innocent users!) I usually have to re-start Firefox every night in order to be able to play my nightly crossword and solitaire games without the wretched thing going into “Go Slow” mode, plus the fact that it seems to be not only ignoring my attempts to set a specific font size, but to size up graphics to match the font size it apparently thinks that I need! Not Happy, Jan! I was also thinking that it’s probably time I updated my bookmarks – the ones currently on my Home screen are terribly out of date and about the only ones I really still use are The Age, Wincustomize, Your TV, and the Dictionary! Occasionally I use things like Digital Tapestries (my old site), Village Cinemas,  and The White Pages. Apart from those, the rest are really redundant… The rest of the sites I go to regularly are all stored in groups within Speed Dial, and could probably be better organised on my Bookmarks Homepage. It’ll be an awful lot of tedious, boring work, transferring them over, plus having to find a Speed Dial equivalent that works with Chrome, and then transferring the rest of all my “favourite places” into it (and there really are a hell of a lot of them!) Hmmm… will I be lazy, stick with Firefox and save myself a lot of work, and put up with giant graphics and text? Or will I be noble and self sacrificing, and knuckle down to the hard, boring and repetitive work of transferring a lot of data across to a new system, of which I will be able to feel justifiably proud? 😉 You tell me! 😉

Weigh-in this morning was another big surprise, and I tell you, has been making me feel somewhat uneasy all day… While losing weight can make one proud, you know what the ubiquitous “they” say about Pride coming before a fall? well, I’m pretty sure they’re not talking a bout a fall in weight… like the one I had this morning. I think they’re talking about a “comeuppance”, or a “slap down” 😦 which is what I’m now uneasily expecting tomorrow morning :/ You see, this morning I weighed in at 116.3kg… “Fantastic!” I hear you cry! Well, it was… but as I said, it’s making me feel… edgy. That’s over half a kilo in 24 hours! That’s gotta bounce back at me! I know I want to lose weight, and I want to lose it quickly, but really, I’d much rather go down 2 or 3 points a day, rather than half a kilo overnight… Ah well, we’ll see what happens tomorrow… I just hope I don’t bounce back up to 116.9kg! :/

Tune in tomorrow night to see if Fate has a nice, or a nasty surprise for me! 🙂 I won’t get too upset if I go back up (well, alright, I will get upset, but I’ll try to be brave… 😉 ) Wish me luck! 🙂

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