Today, my pet hate is…

Firefox. Damn it! I don’t like it any more 😦 Why it’s insisting on re-scaling everything on my screen to stupidly ridiculous sizes, I have no idea, but… I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more! 😉 First, they take away my blue cats, and now they re-size me out of… of… of the size I want to see my graphics and read my text at! Grrr! I can’t stand Explorer (though I’m using it at the moment), so I’m thinking of switching to Chrome, or Opera… (though it means migrating all my groups of bookmarks across – somehow) Anyway, we’ll see… By the way, how do you like the new header I made for the blog? 🙂 I made it this afternoon, though I probably didn’t really need to do it… but the way I was seeing the page made it look enormous and “top heavy”, if you know what I mean. What alerted me to Firefox’s misdemeanours was that the new header looked out of focus and top heavy too… and yet it looked just right in Explorer (and so did the original one! 😛 ) So after a lot of fiddling around by me, and then by Julian, it was discovered that Firefox was the culprit, and I decided I’d have to change browsers. Roll on next week…. 🙂

Oh! Good news! We had a phone call from Autograph this morning! My left behind in the shopping trolley slacks were handed in to them by the man who found them. There are honest people in the world, after all! My faith in humanity is renewed! (well, partly, anyway… maybe just a smidge… or perhaps they didn’t fit his wife and he didn’t know what else to do with them… 😉 ) Julian went and picked them up this afternoon, and I now have 3 pairs of slacks again! 🙂 I am well pleased… 🙂

My favourite youngest daughter and her equal but more practical half paid us a visit this morning, and we spent part of the time discussing Christmas, who would be here, who wouldn’t, what did they want for Christmas, and no, I would not be partaking of the (rather lethal!) Christmas Egg Nog on Christmas Eve this year, etc., etc… (and I managed to sneak past morning tea again, un-noticed! 😉 ) Kate said that that was very naughty and would have the opposite effect to the one that I expect (i.e. losing a bit more weight), and that if I did it too often it would back-fire on me and make me heavier in the long run. I don’t know whether to believe her or not – I sort of do, I mean, she worked for Jenny Craig (no, no link back to them!) for 15 years – first as a Consultant, then as a Centre Manager, then in Admin, writing the training courses for the Consultants, so I reckon she has a fair idea of how weight loss works 🙂 Then they went home and I started to play Rift, but I got bored (*shock* *horror*), and decided to make the new blog Header instead, which I did. Then we pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon trying to find out why Firefox was being so… mean and pig-headed :/

Weigh-in this morning was OK… not as good as I would have liked – I went down to 116.9kg – only one point down from yesterday… :/ (maybe Kate was right! Maybe I have skipped one too many morning and/or afternoon teas! Perhaps I’d better have both, tomorrow!) *sigh*

Flipper is her usual antisocial, Mummy disdaining, Daddy loving, grumpy self, sporting a shaved neck and paw (where they took the blood sample from, and where she had her blood pressure taken) so not much has changed in that department… but tune in again tomorrow to find out if I have, indeed, been doing the wrong thing, skipping morning and afternoon teas.. Will I go back up again? Will I stay on 116.9kg? Or (cross fingers, touch wood!), will I go down… ? 😉

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